"Living with Intention" A Conversation with Mary Anne Radmacher

Blessings & Greetings!

We are smiling from ear to ear. The Cosmic Cowgirls enjoyed a luxurious treat this month…we were invited to dive into the delicious wisdom of Mary Anne Radmacher’s newest book, “Living with Intention.”  Can you believe it?!

As you well know, the idea of bodacious juiciness (born from intentional living) is a Cowgirl manifesta. We thought, “what better ‘Cowgirl Manual of Fabulousness’ than a book by Mary Anne — a treasured Cosmic Queen of Fabulous!” So now you know that night-stands and bedside tables across our sparkly Cosmic Galaxy are home to much-loved copies of Mary Anne’s latest literary joy.

Mary Anne Radmacher

As if that weren’t enough, we had the once-in-a-lifetime/pinch me! opportunity to invite Mary Anne over for tea; we put our boots and stilettos up and got comfy, and asked her to share how the wisdom captured in  “Living with Intention” bubbled up for her. Please join us and take a peak inside our illuminating conversation with Mary Anne.

And just before we get started…we Cowgirls invite YOU to Live Like You Mean It. Everyday…or as close to everyday as is womanly possible. No matter what. We honor the sovereignty of your heart, and your natural ability and right to live in service to your fondest dreams, wildest wishes, most profound aspirations. We gift you with that big, opalescent-pink permission slip to Live with Intention!

Mary Anne, even your art work is word-based.  Have you always loved words?

Yes.  I have always played with words.  I “wrote” quite a statement in permanent marker on our breakfast nook wall when I was two.  I laughingly say that was my first exposure to a critic!  I began my love of movement and dance about the same time as I fell in love with words.  My lettering style is my way of allowing the words to do a visual dance.  In fact, I often say that words are the way the soul dances.

In your latest book, “Living with Intention,” you address the key intentions of your life.  Are there times when you don’t maintain your own principles?

Some days the best thing that I can say is that I simply showed up.  We all have those days.  I have a life long aspiration to being better at the end of every day.  And by better I mean, that I’ve learned, served and acted in full accord with my blessings and my gifts.

What do you hope to accomplish through “Living with Intention”?

I want to tap gentle souls on the shoulder and hold a mirror up to their knowledge and goodness and say, “Remember?  You knew this once.  Remember?”  “Live With Intention” represents ten core elements that enliven and enlarge my days.  I invite others to either borrow mine or connect with their own.  “Same ‘ole, same ‘ole,” never again has to be someone’s answer to, “How are you doing?”  And I wouldn’t mind at all if this one visited the “New York Times” bestseller list for awhile.

You prominently feature “word birds” in this book. What are they…what do you hope they will achieve?

The “word birds” that I feature throughout “Live with Intention” are honed, condensed poetic observations on life.  I want them to help the reader’s own thoughts and observations take wing – and fly!  It is a way for me to allow the book to be an ongoing resource rather than a volume that is just read once and then put back on the shelf.  A lot of people tell me that they consider my books “nightstand books.”  Kept close and referred to often.

One of your more popular quotes is “what if we just acted like every thing was easy?”  You talk about that in your book. Does that over simplify complexities?

It took me a few years to recognize that I used that question to talk myself through difficulties of all sorts. particularly computer challenges.  I’d ask myself to act like I do when I know something really is easy.  Just introducing that mind set slows me down, soothes my rapid fire thinking and helps me focus.

Things usually ARE a lot simpler and easier than I am at first inclined to think.  While writing this book I changed software.  While writing this book I “lost” one half of the content when I was almost done.  Whew.  I pretended it was easy all the way to when it actually was!

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From where do you draw your inspiration? As an entrepreneur how to you travel between your administrative tasks and your creative world?

I work from the large and compress into the small.  I sift through the MUCH to select the MUST.  You could say that I actually “edit” the elements of my life.  Pare away the non-essentials.  Every task in my life, with due dates, wish lists or “wouldn’t it be nice” each goes on a single piece of paper and gets filed in a portfolio.  That way, when a task starts tapping on my temples, screaming, “You should be doing MY Priorities NOW,” I can just identify some action steps, put them in writing and put them in the book.  Then I feel as if I paid some attention to it, won’t forget it, but it will take its place in line with all the other items wanting to be done.  I practice the one thing at a time method…one right after another.  And make sure I provide lots of happy dances and celebrations for individual accomplishment along the way.

I do have a studio with a writing desk but the world is my favorite writing place.  I always have a journal with me and am writing where ever I go.  I draw my inspiration by staying close to the truth of Spirit and by living close to my core values.


Well my dears, that’s a glittery glimpse inside Mary Anne’s inspiration and intention for her latest masterpiece. I hope our chat has inspired you to dwell in intention a bit every day.

With sparkly affection,


Blog Tour Giveaway! If you would like to be included in a random drawing to win a copy of Mary Anne’s “Living with Intention,” please leave a comment by 3/1/2011 about how you embrace intentional living. Two names will be selected and each will receive a book, compliments of Mary Anne Radmacher and all of us at Cosmic Cowgirls. One submission per person, please.

10 observations on “"Living with Intention" A Conversation with Mary Anne Radmacher
  1. SarBear

    Embracing intentional living…for me, not all days are created equal, but on the truly best days, my intent is to “pay attention”. So much happens in our busy lives, that we miss the tiny yet very important moments, taking for granted some of life’s sweet, funny, light-hearted and truly unexpected moments of bliss. Whether it is the sweet smile on a child’s face,…observing a tender moment between an elderly couple, even just feeling the warmth of the sun on your face, small seeminlgy insignificant events, yet if you can just slow down enough to pay intention they can bring so much joy.

  2. KL

    Hey All —
    I am currently working on clay houses (small of course!) that I call The House of Intention. I write a word on them such as Begin or Love or Listen, and the recipient is to take that intention on in their own home. My current favorite is Truth. Funny how I would stumble upon your new website, Laura! Maryanne sounds great.

    1. Laura

      KL, Isn’t serendipity sparkly! Would love to see a photo of your Houses of Intention. So glad our intention paths crossed! Thank you for commenting. XO

  3. shundahai

    I so enjoyed this interview! Loved the idea of falling back into simplicity and trusting…”Things usually ARE a lot simpler and easier than I am at first inclined to think.” Thank you for a great interview!

    1. Laura

      I KNOW! Fascinating that our expectation is often difficulty vs. ease. When in reality life can often be easy. Trust is so powerful. Onward in trust and ease! Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness. XO

  4. Kathryn

    Hi Laura – Love this post. Love living with intention. And love the work of Mary Anne Radmacher – I have bought several of her caligraphies over the years. Treasures.

    How do I live with intention? Hmmm – I’m dedicated to exploring my energetic and creative potential – which has led me to develop Partnering Potential at Play — a work in progress. Journaling, intuitive inquiry, energetic visualization, and connecting with others through True Genius at Play calls are some of the ways that I live with intention.

    2011 has called me to Celebrate the Play – moving from mindfulness to joyful, playful, moment-to-moment mindfulness.

    I look forward to reading Mary Anne’s latest work.

  5. Mick

    Laura – this is amazing. Congrats to you and your amigas on the website. It’s not all that pertinent to the content, but I want you to know you’re the best sister in the world and I love you. – Mick.


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