Creating Vision from Heartbreak by Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici

Eagle Vision

Eagle Vision

For years I didn’t have time for a vision.
I was surviving.

A couple years ago I bought Animal Medicine Cards. I liked the idea of seeking deeper meaning and having a focus for my day. You pick a card blindly and each animal has “medicine” you can learn from.

I was a mouse.

Mice are about detail and scrutiny. Mouse people appear to be nit-pickers. They pay attention to what is right in front of their nose. They do that and then move to the next thing, and then the next. They are the doers.

As a mouse I was all about survival and doing what needed to get done: cleaning my home, changing my kids diapers, making dinners, doing the laundry, making beds. Each day I would start all over again. My head was down. These things seemed important, only they weren’t. They were important as a mouse but anyone with vision could see they were only survival focused.  

And then I became an eagle.

Eagles are visionaries. They have this awesome sight that allows them to soar about and see the great expanse and possibilities, and still be able to zoom in and see a rodent scurrying below. Eagle vision is all about seeing the big picture. It is about seeing how we are all interconnected, how our choices help shape the lives of others. It is about staying open to possibilities and not getting sucked into the mire of doing.

What if vision comes from heart break?

Sometime we are shaken to our core and our hearts are mashed up. My heart mashing moments: ~ The death of my mom when I was 13 ~ Being sexually abused ~ The miscarriage of my first baby ~ Completely losing myself when I became a mom.

As I started healing myself, I found others who were going through the same heart ache. Instead of saying, “I’m sorry,” I shared my own experience, how I moved through my pain. And I saw it… the big vision –

What if I am here to give a hand and help those who are currently going through my past pain?

What if my pain has some WAY BIGGER meaning than my own personal growth?

I started seeing moms of young children everywhere… moms who were just surviving, overwhelmed, moms who had lost themselves to motherhood. They were tired, worn out and I remember being them. So I started helping, offering tips and advice, voicing the unspeakable so they knew they weren’t alone. They knew someone else understood and that they could move through it.

What would it be like to LIVE the great vision of YOU?

Visionary Mom and Kids

Visionary Mom and Kids

Vision is about looking ahead. It is about looking at our world and seeing something else, seeing something bigger than you. Visions are about expansion. They are about living our greatness, about effecting change and inspiring others. My vision? I believe each mom can live her vision and dreams, find her own happiness and inspire her kids to do the same. That is part of the reason I decided to launch The Radiant Mama – and if you are Mama who has lost herself – come join us.

What’s Your Vision?
Here are 3 steps to finding out.

1) Love yourself up Sometimes we can’t even think about affecting the lives of others. We are in survival mode. We may be giving so much, we can’t look up and give to anyone else. Sucked dry. You want to help others but you’re just dog tired. Time to tank up.

Here are some Tank filling activities: ~ Meditation ~ Nature walks ~ Intentional Painting ~ Journaling ~ Turning off all electronics for a day (yeah, really)

2) Looking at past Heart Ache through a new lens What are the most difficult and traumatic things that have happened to you? What did you learn from that? How could you give this knowledge to people going through the same experience? Write, write, write it all down. Start to see the amazing HELP you can be to others from the gift of your own experience.

3) What’s next? Anything tugging at your heart? Make your heart race with fear and excitement? That’s probably it. Go there. What is the great vision of you that wants to be expressed?

I’d love to hear your vision. Comment below if you want to be witnessed in your vision…

I am listening…


Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici

Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici

Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici is an award winning artist, writer, dancer, healer and coach. Her current project is as host of the telesummit The Radiant Mama featuring  global experts and leaders to help mothers find their true purpose, ignite their passion and live their dreams. She offers art, writing, movement, education and support, in order to bring healing, empowerment and inspiration. She currently lives on the Big Island of Hawai’i with her husband and two boys.  www.amberbonnici.com



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