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Dance with the Paradox

One day you will go to look for something
you did not know was lost
There will be an urgency to the intangibility,
a restlessness will stir your sleep

When you are finally ready to listen
to what isn’t being spoken
you begin to hear it and feel the pulse
A call is heard from the deepest chambers

You will spend the rest of your days
Learning to discern this call
from all the others in your mind and life
This is the call from soul

At times you may wonder
why it took you so long
You may feel regret, disappointment
or even desperation

At other times you may feel in love
The romance you have been waiting for
is within reach,
irony dissolves into enchantment

The sacred relationship
where you are seen and heard,
yes, the one you imagined you deserved,
and doubted you could ever find, is here

You are invited to a dance of seeming paradox
A space and place between the worlds where
the critic and the muse are holding a party and
you are invited, they have called your name

Will you answer?

Shiloh Sophia

Off the Map, Shiloh Sophia, 2018

Join me for an experiential video event that will change the way
you have been thinking about your inner voice within one hour!


Dear One,

Most of my Red Thread Cafe times with my Muse and my husband Jonathan for the past few months have been focusing on this one topic, the Critic and the Muse. The riddles, the science, what others have taught about it, why it is so compelling, why more change isn’t happening and really asking myself deep questions about it in relationship to my work. Because if we can’t get access to the critic, it is very challenging to hear our true inner voice.

I keep thinking I have a solution, but in truth that solution takes time, because it requires rewiring the brain. But I am going to give it a try.

For most of my adult life, I have been working with women and the exploration of their self expression. I have gained insight and understanding into the actual ‘function’ of how we speak to ourselves through witnessing thousands in their creative process, and trying out new ideas.

Through the years and the research I have arrived at some pretty interesting conclusions. And many of them are not what is widely taught about how the critic works. Because to understand and transform how it works, you need to dive into a bit of brain science and come eye to eye with the dominatrix of the prefrontal cortex.

The transformation self help culture we live in today is rich with many potent teachings that have guided us along our path regarding finding our true voice, living out our authentic self, and even the expression of the soul. You may discover one thing is working for a while and then find yourself seeking another solution. We can be impulsive transformation addicts looking for a fix. I am no exception. Yet there is one thing that ROCKED my world and changed everything, and it was very surprising! I will share some of that with you here.

I am not a fan of speaking to the pain point to make a point. Yet for the sake of this particular conversation, articulating the phenomena could be helpful. It is in NOT being able to see our default settings, programmed into the brain, that can make it so harmful. We begin with getting it conscious. Let’s take a look.

Self confidence and self doubt continue to plague us even after an awakening! Many of us, even after we come to terms with our life as it is, still secretly nurse ideas of our version of having it all. We are sold the idea that we can have it all and if we aren’t experiencing that, something must be wrong with us. And so begins the endless loop of self-doubt and criticism which infects every single relationship we have.

We may find ourselves wondering – Where is the pot of gold, the dream life, the perfect mate, the fountain of youth, the treasure chest, or even the magic bullet to stop all the bad thoughts? What is wrong with me that I don’t have it? And in the same moment, feeling like we don’t deserve it, aren’t worthy or are too ashamed to reach. This isn’t a new monologue and you aren’t alone. Yet the paradox of ‘wanting’ coupled with feeling ‘not worthy of having’ facilitates a life culture of disillusionment and dissatisfaction. We try to convince ourselves why we should be so grateful, and we are, so what’s up?

All of our relationships with every area of our life, love, money, family, work are impacted by HOW WE SPEAK TO OURSELVES and HOW WE SEE OURSELVES. When this one essential relationship is healed, everything else is informed. Who is speaking to you, from within you and how? You already know this. I am talking about your relationship to your ‘hidden inner self’. I call it hidden for an obvious reason, in that you can’t really ‘see’ this self and to make matters more challenging, most of us can’t ‘hear’ this self. Does it even exist?

Rumi says:

“The day is coming when I fly off

but who is it now in my ear who hears my voice?

Who says words with my mouth?

Who looks out with my eyes?

What is the soul?”

Without our inner voice and vision being aligned, much of the transformation work doesn’t even make sense for long lasting integrated change. Without this sacred partnership as the framework for curating your future, your story keeps reverting to an earlier default setting. Now you would think once you know about this self and begin to listen to it, that everything would be different, and perhaps for a while it is different. But something still isn’t working quite right. No matter how many times you do your affirmations, try to meditate, get on the mat to stretch and be kind to your neighbors, you find yourself being mean to yourself in the same old ways, with the same old stories and limiting beliefs. Now you can hear your critic even louder since you are listening to your inner space – and could it be that the critic has even upped his/her game? Yes, the ‘critic’ is highly intelligent.

So what’s going on? So why isn’t it working? How does it work? Is there a method of approaching how to deepen this relationship with our inner voice that is more consistent? This is what we are going to explore in our upcoming mini-workshop: Seduce Your Muse and Tame Your Inner Critic, but let’s explore a little more now.

The dominant culture enforces a paradigm of ‘head’ and ‘thinking’ so much so, that most of us think that is where we live and have our identity. The rebels, revolutionaries, and dissidents like us have stepped out of that constraint, we know we are more than we appear. With the developments of quantum physics, consciousness and neuroscience, we are getting closer. We have moved out of just thinking we are a mind and body. But there is more, so much more, that seems to remain just out of reach. We hear something, often a cry for help from deep within, but we don’t know how to truly answer with our whole life. How do you get IN to find out? This is where Intentional Creativity comes in and where metacognitive drawing is one of the ways we can retrain our brains in relationship to how we speak to ourselves.

Clearly each person must discover this access to the voice and vision of the soul for themselves. No one else can really teach it or grant us access. Yet. There is a first step that can be revealed. A clear first step that in my 25 years of teaching has made the most difference in the lives of those I serve. So obvious and yet so hidden, it is almost like a riddle to solve. You can learn more about it in the free mini-workshop, as well as in my upcoming 7 week online class, The Dance of the Critic and the Muse. I will also be sharing more about the neuroscience aspect in the upcoming Red Thread Letters.

I know you have a lot of choices for what you read and how you spend your time. So I just want to say, thank you for taking this time with me. I am honored to be a part of your Red Thread Cafe as we explore this awesome universe within, and all around us.

Sending blessings along the red thread…


P.S. If you are willing to share my free mini-workshop with your community I would be so grateful, truly. You can share it a couple of ways.

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I have been working on articulating the inner workings of the soul voice and how it connects with the concepts of the critic and the muse for so many years, this is the first time I will be sharing it outside of the Color of Woman Teacher Training.

Seduce the Muse and
Tame Your Inner Critic Mini-Workshop

Join me on Saturday, January 26

During our time together you will discover

  • How the inner critic has been with you since childhood and
    why most of your attempts to break free are doomed to fail
  • A powerful tool you can use to seduce your critic into being your ally
  • Where the Muse hides — and how to invite her out
  • How to listen to the Muse and hear what she’s been wanting to tell you
  • Experiential practices to awaken your self-expression
  • How unleashing your creativity can help you rewire your brain

Come have virtual tea with me!

The Dance of the Critic
and the Muse

February 14 Online for 7 Weeks

A 7 Week Step Initiation Into the Voice and Vision of Your Soul

Coming Soon! Registration isn’t open quite yet! I have a 7 Week online class coming up called The Dance of the Critic and the Muse, and guess what? For once it isn’t painting, I am working with pen and paper! We will be experiencing and illustrating 7 gates of initiation. This isn’t about talent with drawing, but we will be moving the pen with what I call ‘metacognitive drawing’. I have been working on this class for months, but really my whole life! This technology is sacred to me because it impacts all of our lives in such deeply profound ways – and it is truly time to transcend the constraints of that critic and fall in love with the muse!

I am collaborating with a local yet global education and evolution community, the Shift Network to bring this message to our mutual communities. They are located in Petaluma and many of my friends past and present are on that team there. I was delighted to be invited and to share quantum space with this spicy topic.

Save the date and we will follow up with registration!

Architecture of our Psyche in Abuse and Recovery

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any ~ Alice Walker

This Red Thread Letter shares my thoughts about this topic, drawn from 25 years of working with women and children in the domain of creativity. My intention in sharing it is to provide a context for ‘viewing’ recovery through the awareness of how abuse impacts psychic, spiritual, and physical structures.

I created these images to accompany this writing exploring these ideas.

Architecture of our Psyche in Abuse and Recovery

When we are hurt

our natural patterns are interrupted.

The shapes we make

with our mind, body and field

can become dented and fragmented.

We are not as we were before.

This is the same for any kind of transformation,

we are different than we were before.

How do we work with, the new shapes,

if we have very little knowledge of

how to work with them, and what is,

the shape of a being?

After trauma

the original shapes of wholeness,

are there in our energetic patterns.

We can choose to return to them with awareness,

yet knowing, that we will never be,

quite the same shape.

The shape that has been impacted,

creates a new shape of being,

that in time, we can work with, heal,

and be informed about and by.

Synthesis can happen when all or most

aspects of being are communicating.

When we are hurt, lines of communication

between systems are often interrupted.

Signals and messages from within

can become scrambled.

The internal narrator turns fierce.

Innocence is impacted and we can lose

ourselves somewhere along the way.

The self we may lose

is the part of us who knows how to

navigate our psyche.

Who has some co-creative capacity

with organizing consciousness.

The loss of that capacity

can be devastating, and feel like

a loss of soul.

This scattering of how we were once

knit together, now impacted by trauma

fractures and spreads throughout our entire being.

Mostly in ways we have little consciousness about,

or capacity to influence at the time.

Most of us do not know enough

about how trauma is going to impact us,

to take action before the

damage gets worse, as it is happening,

or right after, or even years later.

Imagine something like this…

A mosaic of stories, no longer whole,

shards that puncture our animating personae,

our potentials appear limited, wing clipped.

Arrows that seem to come from nowhere

enter and impact the architecture of our psyche.

Our physical symptoms amplify,

coding stories into impressionable cells.

Yet we know, we can bring alchemy

to catalyze the wound, but how.

We need know how.

Whether the trauma was physical to the body,

trauma makes it physical to the body and the field.

Imagine that we are a body within a soul,

and that our field is the interactive domain

connecting all of who we are,

a network of interconnected

lights, ideas, structures, stories, synapses

and so much more than we know.

Precious, gorgeous, unique structures

that house us, keeping us within the realm

of gravity for this earth experience.

What a journey?!

This fracturing populates our entire identity,

the space in which we have our being

is impacted on all levels, good, bad or otherwise,

‘impact’, force of any kind

changes how we are living in these structures.

Structures meaning both physical and energetic.

Recovery for many of us can be

challenging as we work on one part,

then the next, having to piece together

the seemingly separate pieces of healing.

We go to many different healers,

We go “Here for mind, here for body,

here for energy” then we have to weave

the braid ourselves, and often, we do.

Many healers do integrate the many layers,

and we are blessed if we find them,

when both they, and we are ready for such

an undertaking as the restoration of

the architecture of identity.

The time for new healing paradigms

are already present and we are living

within them now, made possible

by all the healers who have charted

the course to THIS MOMENT.

Let’s look further, in consideration

of the awareness of the architecture.

When the healing strands come,

upon what do they build, or land,

upon what armature are the changes

put in place, to return to and nurture?

So much to ‘hold’ in the mind

as we work to return to a wholeness

we feel was once there, if even

in infancy. How long ago was that

wholeness in place, and how long

before it can begin to make itself

whole again? Maybe now.

What if the rebuilding of

the being must begin with an

awareness of the design of human being?

And must this design be so complex,

or in a spiritual tradition with beliefs

and contracts and vows?

How do we even talk about it?

The design you are, is personal to you.

Though we share many traits that

we can extend to one another in hopes

of one story supporting another.

You are the one who re-members you

into wholeness. Which after being hurt,

is often elusive, perhaps, healed enough

can be enough. Seeking FULL healing,

may be a challenge for most of us,

and we wait and wait and wait

to live our fullness…what if we can be

healed enough? Is that a closer view?

You may not have an image of your

design pre-wounding, this idea may

seem abstract and perhaps even woo woo.

Simply the awareness that you have

a psychic architecture, a physical and energetic

shape that holds your identity, including,

personality, story, consciousness

may be a huge part of initiating

the next level of authoring your healing.

This awareness becomes an invitation

to restoration, to being in inquiry about

what this looks like for you.

The beautiful news here is that

YOU are the one who heals you.

You have already known this,

that there are things only you can do

This isn’t a concept.

Yet without the awareness of

what makes up a person,

it can be challenging to SEE IT.

To deepen this, in our community,

we paint it and draw it

and move our bodies with

the new awareness.

For now this is an invitation

to simply KNOW that your

architecture is there, has memory

of your whole being

and is waiting for your awareness.

Creativity is one of the powerful

ways to consciously and actively

engage with your psychic architecture.

Think of this as the space around you,

which holds you in place,

enclosing your sack of stars

with your skin suit.

When you create, you engage with,

as in, TURN ON the capacity

for co-creation with your

often hidden domains of being.

We are talking directly here,

about curating your own consciousness.

To do this you can’t just think about it,

or vibe into it, you MUST engage

with it, as in moving particles around

to begin to re-arrange how they have

been functioning.

It is time for gathering the shards

to repair the vessel, with our own hands.

By hands, I do mean, HANDS.

Bringing your hands into motion

to reshape how you are living within your being.

Action, physical action, is needed

for healing to begin to happen across all levels.

Imagine lights, that have been out or dim,

beginning to light up inside of your skin and around you

This is very real, biophotons are lighting you up.

Through the very act of reading this

and considering new possibilities,

even if you are stretching to grasp.

Reach . . . .

Recovery often follows conscious actions,

informed by a willingness to be in inquiry.

Furthered by asking, our very brain,

heart, and body to reach with us into a space

and place we haven’t been before.

Healing happens in the future, even just a few

moments into a space we have yet to visit,

let us go there together.

When we create

all the dust in all the locked

rooms of self, gets stirred.

Our giant broom

in the shape of a paintbrush

cleans out

the darkest corners,

bringing movement,

light and color.

Shiloh Sophia

“Who lives in here?”  ~ Sue Hoya Sellars


As a community we’ve been working with over 1400 women the past 4 weeks on a process to experience self expression and begin to heal hidden stories.


I am not a therapist, neither do I identify as a healer…

I am a poet, artist, and I hope, a guide along the path of healing. This is not a textbook teaching or a truth. This is my own experience and drawn from 25 years of working with women and children in the domain of creativity. My intention in sharing it is to provide a context for ‘viewing’ recovery through the awareness of how abuse impacts psychic, spiritual, and physical structures.

I hold the possibility that the infiniteness of soul, somehow, remains whole and holy through all of it, guiding us ever onward to reclaiming our identity as we move on through the slings and arrows of human existence at this time. That said, if we can make contact with that soul space our communication can be more direct, and perhaps the stewarding of our recovery less random.

I am aware that in many cases the scars are quite visible. I am speaking in this context, primarily of what happens when the ‘visible’ impacts are hidden. And how that which is seemingly hidden from view impacts us. Yet the wound remains as large and real for us as if it is an open wound. It can be difficult, when we, and others, cannot see it – really ‘see it.’ We often question our own experience of it. Perhaps you have had this experience? Did it really happen?

I am using poetic linguistic frames – concepts that help us speak about things that are often either too abstract or intellectual to grasp in common dialogue. The articulation of which allows us to look at certain aspects as separate in order to bring them back together.

By psyche I mean the entire whole and consciousness of the being.

By identity I mean the whole being, including the unique animating personality. Yes connected with ancestry, but more than that as well.

By architecture I mean the energetic and physical frames that hold the whole of us in place, in space.

By soul I mean, the being that is infinite, in the mystery, that is you beyond this space and place. Whatever that is, we don’t really know . . . but to explore soul we begin to think about what the soul is for us. I simplify here in an effort to create inquiry around things that are often difficult to talk about. Make suggestions if you choose, and forgive me my errors. I will correct them as we learn more, together.

At one point in my life, I was so hurt. I was in shock for a few years and witnessing the invisible wound that would not heal over. Through ‘watching’ it as the observer, as well as choosing to see the self I knew I was, the healing began. I painted the resolution. I made the marks, so many marks, tears and rips, acknowledging my damaged architecture while holding the awareness of who I held myself out to be.

I saw my mind as a tree of life, with some damaged branches that would bloom one day, if I tended my tree. As I worked through the creativity, more of how it worked from a science and brain perspective came through. Being able to ‘see’ it on the canvas allowed me to remove the arrows at first one by one and then all at once. Between writing and painting, I was able to become ‘current’ with my state of being – psychic, spiritual, and physical – and be present with where I was. It isn’t that the scars aren’t still there; instead, they have become colorful, then moved into the background. To be summoned by choice instead of continually triggered without warning. My resiliency toolbox is filled with Intentional Creativity and overflowing enough to share it with others. Amen to that.

Healing does take time, no matter how present we are. Yes, it was years for some parts, but others healed as soon as I was able to turn my attention towards them in a painting process. My story needed me to see it, not just conceptually but contextually as a part of the whole being that I am. The roots of this work are precisely what informed Color of Woman, our Intentional Creativity Teacher Training, a calling to share with others what I had discovered. In my recovery, there were moments I felt I wouldn’t have to kill myself; I would merely expire from the pain of beauty and innocence lost.

The ‘tree of my consciousness’ was informed by an image from my teacher, Sue Hoya Sellars, in which I ‘saw’ the tree as my mind and I had to heal each branch. First, I named the parts of me that hurt, then the wholeness image began to do the work without a need to articulate every offense. I just had to get myself started, and then the momentum took over. Informed by my mother’s study of the Tree of Life teachings, I ‘knew’ I could lean into the ‘tree of my consciousness’ for support, connected to the earth. I painted and painted.

“For She is a tree of life to those that embrace Her Proverbs.”

Healing through seeing and being. My work with art-making as a form of healing resides in both ‘seeing’ and experience of it through physical ‘being.’ In Intentional Creativity, the shifts happen in the psychic, spiritual, and physical architectures all at once, hence, the capacity for it to be so inclusive, and in some cases, quick too. When we are ready for the next layer of healing, whatever in us that is ready can move (energetically and more) through the act of creating. Creating engages the whole self, and so a focused intent on healing with the action of creativity offers a chance at a new level of awareness about how this all works.

When we are whole and mostly unhurt, our ‘architecture’ is intact and makes specific shapes in our field, body, blood, bone, personae, mind – all the parts that make us up that are visible and invisible. I say, mostly unhurt because many believe just being born can be traumatic.

When we are hurt, the patterns of beauty are interrupted. Our entire being it seems can be dimpled or fragmented or dented. It still knows the original shape of wholeness that connects with our personae, our identity. In Cosmic Cowgirls, the reason we begin with the Legendary Self is to forge the powerful connection with the one who tells the story through activating imagination and animating the one within. Legend emerged WHILE I was going through my recovery, and I might say, saved my life through creating a visionary likeness of myself that I held out – as an image of recovery – and an image of self-celebration. Something to reach towards – yes, with a hat with a rose, and a leopard boa and attitude in my eyelashes (painting: Born This Way).

Our lineage of Intentional Creativity has stories of supporting and mentoring, and of passing on the wisdom we have gained. I hope this has moved you, uplifting the experience of a supportive community, a visible and invisible, architecture of loving.

As we close this cycle for the Colorful Scars experience, I wish to thank each of you for your willingness to risk the work of recovery in a new way. I am so grateful, more than I can ever tell you, for all the stories you have recounted and the acknowledgment that it has, indeed, helped you along your way. Let us continue to gather together in red thread. Protecting those we can, by becoming protectors, and knowing, we too are surrounded by loving others who have done the work before us.

Holding love and support for those impacted by the fires.
For now we are safe. Thank you to those who reached out

Here is a link to an IC process for use during natural disaster recovery.

Colorful Scars ~ a free class for women to experience self expression and begin to heal hidden stories.

Colorful Scars Painting by Angela Hernandez

Born This Way: Legendary Self Painting by Shiloh Sophia

An Eye on Intentional Creativity:: Early Childhood Educators Finding the Flow

Color of Women Teacher Jo Laurie has boldy introduced Intentional Creativity in a training with Early Childhood Educators!

Jo’s workshop took place in Parkes, New South Wales, in the center of Australia.  Jo deftly explains how the two worlds of Intentional Creativity and teaching bridge together,”through practicing Intentional Creativity, we gain access to the magic of Mindfulness and Intention for ourselves, and the children we educate.”

Attendees connected through the sharing of a red thread ritual, exploring gratitude and intentions for their individual creative art pieces.

Content for the program included the framework of how left and right brain learnings weave together for greater access to information and understanding. Jo expanded upon this through a guided meditation, inviting the women to envision walking down a path, where they entered a room on the left (brain) with angular shapes etc, and a room on the right(brain) with soft flowing shapes etc, returning along the path of Intentional Creativity – intention, mindfulness, focus, imagination, language, symbol, and creativity.

 Jo Laurie is so grateful to be out there doing the dance of Intentional Creativity! Attend a Workshop, Meditation, Women’s Circle or Retreat with Jo or find out more by visiting the Intentional Creativity Teachers site here.

Celebrating the Members of Our Intentional Creativity Team

WIP from Red Madonna: Wisdom’s Table

I want to celebrate a few members of our 2018 Intentional Creativity team!

Thank you especially to Tania Magennis for her incredible tending of this environment, truly a blessing! And gratitude for Sarah Mardell, Hobby Parent, Jonathan McCloud from the Intentional Creativity Guild and Foundation (501c3) and Annette Wagner, Tina Greene, Mary MacDonald and Jenafer Owen of Cosmic Cowgirls, LLC. This is the team working with us to curate both this space, our communities and the Red Thread Connect calls.

These projects take considerable investment in time, resources, finances and focus. That we are able to offer these services for no cost to our beloved guests of the Red Thread is an honor and a pleasure. The above list are the people who made it happen this year and who were on staff. 💓

Thank you to every single Intentional Creativity Guild teacher, who once a week volunteered and womaned the Red Thread Cafe classroom to provide encouragement, art doctoring, guidance and support. Their presence is what continues to make this space what it is, and how it feels – even when we aren’t on the page here, we FEEL the reality of the red thread and the connection. And thank you to those of you who volunteered and taught on the Red Thread Connect calls, our 2019 calls are shaping up!

As a community, we offered tens of thousands of scholarships in 2018 in our Intentional Creativity trainings, as well as free offerings to many thousands, many times. We also put close to 100K back into the community through independent work for women entrepreneurs who are part of our IC Guild community.

When you join us for our paid offerings, which many of you have, you contribute to providing work for others, as well as making our free offerings possible. Thank you and yahooooooo to our Intentional Creativity student participants in 2018! At whatever level you played, we are so grateful you ‘love’ this work as much as we do. That you share your time and resources here. We know you have many choices and we are very blessed to share this space with such an incredible circle of women worldwide.

You can find all of your upcoming curriculum for Winter 2019 here – the next courses starting in January if you want to hop on board are LEGEND: The Cosmic Cowgirls Course and HEART of GOLD : Medicine Wheel of the Madonna and the Quantum Christ. In February we have an in person Apothecary and online Dance of the Critic and the Muse.

A special shout out to Jassy Watson Earthist and Louis Reed with Gisela Pineiro, Jo Laurie and Tania McGinnis for their work with Red Thread and IC in Australia! We were able to visit many of our students there and host incredible programming. I love that they are continuing the work with hosting Color of Women events!

Our other community, Red Madonna, we are so grateful for Havi Brysk Mandell, Kayleen Asbo, Emily Grieves, Susan Daniel, Mary Ann Matthys, Wil Gafney and my mom Caron McCloud – they are blessing the sacred container for our virtual ‘church’ temple.

Big heart shout out to Mary McCrystal who taught the first Red Thread Guide with me – so that other women can learn to curate red thread space as well both online and in person.

And to so many others, of the Intentional Creativity Guild including Jeri, Jennifer Bowers, Nadya King, Sepha Nisbet, Leslie Nolan, Caryn McLaine, Phyllis Anne Taylor, Simone Oliver, Lavender Grace Cinnamon, Elizabeth Gibbons, Trish O’Malley, Jo Laurie, Semerit Strachan, Kerry Lee, Terre Cerridwyn Busse, Tammra Harrison, Sandy Green, and Mandisa Amber for their work on our teams this year.

There are more too! For Amy Ahlers for helping to steward my IC business teachings in Radiance. Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici of Woman Unleashed, and Heidi S. Moondancer of Come to the Fire and Catt Geller of Cosmic Smashbooking for their incredible work with culture and inspiration of Intentional Creativity to tens of thousands of women! This is good work, aren’t we so luck to have found one another on the red thread?

I also want to say a big YAHOO to Jessica Enevold Duncan, Kate Langlois, Grace Steenberg, Ilona Lantos, Asia Morgenthaler, Gisela Pineiro, Evelyne Verret, Uma Mulnick and Emily Grieves for launching their first online courses with the guidance of Jenafer Owen and Giddy Up, her class for Color of Woman Grads to bring their work into the world!

And always to Carmen Baraka, our Native teacher and elder who leads our community in ceremony with Buffalo Woman, Denise. We are so blessed to be in your company.

To my incredible husband and best friend, Jonathan McCloud – who rocks my world in all ways, always, who surprises me all the time with his intelligence, playfulness, bravery, love, innovation and feeds me so well!!!

There are many many more hands that go into the work of Intentional Creativity. I just wanted to honor these ones this year, for their love, devotion, patience, presence and especially their teachings.

And finally. To the women who made this possible.

Caron McCloud, my mother who taught me that creativity was essential and that I mattered, Eden McCloud, my grandmother who taught me creative writing and sewing and inspired us all with her art and innovation, Lenore Thomas Straus, Sue’s teacher, sculptor, poet, wood carver, illustrator, and Sue Hoya Sellars, Painter, this is our lineage of Intentional Creativity.

This is a beautiful and powerful culture of creativity. 

I wish to personally thank the Great Lady, who guides me in all that I do.

Thank you for reading and in so doing, taking the time to acknowledge the team with me. Sending you gratitude and blessings at the turning of the seasons and the year…

Signed with the light of the full moon, red paint and a red thread,

Your in creative soul,

Become an Intentional Creativity Teacher

A futuristic healing model has emerged.

A council has been called.

You are invited.

Color of Woman 2019 : Intentional Creativity Teaching Training

The training is available all online

11 spaces are open as of today

Optional gatherings in California and Australia

This will be the 9th year of the Intentional Creativity Training®
with currently over 250 teachers around the world.

Intrigued? Keep reading.

“Circle of Friends” Escalante Caves, Utah

Are you called to gather others in circle?

Do you long to share your gifts in a sacred container?

Have you already been doing your work,
but know there is something more?

How would it feel to have an offering so powerful
that lives change before your eyes?
And have a great time doing it?!

Guiding Intentional Creativity circles and experiences not only impacts the lives of those you serve, but YOU are transforming WHILE you lead. In a lot of healing modalities, the practitioner has to give give give and then there is little left for them. Sound familiar? Maybe you have already been experiencing this – have you been wondering : How can I do my work, do what I care about, make a living and not empty myself?

You are not alone in your desire for changing the way we work. In our innovative model – YOU do your work at the same time. You don’t put your life on hold while you work. Or take on the pain of others to transmute it. You also don’t need to be an expert to gather others, or have all your stuff in a perfect pile. You just have to feel the call and have a few tools.

What if what our world needs is authentic, wild, self expressed women guides?

Is that you?

Many of the traditional and cultural models of healing aren’t working for many of us anymore – where we sacrifice our well being for the good of the whole, or the individual. Many of us feel we are in need of the future of transformational change work that includes our personal self expression. Our community believes we have found it! Intentional Creativity is actually a revolutionary change in how women work with others in the field of healing, consciousness and transformation.

Those of us who work with others know that true healing, and any real answers are within each person. And of course, their own relationship with Source. So let’s get on with the innovative hybrid technologies that give those we work with direct access! Access to the place the hidden self resides. So that the client/student/beloved can do their own work. Many modalities are emerging at this time – this is the one that works with image, color, language, consciousness, intuition and self expression.

There is a riddle here however, because image and language are one of the ways the hidden self makes herself known. If those tools are not provided, too much remains closed in the mind – and not lived out in our lives.

Intentional Creativity isn’t just painting, although that is what we focus on in the training because it is such a direct access to our own information. Intentional Creativity is movement, song, pottery, cuisine, sculpting, jewelry, welding – all of the creative arts can be approached with this framework.

|f you are feeling called, or a stirring in your soul, come spend an hour or so having tea with me in a unique video interview.

Is 2019 your year?

Your Invitation & Application

A new archetype of healer is emerging. We are the emergent design of the future when we say yes to our soul work. We are calling teachers, leaders, healers, therapists, practitioners, priestesses, poets, artists, musicians and change agents from around the world to the table. We are inviting you to a training in which YOUR FOCUS is activating the work of your soul – while you learn to share this gift with other. Both/And

Some of us have a hard time justifying doing something for ourselves. Others of us are tired of just taking more training to help, but don’t get helped ourselves. This training is both/and. Save you, and through that, save the world that matters to you (if that is your jam).

You are invited with open arms, to this council of wild women emerging.

You don’t need this training to be a teacher or call others into circle. You have your own content, so why do the training? Perhaps you are called because you personally long for something for you : a cycle of time dedicated to your own breakthroughs and self discovery. Maybe you have been pouring out your cup and you need a refill of beauty to nourish your own creative flow. How would it feel to actually create a series of paintings that represent, in image and language, your soul work in the world? Can you see yourself journeying in a group of women doing sacred, powerful transformational work?

The majority of our students say that COLOR of WOMAN was one of THE most powerful experiences of their lives – that is was what they had been looking for all of their lives – and have finally found it. And one of the best parts of all, is that once you graduate and become an Intentional Creativity Teacher, our community continues together – a Global Guild of creatives who work together across the world serving through self expression and tools for transformation.

I hope you will consider joining us for the adventure of a lifetime….




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We are pleased to announce we have reopened Enrollment for Color of Woman 2019: Intentional Creativity Teacher Training.

If you were on the fence during our Priority Enrollment Cycle, and know that you are called to become an Intentional Creativity Teacher in 2019, we’d love to receive your application! This means you would be teaching in 2020.

We invite you to get a cup of tea and explore the Training. If you’re new to learning about Color of Woman, there is a full-color PDF invitation you can read.

There were 15, but now there are 11 spots available. When we are full, we are full.

And…if you choose to take only the Core Online Training – that is all you need to Certify and become an Intentional Creativity Teacher – we have women around the world join us via the gift of technology.

For any questions or inquiries about the Color of Woman Training, simply reply to this email and Color of Woman Guidance Counselor, Sarah Mardell, will get right back to you. You can always email her directly at [email protected]

“If you are considering taking Color of Woman, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Shiloh teaches at a level that opens you to new places within yourself. Is it challenging? YES! Is it risky? YES! Is it totally transformative in a way that will rock your world and guide you to become a more authentic you? ABSOLUTELY! The Color of Woman School is a life-changing experience to bring you through your own material and story, to go out into the world with the healing only you can bring”

~ Color of Woman 2018 student, Ally Markotich

Invitation & Application

Painting in process: Color of Woman Muse Gathering 2018. Yes, I am painting with a red rose, because she asked…

An Eye on Intentional Creativity:: Maria Do Rosario Souza

Intentional Creativity has its first Red Thread Circle in Brazil!



Maria Do Rosario Souza gathered with a small wonderful group of friends for an afternoon workshop, Painting the Future.  Colorful flags were created following the steps of Intentional Creativity, and inspired by the prayer flags of Buddhism.

“Our intention while creating was to create a container for our highest aspirations, helping us focus on co-creating the future. It inspired me very much, because it’s something that anyone can do in a couple of hours  I enjoyed every minute and had great feedback from our group. Thank you Shiloh for supporting my dreams!”





I had the access to the Red Thread Circle some years ago, through the Red Thread Cafe Classroom Facebook group and had the idea of sharing it, and finally had this opportunity now. A group of friends had been curious about my painting process. Submitting my application for the 2019 Color of Woman Teacher program was the push that I was waiting for! It all came together, to put out the invitation to do this workshop.


I’m an educator, researcher of Brazilian culture, especially Native groups and Brazilian Popular Culture. I have a degree on Graphic Design and started to paint canvases in 2002, but Intentional Creativity gave me the right tools to progress. Find me and my art on my Facebook page, Maria Flor



Colorful Scars : Free Intentional Creativity Class

We have long worn our scars
on the inside, hidden within ourselves

Doing our best to hide, to not allow
them show up on the outside

We didn’t want to be exposed,
judged, blamed and not believed

Our souls bear the marks
of re-membering what was lost

We have been shaped, girdled, silenced,
fragmented and shamed into looking good

It may be hard to speak out in a culture
where it is popular to believe you caused your own harm

If you have carried the thought that you,
Dear precious soul, have caused your own harm…

This is an invitation to lay it down for good
and to release your grip on self blame

Self blame cloaked as responsibility
has done more damage then we can imagine

Do you see how believing that you called it upon yourself,
can keep you from speaking?

The dominant culture keeps this idea in place
we know better, and can release ourselves

We have already turned our wounds
into teachings for ourselves and others

Are you ready to let go of this part
of the wounding you carry? Is it time?

When scars are only on the inside
they can take a long time to heal

We can choose to integrate, be witnessed,
be informed and take action

The colorful side of all of these stories
is that the scars are no longer only on the inside

Witness by compassionate hearts
brings color to the shadows which house the wounds

The light emitting from our colorful scars
illuminates the path for those coming after us

A warrior mark, a reminder, a tattoo
of teachings and stories to tell

We won’t forget, yet neither will we
be jailed by the past any longer

To those who would harm, we pray this colorful light
Reaches them too, so they may think again and heal

The freedom to self express is a basic
human right, and we claim this right for ourselves

We won’t proclaim the bright side
We will not dwell in the shadow side either

We see, claim and are authors of the colorful side
We have become She of the Colorful Scar

Signed with a hope for
re-membering our wholeness,

Shiloh Sophia, October 2018





You are invited to join the Intentional Creativity Community for a free online class and Red Thread Circle on October 21. Can’t join us that day? The videos are yours to keep and download so you can do it in your own time. We will have a completing call in November so you have time to do the process. You will be supported by Intentional Creativity Guild members.

Let’s gather together in solidarity across the world to cause our own healing to move to the next level…bringing healing into our own hands…

How much power do we really have to set ourselves free?

More than we think, I feel. Yet there is often a process if the feeling is to really create a change. It is more than just thinking about it. You have do actually do something more than in the mind. Ritual, creativity, movement, a circle….something to mark the change.




Dear Ones, 

I have been thinking of you, and of all of us – and especially right now my sisters in the US who have been so impacted by the recent happenings. I don’t think I need to spell it out – regardless of what you think about it – it was traumatizing for most of us it seems. I could feel it and see it in ways I haven’t for a while. Like wow – where do we live? I looked at the images of the people involved ands sent them love – all of them. All of them. And I felt I had to DO SOMETHING to serve – hence Colorful Scars – a class for us as a community. I asked what I could do? I had already painted the painting above – and so it was clear – colorful scars it would be. Claiming our wounds and bringing beauty to them. Covering them in grace – not hiding – but lifting up.

I try to be mindful of sharing spiritual beliefs without assumptive behaviours which are so often rampant. Even just – ‘everything happens for a reason’ is a rampant spiritual belief gone unchecked that a lot of us don’t agree with. Including me. So in this cycle I am writing to you with permission to set yourself free from the way you have been carrying what has happened to you.

I share this writing and class for those who still think they are to blame for their abuse. This is FOR YOU. For us to heal.

With respect to those in the sisterhood that truly believe they agreed to their own harm at the level of soul, I hear you. And. What is true for you might be true for you. Yet I might add, do not assume it is also true for everyone else. This teaching is too common and in my view, assumptive and often unconscious.

Now, having worked with so many women I am a stand for freedom from self blame – and the idea that we caused our own harm as part of our path or soul agreement. Not that there aren’t times we have put ourselves in danger and harm’s way. Each story has it’s own arc of blame and shame.

I stand for a story where no woman blames herself for being harmed in ANY scenario.

I woke up this morning with the collective grief pouring through me. I thought, is there a bright side? And of course, the bright side is that the stories are being told and that hopefully those who do the harming will think again instead of become even more aggressive, which is often the case. Yet, bright side, felt too optimistic. Shadow side is obviously playing itself out before our eyes in the US and many other places. But the colorful side, is also here. Finding our freedom from suppression and silence – finding self expression. Why is this important – because if we are self expressed, we won’t bottle up the energy and turn it on ourselves.

Expressing it lets it out – and in that, changes it as it moves from within to the page/canvas/dance floor. We will talk more about this in the Colorful Scarsclass. Consider calling women together to gather with in person for this event in your home, studios or office. Consider hosting a red thread circle. The videos will be yours to keep and download but it woudl be wonderful to spend the day together on October 21 doing the work.

Thinking of you and however you process what you are feeling. Let us walk this road together in the best way we can. I am about to lead a Red Thread Circle in the morning mist and will be thinking of you and including you with us.




Colorful Scars: Free Intentional Creativity Class

Hosted by the Intentional Creativity Foundation

Taught by Shiloh Sophia
with support from the IC Guild

Free class for women to express

and begin to heal hidden stories

Sunday October 21st or watch later



Color of Woman 2019: Applications Open for Priority Enrollment

Color of Woman :
Intentional Creativity Teacher Training
2019 Priority Enrollment Cycle is Open for Applications!

Request Color of Woman Invitation Here

Dear One,

We are pleased to announce the Priority Enrollment Cycle for Color of Woman 2019 is open now through September 15th!

We invite you get a cup of tea and explore the Training. Those who apply during this cycle will receive top priority for the training, placement in gatherings, access to the initial orientation materials to prepare and financial savings. You will receive $1,000+ savings on the Core Online tuition.

I cannot even imagine my life without Intentional Creativity. Working with IC has changed the entire focus of my life.
Every day begins with intention and creation.  ~ Annette Wagner, Color of Woman Graduate


For any questions or inquiries about Color of Woman 2019, Color of Woman Graduate and Teacher, Tania Magennis, is your ‘go to woman’ inside the Red Thread Cafe Classroom, our online IC group. Add #COW to the front of your post and she will respond to questions and posts daily.

You may also email Color of Woman Guidance Counselor, Sarah Mardell:
[email protected].

Shiloh Sophia and the Color of Woman Team



Color of Woman 2017: Visionary Gathering : Sonoma California


A share from Color of Woman Graduate, Cristy Coates, about Intentional Creativity:

I come from a lineage of women artists devoted to using creativity as a form of prayer and intention.

We seek to end the suffering caused by the sense of feeling separate and alone inherent to our human state.

We seek to end the violence and sorrow this sense of isolation can cause, especially to the most vulnerable members of our human family.

We believe creativity to be our innate and shared human birthright and that creative expression is a means of unfolding our identity and transforming our lives. We also believe that art and transformation should be fun.

We use Intentional Creativity and art as a means to find out more about our individual and shared journey, and we offer the beauty, joy and discoveries this experience unfolds as an invitation for all peoples to come into a sense of belonging to themselves and each other upon our fertile earth.

Color of Woman INVITATION:
Interview and Application – click here

Red Thread Circle in Paris by Brunehilde Yvrande.



The INSIGHT Experience – Free Online Seminars with Shiloh Sophia

.::. The INSIGHT Experience  .::.

Intentional Creativity
Online Global Seminars
with Founder and Curator,
Shiloh Sophia

Accessing Your Imagination +
Diving Into Your Consciousness

FREE Invitation – Access INSIGHT Now

For those interested in Color of Woman : 2019 Intentional Creativity Teacher Training,
Priority Enrollment Cycle is open now – September 15th. 

Request the INVITATION: Interview and Application Here.

Join Shiloh Sophia, the Co-Founder of Intentional Creativity® for an enlivening series of seminars – available now.

All details and ways to participate will be emailed once you Register.

This is for those interested in learning about Intentional Creativity + the possibility of becoming a Teacher so you can offer this technology to your clients, circles and groups.

In our time together for the INSIGHT EXPERIENCE we will explore…

  • What Intentional Creativity is and how to use it to bring INSIGHT into your life path.

  • Access the INSIGHT link between imagination and consciousness.

  • Learn more about the Intentional Creativity Teacher Training ~ Color of Woman 2019 to see if the experience is what you are looking for on your life path.

  • Reconciling the Critic and the Muse Paradox once and for all.

  • The INSIGHT Meditation for ‘chilling out’ instead of freaking out : ) + Red Thread Ceremony

This is a FREE Experience! JOIN US HERE

Announcing Red Thread Guide Graduates 2018


What would it feel like to be held in a sacred container
for and with a circle of wild and soulful women?

The Intentional Creativity Foundation is pleased to announce the graduates from our 2018 Red Thread guide Global Certification Program. These women have together learned the way of the red thread, how to hold space for circles and rites OF PASSAGE, to lead with intention, and to be guides for those who cross their path.

Red Thread guide 2018 GRADUATES

Amber Samaya Gould
Clarity Henderson

Eileen Dyer

Feather Redfox

Jessica Bowman

Johanna Rivera

Julie O’Glee

Lexanne Leonard

Lisa R. Cohen

Liz Ferguson

Monika Reis

Nancy Deane-
Robyn Taranto

Stella St. Rose

Photo by Jessica Bowman

e all walk a sacred path. Some of us don’t know it. 
The power comes when we consciously choose to walk in a beautiful way.
And how wonderful to find others there on the path with us…


Painting by Nancy Dean-Loranger