For Immediate Release: The Creative Soul Deck

Creative Soul Deck

Creative Soul Deck

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – An Inspiring New Intentional Creativity Deck

A Collaboration of 18 Color of Woman Teachers

COSMIC COWGIRLS STUDIO, Healdsburg, California

We are delighted to announce the availability of the Creative Soul Deck, a collaboration of 18 artists and teachers based on the Color of Woman intentional creativity methods.

This deck of brilliant, colorful, and inspiring imagery is an opportunity to engage with your creative self through intention. Each card has a painting on one side with a question of inquiry or a affirmation of wisdom on the other side.

Letting your intuition guide you, choose cards and interact with them to receive messages from your Creative Soul.  As you use the deck we encourage you to paint, sketch, and write your responses and the messages you receive. We’ve included context and instructions on using the cards for you.

How did the Creative Soul Deck come into being?

The Creative Soul Deck was created by 18 women in the course of a 9 month intuitive painting journey to become Color of Woman teachers. As amazing paintings and poetry emerged over the course of our training, we kept joking back and forth about how the paintings could be a deck of cards – each one so different and so profound.

As our training drew to a close, we put our hearts together to come up with gifts for our teachers and the idea of deck of cards was raised again. Was it possible? We set intention, circled up in red thread and decided YES we were going to make it happen!

At our graduation, the sense of accomplishment and honor we had illuminated our hearts and souls. Our teachers were overwhelmed with joy and urged us to offer the deck to the world. We once again put our hearts together and asked. The answer we received was YES!

All of the women who contributed to this deck are now trained  Color of Woman instructors. Many of the women whose paintings are in this deck did not identify as artists at the beginning of our journey but as we learned to use the practices of intentional creativity and intuitive painting in which we look within for images and words and draw our in
spiration from our heart, an intense love for painting blossomed. The process of creating these images was not only a healing journey; the paintings 
became an icon of what was possible in our lives. They changed our self-image forever.

The artists who paintings are included in the deck are: Annette Wagner, Flora Aube, Mandisa Woods, Jodi Anthony, Wendy Hassel, Christine L. Saba, Katie Ketchum, Crystal Charlotte, Jessica Bowman, Suzanne Grace Michell, Havi Brysk Mandell, Marie Howell, Mary Schilder, Isabella Vickers, Heather Kobrin Moore and our teachers, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Sue Hoya Sellars, and Mary MacDonald.

This deck is a product that emerged from the first Color of Women cohort trained in the methods of intentional creativity developed by Shiloh Sophia McCloud. For more information on the Color of Woman training please visit the Color of Woman School.

The deck is 4×6 inches in size with rounded corners; 57 cards total. For information on purchasing decks, please visit the Creative Soul Deck.