Healing the Healer

Rachel Bavis
Aptos, California

Healing the Healer-Orange County, CA

Healing the Healer-Orange County, CA

Maestra Shiloh Sophia’s Intentional Creativity method works so beautifully to heal and rejuvenate.  I am amazed by the incredible impact the process has proven to create transformation, peace and renewal in the midst of emotionally taxing and stressful working environments. My passion and expertise as a Child Welfare Lawyer, Intentional Creativity Coach and Teacher is the foundation for development of my Healing the Healer Workshops.  The intent of these unique workshops is to help social workers, therapists and other healing professionals access their inner guide to renew, heal, and recover from Secondary Traumatic Stress. I feel passionately that these workshops should be an integral part of their training to maintain vibrant health, while doing their vital work of protecting children & youth from abuse and neglect and nurturing healthy families.

Rachel Bavis Healing the Healer Sonoma-Individual Collage

Healing the Healer-Sonoma, CA

Serving numerous counties throughout California, I offer Healing the Healer workshops privately and through the Public Child Welfare Training Academy and Bay Area Academy.  Contact Rachel at rachelbavis@gmail.com for further information.


Rachel Bavis

Studying with Shiloh awakened the dormant artist in me and I became a certified Intentional Creativity coach and teacher. I believe we are all creative artists.  My art embraces the Divine Feminine, often with whimsical, symbolic animals who bring messages, protection, and playfulness.   Using acrylics, charcoal, colored pencils, and pen, I love playing with bold colors and have a strong, graphic style, influenced by those artists I love, like O’Keeffe, Klimt, Kahlo, and Shiloh Sophia.  I create with the intention to heal children and families, and–by bringing healing images into the world—the earth and all beings.  I have a Juris Doctor from Southwestern University School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications with a minor in Studio Art from Hunter College, City University of New York.

A Bridge to Healing

Kate Langlois-San Francisco, CA

kate langlois

Water Under the Bridge


In my pursuit for interconnection to the world I was surprised where I found it.  Painting. I wanted this connection because I longed to take a stand for human rights. What I discovered, was that to serve the world community with my art, I would first have to take a stand for myself,  by healing my own heart.

Finding interconnection to the world by cultivating love for myself was not something I thought could come from painting. Yet this heart connection from myself to canvas is exactly what has awakened within me. When I began painting images of those suffering in the world, I began to see the canvas take on the form of an energetic bridge between them and myself. As the paintings evolved and symbols emerged, I saw unexpected layers of the image-story, which seemed to be related to my own healing.

This intersection is what I’m exploring currently in my work as an artist and teacher using the Intentional Creativity Method. Out of my desire to take a stand for those suffering in the world, I paint images centered on love and this includes self-love. With self-love, we are sustainable, nourished and fulfilled. Reoccurring themes of hope, equality, safety and justice bloom right out of the under layers of the turmoil and layers of paint.

Letting the paintbrush dance with color and form, I move from fear of the unknown into wonder of the unknown. And in that unknown space healing happens organically that I am neither conscious of creating or making happen, it just happens due to the creative process.

Whatever life hands me, whether wonderful or difficult, I move through it with Intentional Creativity as my guide. I’m always fascinated with how malleable this method truly is. Each of us has who’ve gone through the training with Maestra Shiloh Sophia, imbibe the teachings and also create our own, in accordance to who we are as creatives. The capacity for intentional creativity to expand and adapt to a multitude of creative, transformative ventures is part of the magic and excitement for me. I never know what is going to happen which is part of why it is a tool that can reveal the hidden places.

As I find myself even decades after my own personal trauma of childhood sexual abuse, still navigating through the many layers of  healing. For a long time I thought emotional healing could be a linear journey like when you get a cold and you recover and move on.

Traumas appear to be more cyclical or maybe its that the resulting patterns come over us in waves at high or low tide based on what is happening in our lives. For years I wasn’t aware of resulting behaviors and patterns until I became awakened to them and intentionally chose to meet them head on.  Likely the scariest thing I’ve done! Although I still have moments of wanting to push them back into my subconscious, I’m reminded to take everything at my own pace and I am safe. By working slowly with my story on the canvas, I create a space for deep listening  and paint through countless transformations along the way revealing powerful messages.

Shooting Holes in old Stories

Shooting Holes in old Stories

Working with our story and image over time with this method, we become awakened.  We become our own witness to old stories, patterns and behaviors that no longer serve us. Taking these parts of ourselves to the canvas allows them to move beyond their unchanging state to a more dynamic and transformative nature . Recently, when I found myself in this space, it was the absolute discomfort of seeing myself so clearly, so transparent, combined with a fierce love for my own self that prompted me to explore change in this painting. Throughout my process,  I asked for new information to flow in from my subconscious to my conscious, staying in wonder about how this might show up for me.

Sometimes it is from deep wounds like this that we find what we are passionate about.  Just as in the midst of this journey of healing my inner child, came my desire to paint for children. I wanted to create images that hold space for children suffering in the world.  In this way I envision them whole, healed and safe. These images then became my buoy, keeping me afloat in the darkest of times and giving me momentum to move forward.

“When we are creating – our conscious mind is occupied so our subconscious can bring us material to work with that it won’t otherwise. Due to the nature of the ‘canvas’ as a physical place in which to move a thought, represented by a symbol or layer of paint, the subconscious brings up what can be safely dealt with and processed within a given creative session. The one doing the creating becomes their own healer and the author of their own story’s transformation. We are able to bring something into physical visual form that exists in our internal experience. Then healing happens at a quantum level, in the seen and unseen.”
~ Shiloh Sophia

This interconnection of painting for my own healing and healing for the world as explored with Intentional Creativity continues to spark transformation that has allowed me to move far beyond the confines of my old limited beliefs. Taking a stand for human rights, for the children, sparked a deep journey that continues to unfold. I invite you to be in wonder about your own interconnection to the world. If you dare to, begin to explore what this looks like in resonance with your own heart. If you feel the call to do so, I offer you to try a free Intentional Creativity session that I created here.  Allow the image and energy of the piece you create to reconnect you with your calm heart center. Even if you’re afraid to paint,  just get to the canvas and start with color. Simply by dipping paintbrush in paint and moving it around the canvas soothes us, shifting us from the chatter in our heads, the tension in our bodies and into a place of new discovery.

Kate Langlois

Kate Langlois makes her home in San Francisco, CA where she is an Artist and Color of Woman Teacher.  With Love at the heart of her paintings, her work reflects her passion to express stories with a social conscience and to shine a light on Human Rights with a focus on women and girls. Originally from Vermont, she has studied art in San Francisco and Healdsburg, CA for over 30 years.  She teaches painting using the Intentional Creativity Method as a path for helping women and girls discover healing and transformation by using their own image. Find out more about Kate’s art and workshops at www.katelangloisart.com.


In defense of Frida Kahlo and the Healing Power of Paintbrushes

Emily Grieves
Teotihuacan, Mexico

Have you ever had a conversation that made you come to the conclusion that you would do everything to defend the value of what you do?

I had one of those conversations recently. It was actually a brief conversation, but one that has left me pondering what I do, and the value of it, for days.

I had just visited Frida Kahlo’s Casa Azul house in Coyoacan, an artsy colonial old neighborhood in the South of Mexico City, with some family members. We each moved through the house, where she was born and raised and later lived for many years with Diego Rivera and which has been turned into a museum, at our own pace.  Some of us read the signs more thoroughly than others, each of us taking in the items on display in our own way and in accord with our own tastes and varying knowledge of her history. The house is filled with, to me, fascinating objects. Aside from all the original beautiful everyday household items (her kitchen is from heaven!) there are many original paintings, photographs and documents that reveal myriad aspects of how Frida and Diego lived. There are her dresses, jewelry, plaster and leather corsets and back braces, her Revlon nail polish, her prosthetic leg with a red Chinese silk shoe and jingle bells on it!

Emily Grieves Casa Azul

I lingered for a long time in her studio, as I have on the several previous occasions when I’ve visited, taking in the energy of her creative space, her easel with a wheelchair parked in front of it, her brushes (she had brushes made out of feathers!), her pigments, her crinkled tubes of paint (as if she had tried to squeeze out every last drop), her box of pastels, her glitter collection (for real, she had glitter!).  I took in the soft midday light that fell diffused and tepid through the window panes, and thought, really, it’s not such good light for painting, but it’s an awful lot like the light in my house, the light that falls across my canvas, and I felt that pang of connection with someone who died many decades ago but who continues to be a larger-than-life ALIVE presence for so many people, female artists in particular, around the world.

Emily Grieves casa azul

From Frida’s studio you move directly to her “Day Bedroom” which has her famous bed in it, the one her mother had made for her after her accident that has a mirror under the canopy so she could look straight up and paint self-portraits. Her bronze death mask lies on the bedspread wrapped in a shawl, as if to make her presence in the bed all the more real and palpable. The next room, the “Night Bedroom,” is filled with old medical paraphernalia, and you can imagine her screaming in pain to her sister to inject her with more morphine as she declined to her final days. Her ashes are in a pre-Hispanic urn on a small table in the Night Bedroom, and my son stood before it and prayed for her. I half-jokingly said, “I don’t think she’s around anymore. She’s long gone.” I thought about her famous quote, “I hope the exit is joyful, and I hope never to return.” She is gone, and yet she isn’t. She is more present than ever, not just in the energy of the place and her things, but in the way she has grown in popularity since her death as she has been recognized not only as an artist, but as a personality, identity, cook, poet, thinker, dreamer, social mover and shaker, fashion designer, creator, iconic figure representing a time period, a nation, a people, a gender, and extrapolating her iconography beyond any of those categories. She has come to represent all those who have ever sought to express themselves from the inside out.

Emily Grieves

Later in the day, after my son and his cousin had enjoyed decorating Frida paper dolls with fabric scraps, ribbons and beads, after we’d had a cup of coffee in the museum garden, after we’d taken funny photos posing as Frida and Diego outside the dress exhibit, after we were home …

Sometimes an opposing perspective can help us validate that which we stand for.

I had a conversation with a person who had not been on the day’s excursion, and the subject of Frida came up.  He made a comment that he thought that Frida was no more an artist than he was a doctor (he’s not;  in other words, he felt that she wasn’t an artist at all and that she wasn’t even remotely qualified to call herself one) and that she had just ridden to fame on Diego’s coat tails … that she had no technical skill and that the only master in the relationship was Diego…  that she was just a big show and had gained fame only by garishly displaying her personal dramas.  I was quite taken aback by such a strong opinion that was so opposed to the enjoyment I’d experienced that day reveling in her energy and her spirit so evident in her house.

I responded to this negative commentary initially with some important points about the history of Frida’s life and work as I was aware of them, and then decided better to just simply change the subject rather than engage in an argument.  However, the conversation has been gnawing at me …. Why?  Because I consider Frida Kahlo to be the grand matriarch of the art movement within which I work.  This person’s criticism of Frida’s artwork felt in some way like an indirect criticism of my own artwork.  As my mind has chewed on this negative onslaught toward Frida Kahlo, I have to respond that she actually had a quite a lot of technical skill. Considering that she never had formal art education but was entirely self-taught, painting with major physical limitations, her work has a very high level of technical skill. But unlike many artists, creating a technically adept painting was not the outcome she was after in her work. Technical skill simply supported the path to what was so obviously her true mission, which was to express her inner world, to use artwork and creativity as a way to intentionally and consciously work through her thoughts and feelings. I don’t think she could help it, actually. I think if she hadn’t had her artwork, she probably would have gone crazy from her suffering.

Emily Grieves Fridas Glitter

Frida stated about her artwork, I don’t paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality.

That her reality included a unique perspective and way of viewing the world is undeniable.  I believe that she was able to view the world as much more than just the typical physical reality so many people perceive, and that is the only reality some “technically skilled” artists are able to portray.  She opened the door to the possibility that dreams and nightmares can actually become your reality depending on your choosing. Using intentional creativity as her method to process both her physical and emotional pain certainly gave her a unique perspective on the suffering of the world in general, one that shows in her artwork and one that I believe makes her work so universally understandable. At the same time, she never let her understanding of suffering limit her in any way in experiencing life.  To the contrary, she used it as a springboard to live life to its fullest, making every moment a creative act.

By opening the quality of one’s perception and accessing other realities through creative acts, one has the power to choose a new experience in life.

It is said that in her life, she showed her friends primarily her happy bright side, the Frida who loved to throw parties and to socialize, probably innately understanding from an early age that harping on her pain and suffering publicly wouldn’t gain her much friendship and popularity.  She said “Nothing is worth more than laughter. It is strength to laugh and to abandon oneself, to be light. Tragedy is the most ridiculous thing.” Knowing that she lived a turbulent life , particularly the unstable but deep passions of her relationship with Diego, is probably more knowledge gained in modern times from films and books made about her, than was likely such common knowledge about her during her lifetime, so it is unfair to say that she gained fame by playing up her dramas.  While she had some 30 surgeries during her life, she had very few exhibits (and only one in Mexico which she attended from her bed shortly before her death), so it is unfair to say that she rode Diego’s coattails to fame.  Her fame as both an artist and an icon largely came posthumously, as modern audiences, and I’d dare to say women in particular, came to discover the intimacy of her vision and our ability to relate to it.

Frida KahloHow many of us women have looked into the mirror and seen our own image at times as dreadful, torn and frayed, our core a broken column seemingly beyond repair?

What if we were to re-imagine as Frida did and use Intentional Creativity to help us see differently, to see ourselves as whole and healed?

What if we chose to look again into the mirror and to see our image as a woman growing from the earth framed by dark foliage and vines and wild animals peering back at us from our own eyes?  Then to look once again at our reflection and to see the compassionate all-embracing mother of us all living as a spark within? How many of us have seen our own duality?  Our inner twin selves, she who plays by society’s rules and expectations and she who defies them, she who loves and she who loathes, she who dreams and she who follows, she who feels divided and cut apart at the core and she who has hope still? How many of us have bled out from our internal doubts and battles, and then pieced ourselves back together again?  Frida’s images speak to all the parts of us, the good, the bad and the ugly.  She offers us a reflection in her paintings, one that inspires us to our own work of using creative process to see the truth of ourselves revealed.

The simplest inspiration offered by Frida in her life is that she painted and wrote privately with no real attachment to whether or not it would ever be seen by others. While she always valued the sale of a painting, she made her paintings for herself as her own healing.  Whatever confronted her in life, whether public or private, she took it to the canvas, to the paper, to the paint, to work it out.  There is no more powerful way to heal than to give your healing form and color, to make it real, palpable and permanent. This is precisely the way I’ve always made art and the way in which I was taught in my Intentional Creativity Movement teacher certification course by Shiloh Sophia McCloud of Cosmic Cowgirls University and Red Thread Nation – this is the way of creating that I’ve discovered really helps people and makes an impact in their lives.

Since Frida Kahlo opened the possibility for women to express themselves in this way, through the decades of rapidly unfolding creative expression in general in our world, and through Shiloh’s lineage that was passed down to her via Sue Hoya Sellars, I give all my gratitude for the Intentional Creativity Movement and for the fact that I, as a woman working in Mexico in 2015, can teach intentional creativity to local village women who have never been to Frida’s house just 40 miles away.  I consider Frida Kahlo to be the grand matriarch instigator of the Intentional Creativity Movement, and I thank her for having the guts in her era to do what she had to do to express herself the way she did and for leaving such a rich legacy to inspire future generations of women around the world to look deep inside themselves and to pull out their darkest shadows and their brightest light from their interior worlds and to paint it all out on the canvas. I give thanks to Frida for blazing such a brilliant trail of symbols and surreal soulscapes and magical realities – in doing so, she has given me my most powerful tools today for myself and for offering women a true path to transformation and healing – a paintbrush and a jar of glitter.  I’ll defend the value of paintbrushes and glitter until the day I die.

Images: photos of  Museo Frida Kahlo taken by Emily K. Grieves in Mexico City.

Emily GrievesEmily Grieves received a BFA degree in art from the University of Montana in 1993, followed by study of art history in Berlin, Germany, as a Fulbright scholar. She lived in San Francisco, California, for 10 years where she began exploring symbology, mythology, and ritual in her artwork. She has been a practitioner of shamanic healing and hands-on energy work for over 17 years. As of 2004, she makes her home in Teotihuacan, Mexico, where she guides groups into the powerful energies of the pyramids, has painted murals at the Dreaming House spiritual retreat center and has created a body of artwork influenced by the cosmological imagery left in the 2000 year old pyramids. Emily is a certified coach and teacher in the Intentional Creativity Movement developed by Shiloh Sophia McCloud.  She founded Taller de Arte El Refugio, an art studio in Teotihuacan, where she offer painting classes to local women and girls and provides them with a much-needed place of refuge, relaxation, and creative expression. In her art and healing, it is Emily’s intention to create portals to the sacred and to open hearts. You can view her artwork and get more information about the journeys and workshops she offers at www.EmilyKGrievesArt.com.

Painting for Earth's Healing

Jassy Watson
Queensland, Australia

I approach using art as a potent tool for healing the planet and as a platform for raising awareness of important environmental and ecological issues that all of humanity is currently faced with.

The Earth is my Sister

The Earth is my Sister


All forms of art have the potential to be tools for healing. I believe that through the creative process the healing of both self and the planet and our relationship to it can be transformed.

Why? Because when creative work is approached from a place of passion and purpose and art is brought to life with intention, great shifts can occur. Not only for the artist, but also for the viewer. I believe wholeheartedly that I can approach the canvas and paint intentionally to heal the earth and deepen my connection to it, and in doing so inspire others to deepen and honour a connection to the earth creatively.

There are many contemporary artists who are agents of environmental change and who are using their creative gifts and talents to build awareness and provoke thought through their work and process. Many artists, such as myself are working with transformative approaches and processes towards a new vision that is ecological and participates with the living cycles of nature. Many topics are approached such as oceans, climate change, water quality, recycling, water purification, natural disasters, de-forestation, endangered species and more.

Take the words of Nigerian painter Jerry Buhari: Today the talk of the world is about an endangered Earth. One often wonders how much of the talk is backed with genuine concern and the will to take positive steps. But it should not surprise the world that artists are in the forefront of the discussion on the environment.

Artists today are finding all sorts of inventive ways to call attention to the problems facing our environment, as corporate greed and profit impose destruction on our planet. While each artist works very differently and explores diverse territories, they share awareness about the critical loss of natural resources and a desire to save the planet from human destruction.

Shallow by Ann Rosenthal

Shallow by Ann Rosenthal

Eco-feminist artist Ann T. Rosenthal and activist artist Steffi Domike have been collaborating on environmental installations for years. Their wall installation, Watermark: Wood, Coal, Oil, Gas (2011) consists of four panels that illustrate an evolutionary timeline of energy resources—wood, coal, oil and natural gas.

Dominique Mazeau is a poet and artist from Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has made an exquisite journal of poems and drawings of cleaning up the Rio Grande River over many years. She has made sculptures from the trash and she teaches school children about the river with her poems and her art.

There are many more Eco-feminist and Environmentalist/Activist artists such as Charla Puryear and Helene Aylon using their art to raise awareness of ecological issues. These few examples alone demonstrate that art, in its myriad of forms, has the capacity to effect positive change on the earth and its environments.

Artists are catalysts for change, and this “change” takes place when we feel deeply for a precious cause. I feel deeply for the earth and I feel that it is largely humanity’s disconnection from the earth and from the earth as mother that has contributed to the current state of not only the health of the earth body, but also the health of our bodies.

My most recent online offering, Painting Gaia, with guest teacher Glenys Livingstone, author of Pagain Cosmology : Re-inventing Earth-based Goddess Religion, is  a nine-week e-Journey aimed at deepening and honouring earth connection and creative expression. The course is essentially about connecting back to nature physically and connecting to the wisdom of the earth through painting a powerful image of Gaia – the primordial Great Mother; earth and the cosmos Herself. I imagine that a world filled with new images of earth as mother, inspired by those of the ancient past, has the power to insight deep change. Effectively, it is a renewal, a remembering and a re-imagining that is necessary if we want this earth to provide and nurture the generations to come.

I am using my art as a healing force to heal the earth. Making art with intent to heal.  As we heal ourselves we heal the Earth, and as we heal the Earth, we heal ourselves. I am Painting for the EARTh.

My image above,  The Earth is my Sister, is the demonstration painting from my Painting Gaia Course. She represents abundance and is symbolic of a journey through the five elements, earth, air, fire, water and the ether. The cosmos has been left to show Gaia’s origins. The snake in the tree and the pomegranate, not only ancient symbols of Gaia and the Goddess, but symbolic of my place and my direct surroundings. The bees, birds and butterfly symbolise fertility and the flourishing of new life, but also contain deeper meanings relating to the many symbolic neolithic Minoan representations of the bee and bird goddesses and the ancient feminine symbol of the Labrys (Double Axe) as butterfly.  Her title is inspired by a prayer I have recited daily after attending Carol Christ’s,  Goddess Pilgrimage to Crete

This Earth is my sister
I love her daily grace
Her silent daring
And how loved I am.
How we admire this strength in each other
All that we have lost
All that we have found
We are stunned by this beauty,
And I do not forget
What She is to me
And what I am to Her.

Susan Griffin, Woman and Nature – The Roaring Inside Her

Jassy Watson

Jassy Watson

Jassy Watson, who lives on the sub-tropical coast of Queensland Australia, is a Mother of four, passionate organic gardener, Intuitive/Visionary & Community Artist, Teacher, Intentional Creativity Coach and a student of Ancient History and Religion at Macquarie University, Sydney. She is the Creatress of Goddesses Garden, Studio & Gallery; a school for the Sacred Creative Arts. Jassy teaches regular painting workshops in person, nationally and internationally, and online based around themes that explore myth, history, earth connection and the Goddess. Regular creative events and presentations are also held that have included visits from international scholars, artists and musicians. Jassy’s next online e-Journey, ‘Painting Gaia’ opens again on Friday February 13th, 2015. You can see the details and register HERE.

The Fearful Voice is replaced by the Voice of Deep Truth



Note from the Editor, Shiloh Sophia
Dear Red Thread Nation Readers,

It is always a delight when a Color of Woman Class completes and the leaders begin to emerge with their creations into the world. This article was taken from a personal note to me, by recent Color of Woman 2014 Graduate from South Africa, Carol Mahinda. I was so inspired by her insight, process and paintings that I asked her if I could share it with you.

The following article shows the depth of inquiry possible in the Intentional Creativity Movement. With great joy I give you, Carol

The Fearful Voice is replaced by the Voice of Deep Truth
A Journey of self discovery through committing Art

Carol Mahinda
Johannesburg, South Africa

Who is the one viewing the visual screen?
As the Talis-woman in my painting emerges and the Muse speaks – who is doing the viewing?

This was my inquiry, and for days I sat and pondered and tossed and turned in my mind, in my body and in my spirit. I knew there was a revelation here, and it was calling for me to dive deeper. I wanted to settle for the intellectual words that explained it, but part of me (my muse) could not let me.  There was a need to understand this beyond the place of my mind. I was on a journey of self discovery through the Color of Woman School. I knew I was going to learn how to paint. I also knew this was a vision quest. Never did I imagine this path would also bring me to a place of questioning the very foundation of my being-ness, and it did!

During this nine month quest, I discovered the power of creating form in order to shift story.  The art of working with both the right and left brain in order to live and create from a place of harmony was revealed to me. I also explored a new and powerful way of bringing ideas and passions into form by working with the alchemical consciousness!

It was almost unbelievable to come to realize that the Muse comes from within me and that she is me.

As I painted my Muse, I often felt like I was having an out of body experience! At first a voice emerged, filled with deep, deep wisdom and knowing. The kind that you don’t question. You just know because it resonates. I sat for hours amazed and in awe of her and her insights! She and I are one. I wondered where the heck she has been for decades!?  Who had drowned her voice and buried her? Initially, I struggled with her power and her overwhelming truths and after many a wrestling night, I embraced her and am totally in love with her!  She cannot be stiffled or intimidated. I am having more and more situations where someone looks at me with, What the f**k did you just say?!  I smile fearlessly AND without any feelings of bravado or regret,  just smiling as a gap filler between one conversation and another. I made space and observed her for two months and she was and still is consistent.  She’s a keeper, she’s here to stay. I love her so deeply.



Then, as I paused for a breather, we began our journey with the Talis-woman.  This was in every sense an out of body experience.  I journeyed far and wide, in the place of in-between worlds.  This is where I met her, a beautiful being to behold.  I thought to myself, she is nothing like me, I could not recognize her in my past at all, yet her strength and power were so familiar, and in that sense I knew her.  She is so full of earthly and celestial wisdom. Really there are no words to describe her yet as she is still emerging.  She brought gifts of revelations and clarity around the content of my soul work and continues to inform me daily. If I am anything like what she is presenting, then this is definitely a rebirth!

During this cycle, there was deep integration and release happening. I experienced moments of hyperventilation, excruciating panic attacks that felt like heart attacks!  They were deep excavations that were manifesting so powerfully on my physical body.  I even had body weight drop as she came through. The wisdom was that the weight was representing some stories from the past that I had let go! This was just phenomenal because I wasn’t even trying!!  I couldn’t imagine what else is to come!

The Voice and the Being were now in synch and truly aligned. The fearful voice seemed to be drowning in the distance.  I have deep compassion for it, but absolutely no desire to rescue it. I can still hear it if I listen deeply but it doesn’t feel threatening, nor value adding.  As a way to honor the journey that has brought me here, it feels like I have created a space, like a storeroom or a container for those past stories that the fearful voice represents.  I also noticed there was even room for that bubbly child like feeling of joy and wonder.  I have no past recollection of true joy.  Now, I am having episodes of bubbly euphoric moments where I just feel joyful, with really no obvious trigger it. Sometimes I am triggered into joy by a cup of coffee or a salad, or by a color I mix on my pallet – that has no name! It’s insane and I love it!  This too is becoming more frequent and lasting longer.

For the first time I feel confident knowing that I have stepped/tapped into another dimension and new spiral of deep truth and this time it feels so authentic.  In a sense I feel like I am welcoming challenges so that I can consciously apply my new-found self. Knowing that I can choose, through Intentional Creativity, to determine the outcome somewhat.  Knowing whatever happens is what is meant to happen once I have done my part.  I am seriously falling in love with me!!  There is even a suggestion of a name change or adaptation and I am saying YES! My Muse is going to be known by a different name – so energetically different.  So through this painting process I met my Muse AND I witnessed this new being, Talis-woman emerging.  My full body, senses and all were resonating, it felt orgasmic! Up to this point, I was cruising!

Legendary Self (Legend)

Legendary Self (Legend)

Who is it that is the witness and knower of these truths? 

With this new inquiry, a new spiral had began. On this journey, I’d discovered that an inquiry is an invitation to journey deeper.  So with the above inquiry, I knew there was more.  What came through was the emergence of a new presence.  A presence,  because it did not feel like a being nor a voice as such. It was just a presence of the one observing, witnessing, and documenting.

Following through on an inquiry, thought and intention opens a space for creating new form. This kind of attention is what causes the pattern of an electron to change as we gaze at it. I realized by paying attention to every choice I make with the conscious attention that comes with inquiry, I can then create what I really desire. I can witness my emotions, thoughts, desires and in the moment consciously choose how to create a new reality.  I can choose which thoughts to energize by giving them attention and which ones to simply notice and let pass by.

The key is in choosing to pause, observe and have a conversation around the thought.

I had understood the part about witnessing and the part about creating with intention, but I hadn’t quite grasped how the two combined together are able to bring about the change, or transformations, or new reality.  So, now I am the one seeing and the one causing and also the one being.

This is what makes one’s work sacred, because everything is created with such deliberate intention, such care and awareness. Everything has such personal meaning because it has been birthed from ones own inquiry and tea with the muse. This is how ones work and life become a sacred journey.  There is no separation between me and my work as we become one. There is only one life, one sacred journey.  If all my responsibilities are approached in this meaningful way, then everything aligns, is synchronized and is sacred.  I love it!

Black Madonna

Black Madonna

I really want to express my deep gratitude to Shiloh Sophia McCloud, my beloved teacher.  Shiloh is the founder of the Color of Woman School and has worked with and taught thousands of women around the globe.  She is also the founder of the Intentional Creativity Movement.  What she teaches is profound, unprecedented, a journey for every woman.  I now see, I really see, how much you have put into every offering you have given us, every word you speak, everything you do….I weep with this realization.  Thank you for sharing your very heart with the world.  I now have a road map and a shining example, a basket full of tools that really work.  Thank you.


Carol Mahinda

Carol Mahinda

Carol Mahinda is a Visionary Artist, Intentional Creativity Coach, Color of Woman Teacher, Writer, Teacher, Author, Speaker and Poet. Her Art Studio, Alchemical Rose, is both her altar and inspiration for women to find language for their deepest passions. Her desire is to see the end of suffering and oppression of women. Carol believes that it is time for the Woman to Arise and Shine in all her Glory and is happy to collaborate with others who believe the same.  When not at work, she is a doting mother to her three adorable children.

Having experienced the profound impact of  creativity, sisterhood and community, Carol now shares these gifts with others through her diverse projects and organizations. The mission of ARISE is activism through art and to inspiring others to speak up against the oppression of women. MOLO SISI or Sisterhood,  offers mentorship, while acting as a web of connection for women across Africa.  Inspired by the resilience of women who have overcome adversity, Carol will soon be launching an online channel, EVERY WOMAN HAS A STORY, to highlight these extraordinary lives turned into legends. She hopes to encourage other women to live legendary lives in spite of their story.   Inspired by her own daughter, ROCKING MY MOON is a program developed by Carol for girls as they come into womanhood. TABASAMU is her prison outreach program for women whose mission is to rebuild and restore the broken walls.  Carol will soon be releasing her first book, a healing journal and workbook, that will support these women in their transformation. She truly believes in healing and transformation through art and her hope is to share this behind the prison doors.  



Swimming in Happiness and Wonder by Lys Anzia

Connected to the Mothership by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

The question that is being asked is this: How do we stay PRESENT to the vast suffering in the world and also stay inside a world that allows us to experience ‘guilt free’ happiness and wonder? Yes… it’s a paradox that can be understood by something that takes much practice.

The key is this: Everyone out there who is suffering this moment… this very moment… depends deeply on those who are swimming in happiness and wonder. Why are they depending on us in this way? Because happiness can, whether we believe it or not, be felt close-up and long distance. It is contagious. I know this first hand. It can lift all of us (including ourselves). Yes… why?… Because all our connections are supra-REAL.

“As unfathomable as it sounds, repeatable experiments reveal that quantum connections between two particles can persist even if the two particles are on opposite sides of the universe,” said an article on this on the site for the TV show NOVA

Physicist David Bohm talked about the Quantum state of ‘in-between’ that can be found between the minute moments of our immediate past and our current present. This is that magical space where most children live inside themselves; where music can be heard by a musician; where artists create art and where Shiloh’s fantastic theories on INTENTIONAL CREATIVITY exists. David Bohm did say….

“With the darkness perception is not possible”

Even though we want to focus on joy it is soooo very important for us not to deny (or ignore) world suffering. Why?…Because is is important for all artists to not lessen perception, but to enlarge perception. By knowing where suffering exists on the earth, we can send messages of love to those who are trapped in moments of time that are very hard. In the context of eternity a message can go forward from us that shares this special and personal message: All suffering is temporary. Blindness and hardship too are temporary. Love surrounds all of us this very moment.

In all the work I’ve done globally (as a news journalist) I have seen numerous women, who have suffered severely and in unimaginable ways, lift themselves up to dance, sing, laugh, live.

So… keep your doors open. Keep your eyes open. Do not be afraid to see our beloved world. This is the source of all creativity!

Lys Anzia

Lys Anzia

WNN – Women News Network founder Lys Anzia believes strongly in the power of women to transform the world. She is an award-winning playwright, (2007), a Pushcart Prize nominee (2010) and a most recently a returning panelist that speaks each year at the United Nations on media, activism and human rights. Anzia was also the first woman on the programming board for Colorado Public TV Channel12 KBDI in Denver, CO (US).


The Belle of Hope by Cindy Casterlin


The Belle of Hope

The Belle of Hope

In the early 1950s, Mental Health America issued a call to asylums across the country for their discarded iron chains and shackles. On April 13, 1956, Mental Health America had these inhumane bindings melted down and recast them into a sign of hope: the Mental Health Bell. I incorporated this symbol into the demo painting for a Color of Woman class held at the Binghamton, New York Mental Health Association. She is an inquiry into the relationship between resistance and hope. The finished painting was included in our silent auction on Sept. 19th. to raise funds and support our services, offered at no cost, to community residents.

I offer about 20 hours per month working in support groups providing expressive art component. Intentional creativity is part of every class I teach, be it Smashbooks, Color of Woman Method, exploring body image, writing poetry, music,  voice and even photography. We explore our stories and what we want to shift/create in our lives.

One example is 3 hour workshop called Lush Layers, exploring the relationship to our own bodies. A recent painting shared by Color of Woman Teacher Kate Langlois, inspired me to include a step where participants marked areas on their silhouette (hot/cold/or numb spots) that continued to hold pain, trauma experiences, shame or a sense of loss. This was done in water color on canvas.

Lush Layers by Cindy Casterlin

Lush Layers by Cindy Casterlin

All around the body shadow was written whatever thoughts or feelings came up as they contemplated their body image. Afterward, we journal a bit around the areas that call to us and then, using a spray bottle, melt most of the image away. Next a layer of acrylic color over whole canvas, selecting one intuitively that felt most healing in that moment. A new body silhouette came next, choosing a pose that most expressed what was needed in that moment. Going into inquiry, students asked themselves, was it playfulness, more rest, to feel powerful, or perhaps a sense of calm/stillness? We added more layers of symbolic language, asking the body what it most needed and exploring what we have within our control to offer. What needs to shift, what benefits will I claim if my body becomes a beloved friend, a cherished companion? Since this workshop was a group who have been meeting for 12 weeks to support healthy weight loss the body image work was a powerful experience


October 7th- SMASHBook Workshop with Color of Woman Teacher Cindy Casterlin 

The Awakened Heart – A Shift from Chaos to Connection 

A workshop to support cancer patients and their families

LOURDES Regional Cancer Center in Binghamton, NY

To register, please call LOURDES: 1-877-956-8733

More about Cindy Casterlin—> HERE

Painting Gaia with Jassy Watson

Deepening and Honouring your Connection to the Earth Creatively



A 9 week e-Journey with Visionary Artist, Intentional Creativity Coach, Teacher and Earth Lover Jassy Watson with Guest Teacher, Scholar and Author Glenys Livingstone. Starts November 1st.

In this course you will engage in introspective, soulful, creative and nature connecting activities where you can explore, discover, experience and interact with the beauty and wisdom of Gaia, within and without.

Using the intuitive and transformative step-by-step Colour of Woman Method and through Intentional Creativity you will bring Gaia’s profound, powerful, loving and expansive energies into physical being.

Jassy Watson

Jassy Watson

It is crucial for us now, more than ever, to renew our connection with Mother Earth, not only to heal the planet but ourselves.

I invite you on a Gaian Journey Within, to Connect, Create and Take Action.

More Info HERE

A 6 Year Old Artist from Mexico Speaks to the Children of Earth by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

When a 6 year old artist speaks to the children of Earth, what is it he has to say?

Marco’s message is one of20140504_141437 belonging, and making a decision to find your people in the world.

Let me begin with telling you how this particular story got started with a red thread and intentional creativity.

Emily told me about Marco when she interviewed for the Color of Woman Method Training and I knew somehow he was a part of our connection. Since Emily was already such a brilliant and accomplished painter and already teaching classes, I wondered secretly if Marco was involved, and now he has become her first student of the method. Sometimes I think the children call their mothers to this work. A call through the Mama to creativity at a deeper level than what is offered in school.

I have mothers say to me all the time – I am raising my children differently due to working with intentional creativity and I always want to know how…and what it looks like. I love to see the photos of the children who are creating art and many of them doing the method step by step with their mama’s guidance. It JUST warms my heart and helps me to understand the deeper messages of my call to share this work in the world, and the impact on the future generations.

I recently got to meet this lovely being of wisdom, Marco – and here is a photo of him in front of our Virgin Mary grotto when his family was traveling here for the Color of Woman Training. Being from Mexico – of course the Virgin is of utmost importance and his family makes pilgrimages yearly to the Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe.

In the Color of Woman training I teach these very simple classes called Red Thread Sessions, which are for use in Intentional Creativity Coaching sessions and are done with acrylic on watercolor paper. They are able to be done in a hour and a half or half days, instead of the full 13 steps which takes at least a weekend. I started the method through teaching children so this is a wonderful full circle for me – and I am so glad that Marco asked Emily to be her student.

So, Emily has been teaching Marco the Red Thread Sessions and some of his works and words are below as well as context from his Mom. I have shared with their consent, Emily sent me some parts of their story as it occurred through email and in our private class.

Thank you Emily – and Marco for being willing to share this beautiful message with us.


Here’s a message to me from Emily after I asked her if she would ask Marco if I could share his story.

Emily: I asked Marco and he is happy to share his stories, although he wanted to know which of his 4 stories – present Earth life? Past life in Paris on Earth (apparently his only other human life he’s ever had, which is one reason why he’s so obsessed with Paris? Venus? Angel? I explained to him that it was the 2 stories about his process painting (using the Red Thread Sessions) – making the Affirmation cards and making the House of the Heart. Ah! Ok, no problem! I said if you shared his stories perhaps it would help adults learn to help other children like him who come from other places and have a hard time adjusting to life on Earth. To which he replied, I think I’m the only kid like me in my school…..  I’m sure he is!  Who else comes out of school with a gold star stuck to his forehead for having done good work and says,”My gold star didn’t bother my 3rd eye today because I closed it before the teacher stuck it on.”  I might have to start dressing him in plaid like your mom did to you so that people will think he comes from a normal household!  LOL!

So we already  know we are dealing with a great mind here! Doesn’t this just make you smile? Here is the first Red Thread Session that Emily taught Marco, it’s called the Soulful Story Affirmation Cards. In one variation on this session we work with your existing story of challenges and limiting negative beliefs. Your ‘old’ story goes on one side and the transformed story on the other side as antidotes to the negative beliefs. Below are Marco’s Affirmation Cards. Which by the way, are covered in glitter – he showed each one to me when he was here visiting from Mexico, it was a very special moment for me to be with him.

Here is what Emily first shared in our private group…Enjoy!

Emily: It’s so exciting to see everyone’s breakthroughs and triumphs on here! I inspired one person at least – My 6 year old son! He saw my deck of Affirmation Cards and wanted to make his own.

It was pretty intense as we went through his negative beliefs together and I helped him come up with remedies/antidotes to them. It is sort of unbelievable how many negative beliefs a 6 year old already has accumulated, but I couldn’t be happier that he was inspired to shift them.

But I couldn’t be happier that he was inspired to shift them.



Marco’s cards are in Spanish for those of you who can translate, but you can see the shift from one side to the other. The one word cards translated from left to right, top row then bottom row are: Confidence, Perfection, Creativity, Strength, Power, Effort, Love, Happiness.  The longer phrases are “I feel like I have confidence in myself. Everything turns out perfectly. My creativity grows daily. I participate in teams. My voice has power. I always make my best effort. My family loves me. I’m a good boy.”

The second Red Thread Session Marco did is called the House of the Heart and has to do with belonging and identifying your place and space and working with your own experience of “home”.

My 6 year old son Marco, who some of you met in CA in May, begged me for weeks to be my “guinea pig” for one of the exercises, so I finally did the House of the Heart with him. Like the Affirmation Cards it turned into quite an intense little process with him. He has a really hard time being here in human form on this planet, so the exercise was perfect for him. His “old story” was all about longing to rejoin his family on Venus, how much he misses them, and how weird he feels being incarnate on Earth. After painting his house, his hearts, writing “Te amo” and of course including a couple little Eiffel Towers, it was time to write his new story… and he couldn’t come up with one because he was still so much in his longing for what he had written about his “old” story. The thing was not healed or shifted or transformed.
He finally wrote “I want to feel like I’m from here.” I looked at him and said, that doesn’t feel very satisfying, does it? He said, but I have to be in 3 realities (according to him: Venus, angelic realm, and Earth) at the same time and the one that feels weird is this one! I asked what is the one thing those 3 realities have in common? Where are you when you are aware of any one of those realities? The dawning expanded across his little face. He is! Yes, you are the common denominator! Wherever you are, there YOU are! So he wrote quite determinedly “I am my own home.” Whew, that was a tough one, but I loved doing it with him and love that he hung it up in his room to remind himself. Such a great process for the little ones!
Emily: Following the House of the Heart he did a practice using  “Visionary Imagination”

For those of you getting a kick out of my son Marco’s artwork and his way of learning vicariously through my COW studies, here’s another one for you. He asked where I get the ideas for my paintings, and I told him about visioning. He immediately was like Oh, oh, oh, I have a vision! So I said well, draw it and paint it, which he did immediately. The result explains a bit more about his “3 realities” – Earth (with a tiny Eiffel Tower visible in the midst of all that green and blue- I guess that green blob is France), angels, and Venus (the star with the symbol in it between the angels). He hung this one right over his bed.

After seeing Marco’s creations and insights, I asked him if he would share with other children who might also feel like they don’t belong here. I know many children, and adults, who have a sense of being from somewhere else and because of that, feel misplaced and like they don’t belong. Marco’s wisdom is timeless and for all ages.

What struck me the most about his message below is that is using his new knowledge, the knowledge he gained from doing the artwork and story-work. In the House of the Heart he really got it that HE was his own home. And then when asked to share with others, he passes on the message.  Emily translated it from Spanish but I included the Spanish below.

What I want tell other children and youth who do not feel that they belong here is that they are their own home. They have to feel like they’re in the company of others like them. We are all the same if we are all united. You have to feel united to feel like you belong here, together with those who are like you. If those who are like you don’t find you, you need to look for them.

You have to search for them by communicating telepathically. Once found, you have to remind them that they are from the same place that you come from. The work is to make everyone remember where they come from. 

If you are from elsewhere, some other planet or star, you have to look for those who are also from that same place. Once you gather together those for whom who are searching telepathically, you’ll have more energy. When you have more energy, you will be able to communicate telepathically with your place of origin. You will be able to travel there telepathically.

I don’t know why I came here except that I came on a mission to protect planet Earth.

In your search, you must never give up.

Lo que quiero decir a otros niños y jóvenes que no se sienten que pertenecen aquí es que ellos son su propio hogar. Tienen que sentirse en compañía. Todos somos el mismo si todos somos unidos. Tienes de sentirte unido para sentirte que estas de aquí, unidos con los que son como tú. Si no te encuentran, los tienes que estar buscando. Los tienes que encontrar, comunicándote telepáticamente. Una vez que se encuentran, tienes que recordarlos que son del mismo lugar, de dónde vienes. – el trabajo es hacer a todos recordar de donde vienen. Yo por ejemplo, soy de Venus. Yo busco a otros que también son de Venus. Si tú eres de otro lugar, planeta o estrella, tienes que buscar a los que también son de tu mismo lugar. Una vez que se juntan a los que buscas telepáticamente, vas a tener más energía. Teniendo más energía, puedes comunicarte telepáticamente con tu lugar de origen, puedes hacer viajes allí telepáticamente. No sé porque vine aquí más que vine a una misión para proteger a planeta Tierra. En esa búsqueda, nunca te tienes de rendir.


 “Teotihuacana Mother and Child”  www.EmilyKGrievesArt.com

I am so grateful that Emily and Marco have crossed my path – thanks to Jenafer Joy who is friends with Emily. We feel our red threads from the Virgin have called us together. When I read Marco’s words, it strikes that homing cord within me. I have always felt that one of my gifts was a feeling of belonging here – but because of that gift, have worked diligently in my teachings to guide others into the space of belonging since it is such a powerful place to move from. When we don’t feel like we belong and aren’t with those who are ‘from where we are from’ it is much more difficult to be grounded into form and deeply connected with Source, and with energy. I LOVE how he talks about having more energy when you find those that you belong with – yes indeed, tribe brings a sense of knowing who we are, creates a space of who we can be, and provides that gift of belonging.

~ Shiloh Sophia




Creativity as our Primal Instinct-Jassy Watson


Primal Mark Making1

Primal Mark Making1

Women from all walks of life are seeking ways and means to connect back to their core, primal feminine self. Years of patriarchy and masculine domination, rapid technological advances, exclusivist religious dogma, separation from nature, materialistic attitudes and the daily course of our busy lives have left women (and men) largely disconnected from their essential primal feminine energies. We get so caught up in all these “doings” that we fail to tend, nurture or even recognize the primal part of our self that is essential to our being.

So who is she really?  Moreover, how do we connect to, or awaken her?

There are many theories as to what our Primal nature is, or what our Primal instincts are, and whether they still exist in modern humans. The term instinct has various definitions. Biologists and psychologists over the centuries have come up with numerous and contrasting explanations. In biological terms, according to Amanda Spink In Information behavior: An Evolutionary Instinct (2010), “instinct is generally understood as the innate part of behavior that emerges without any training or education in humans.” In other words, unlearned behavior. In psychology, ‘instinct’ is less commonly used. Rather, terms such as ‘distinguished behavior’ are preferred. Some psychologists, such as Abraham Maslow go so far as to say that humans no longer have instincts. He accounts these kind of ‘instinctual’ type behaviors in modern humans as ‘strong drives’.

When I speak of ‘Primal’ I am not just referring to our nature or to our instincts however, but also something that is left in its original state, such as a mountain or the ocean; any place that has not been modernized by humans. It is this primal natural world that we have also lost touch with. We have put up barriers, internal and external. As a result we have cut off the line of communication with the energy of the planet. Primal in this sense, is energy. Raw energy. Vital. Powerful. Universal.


top of the world

top of the world

It’s that kind of energy felt when deep in a forest, swimming in the ocean or basking in the light of the full moon. You know that profound moment that comes over you when you actually feel the connection; you stop and exhale; every cell of your being becomes alive. There is an overwhelming sense that you are one with all that surrounds you. Your body feels as though it could just sink into the earth on which you stand and your consciousness feels as though it is expanding into the atmosphere. All your senses are on high alert. For me, these moments are when I feel closest to having some idea what life is all about.

This Primal energy, which in spiritual terms is sometimes referred to as Prana, Shakti, Kundalini, Chi, Ki, or Life Source,  can be awakened in many ways. While I recommend regular visits to primal places, it is not a pre-requisite to experience or awaken this energy. Since the beginning of time humans have found practices that seek to connect individuals with their deepest self, with nature and with their primal instincts/energy. Such practices include dancing (and other forms of movement and exercise), singing, drumming, meditating, trance states, visioning & mark making.

 The common thread that links these practices is creativity. Thus, our primal energy is ultimately creative energy. It resides within us all. It has been said, “creativity is the most primal instinct of humankind, without it we would not exist” (Jones, 2009).

Creativity therefore, is essentially the key to the door of our Primal Power.



Painting is a direct tool that I use to access this primal part of myself, my innermost soul, the core of my being. For some time however, I have had the burning desire to dance; and not the kind of dancing you do at the club after a few wines with the girls, but really shake my stuff. I tried Zumba and belly dancing but it didn’t get me ‘there’. While I enjoyed them thoroughly, I found there were too many steps to think about, and I just wanted to do it instantly.

The lovely Eileen Nash planted a seed when she told me about blindfold trance dance & drumming nights held on Californian beaches, I was intrigued.  No one can see you, and you can’t see them, and there are no steps to learn! It is free, unhibited and wild. I got thinking about how I could combine this kind of dance with painting and set out with the intention of accessing, awakening and harnessing this primal energy and then forming an image.

“No one teaches us how. Mark making is our language instinct. Initial scratchings, tentative lines and dots, spirals and circles help us organize our brains for our evolutionary birthright. They are marks of significance.” (Susan Sheridan, 2000)

Primal Mark Making

Primal Mark Making

The paintings shown here were created as part of my ‘Primal Painting‘ workshops that incorporate trance dance and painting. The intention is to invoke and unleash our primal energies through ritual and dance and then through an initial process of mark making. The idea is to allow a story or a vision to come forth out of what appears to be chaos. The visioning comes through the dance itself and the story is then developed using symbols and patterns inspired from those universally used by the ancients.

The work of Marija Gimbutus is one of my primary references. I also looked specifically to the traditional art and symbols of Africa and Australia for inspiration. This process also sent me on a mission to discover more about the traditional art of my native Kanak ancestors that came from the Loyalty Islands, which are a group of very small islands in the Pacific Ocean. From these primal marks, shapes and symbols our Primal Feminine Self then emerges.



The story here is my own creation story and it reads from left to right. The lake feeds the womb below. It then feeds the people dancing whose tracks lead back to the lake where they gather to fish. The lake is fed by the waterfall set behind which then stretches far left over the mountains to the ocean. In the centre of the woman’s dress are two lovers in the dance of life. The spiral wheel to the right represents the drumbeat/heartbeat and the wheel of life.

 So, who then, is a woman connected to her Primal Feminine Self?

She is a woman connected to her deepest self, her authentic self; connected to the root of her being. She experiences the world around her deeply, intuitively, profoundly and with a sense of wonder. She experiences the awesomeness of the natural world and is in tune with the cycles of life and the cycles of her own body. She is aware of her potential, of her power, and of the possibilities that exist beyond the physical shell of her body. She is connected to HER source of power, within and without and she has likely been on a long and arduous journey of self-realisation.

“We, as women, need to dig through the bones of lost woman to find our primal selves. Find her, find her innate wisdom and being. Bring her forward; let her bloom. This is soul work. Hard work. We need to reconstruct ourselves into ourselves. I believe the future evolution of earth depends on it.” (Judith Bayless)

JassyJassy Watson, who lives on the sub-tropical coast of Queensland Australia, is a mother of four, a passionate organic gardener, a Visionary Artist, Teacher of the Colour of Woman Method, and a student of ancient history and religion at Macquarie University, Sydney. She is the Creatress of Goddesses Garden and Studio, a space fostering Earth Connection and Creative Expression where women’s sacred circles, art, music and gardening practices are held.

One of Jassy’s latest workshop offering is ‘Primal Painting’. You can see more by visiting this you-tube clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYRDcCufU3A

Visit her here-http://www.goddessesgardenandstudio.com



Maslow, Abraham H. (1954). “Instinct Theory Reexamined”. Motivation and Personality. New York: Harper & Row.

Spink, A. (2010).  ‘In Information behavior: An Evolutionary Instinct’,  Leicestershire: Lorborough University, p. 59.