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Learning to See in the Light. Artwork by Shiloh Sophia

Can ‘Healing’ Make Us Too Tame?

Does our version of healing, tame us into submission?

Is our desire for domesticity, over-riding our call to the wild?

How can maintaining originality help us
navigate the rough terrain of life with innovation?

Is our potential for pleasure, and even bliss,
being forced into the background in the name of moderation?

“Learning to See in the Light” 2010 by Shiloh Sophia

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What’s Happening in the SPRING and SUMMER of 2019


In Person with Shiloh Sophia

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To summon the inner outlaws
won’t take extraordinary measures
for they are always listening at the gates
waiting to break free, break in, break out
Once they hear your voice respond
to the cries from inside, they won’t stop asking
Give them a pen, a paintbrush, a bell, a drum
a slim volume of verse or an invitation to tea
Don’t expect niceties, though words will be said
Don’t expect apologies or exhortations
Give them some room to expand into being
They carry medicine for our too-tame-times
Those who have been accused before
Who clamor within for a position at the front
Will soon enough be enchanting you
Stories from the edge of time will be spoken
So if your inner outlaws are bending your ear…
Listen up…Listen in…

Shiloh Sophia

Dear Ones,

I am writing today to explore an idea about healing that has been on my mind and heart a lot lately. As you likely know, I work with a lot of women, so I hear a lot of stories. 25 years of stories. What I find is that so many of us need an invitation to get more free, more self expressed, less apologetic and have more access to our intuition.

I don’t find a lot of women who are too big for their britches, think they are ‘all that’, have ideas way too out of the box, or that are just too wild for words. I don’t see much of inflated egos actually. I see us becoming more and more conservative as we seek to survive in our current paradigm. Trimming the edges and the hedges to be more invisible, call less attention to ourselves, and to not invite further attack, the ‘you don’t see me’ posture. There are good reasons for that, and I too have an invisible cape as needed.

The challenge is, hiding has become habit. Even when we don’t need to hide anymore, like in our women’s circle or a place we feel safe, many of us still keep most of our colors under wraps. Or when we are at the canvas or at the drum or at the writing desk, we STILL don’t self express in our own personal space. We aren’t free in ourselves. Ouch. Not free in front of others is one thing, not free in our own soul space is what I am exploring here.

Let’s be clear, we have done a lot of healing to get our sh*t together and I applaud us for that. But something is bugging me… I wonder, if aspects of that healing have left us thinking that a good life means that nothing is out of place? Nothing wobbles, nothing worthwhile is in the shadows, and that novelty and curiosity are optional and occasional.

Have we put the great mystery out with the compost?

What’s up? What’s down? What’s coming through for you?

Certainly this silencing of the wild self is not in all cases, all the time. And it is not just my personal experience I am speaking to – but what I see and hear a lot. And certainly continued healing is needed, but after the initial healing journey, where is the invitation to dance with shoes off, hair flying, heart out and colors flying? I am suggesting that after the ‘return home’ from any quest and some cleaning up of our messes – there is something to be considered about our own authentic self expression and the role that plays in healing as a whole, in living out our healing in our day to day lives.

I am concerned that some of our healing practices may result in curbing our wildness too much. Our desire for the ‘ever illusive balance’ may be dimming the spectrum of our eccentricities. Clipping the wild wings that long for freedom. Trimming up our jagged edges where the magic resides. Dulling the colors of our inner landscape. Fogging out the vibrancy and calling it normalcy.

Originality lives within each of us, but is often only celebrated by those who are ‘talented’ in expressing their originality. The rest of us may be seeking conformity in a desire to fit in, be loved, and survive. We may be dumbing down our own original voice as an act of self preservation. Yet that original voice may soon insist on an audience. It may come out in ways you do not expect. This part of you, may turn on you (as the critic) or turn on someone else (blaming others for your being unhappy). If we are lucky or perhaps clever, the inner outlaws will arrive on our doorstep laden with possibilities we didn’t dare consider.

Each person must define for themselves what healing looks like. We know this. Yet authoring this awareness needs further curation. We don’t learn early enough that our journey is very unique to our own being, and that discovering it for ourselves may be essential. One size does not fit all. What if nurturing these untamable parts of ourselves is part of the key to staying alive? What if ‘staying weird’ is part of the medicine? Just how weird, may be the question…just how wild is allowable?

Our contexts demand the adjusting of wildness in children, almost from the beginning. We wonder if the child is ‘socializing well’ and define for them what we think that means. Meanwhile, the inner world of the child often goes neglected after ‘imagination’ turns to homework. Should the backpacks of children become so heavy so soon after the crayons are put away in the kitchen drawer and the art is removed from the fridge? Too often, this transition is NOT well narrated.

We lose access to the hidden domains too soon. It may be a long time before we get back “in”. Yet the desire to return will always be with us, because vivid imagination lives on in us, even if we aren’t making use of it, in the way that we could.

Our imagination can help us heal from trauma. As we know, the impact of trauma goes everywhere in us (mind, body, spirit, field, story), so trying to heal it through talking, energy work, or body work without those being somehow linked, is a long road. We do our best to link modalities, to find the thread. Imagination can help us link the modalities and create a context for the journey. The one who is capable of telling the healing story needs nurturing, and that one is often hidden from view and is connected with the wildest part of who we are.

I believe each soul has their own information. I know that access to that information is often hidden for much of our lives. I hold dear the experience that gaining access to that hidden, albeit often swampy terrain, can be life saving. I am also aware that some of us can get stuck there and not be able to come back out easily. Yet it is TIME for us to try harder and work smarter to link up the modalities in fresh ways AND invite the realm of imagination to play the key role. Trauma lands everywhere in us, but so does our imagination permeate everywhere in us. Yet we have to ‘ask and engage’ with that imagination for it to turn on.

How can we keep accessing the richness, the fertile darkness, the unexplored, the usefulness of the hard stories in the past, the light from the wound? I believe healing the imagination is one of the pure links to healing trauma that can keep the channel open to wildness. Yet this way of working with ourselves and others must be chosen. This awareness, to value the wild, is not a default and no longer obvious to many of our systems and structures. The Indigenous communities on earth have always known this, according to the mythologies we learn from them.

I feel like one of my essential and beloved invitations is the call to the wild that has gone dormant. The invitation is to come home to our innate creativity. The re-awakening of the edges that both cut and define. The summoning to the slumbering poet, artist, singer, storyteller, actor, chef, jeweler, potter, visionary. The makers I call! Yet all are makers.

Many of our mood drugs turn down the volume on the circumference of our deep seeing. Much of our ‘programming’ enhances the dream of ‘keeping up’ as primary. Some days, when the seeing of this paradigm weighs on my psyche, it all feels very enforced. This severing of our original voice, inner knowing and seeing. Is it a systematized, organized enforced reality? (This moving towards beige.)

I know it is not everywhere. Not all the time. But enough to make me wonder and ask. How do we maintain the wetlands of consciousness in the healing journey? How do we honor the badlands of our stories?

One of the hopes for recovery for the sleeping self, is to include all that has happened, to make it relevant and even useful to our current story. Not to make it go away, be dissolved or so transformed to the point we can no longer recognize the teachings. We need to honor the part of us which is resistant to domesticity and compliance. Note that I do not suggest that bad things ‘had’ to happen. Yet they just do happen, don’t they? We make what we will make of it.

Innovation, authenticity and resiliency are functions of a healthy imagination. I want to pay closer attention to the link between imagination and true well-being. Not a tamed version of ourselves that fits into societal structures. This means, that one of our collective assignments is to cultivate communities where there is enough space for the unplanned, imperfectly glorious spontaneous wild card.

When we first encounter this often hidden part of ourselves, crazy and messy and loud may be the most visible parts. Give us some time to see what may exist just beyond the initial outbursts. Give the wild ones a little more space within yourself and circles. There will be plenty of time for boundaries and protocol once the intelligence of rewilding has rejoined itself into the presence of being. Who knows how long this will take? No one. We just know without the wild ones, our circle of chairs soon ends up in squared, neat ordered rows.

True selves in hiding can become unruly. They do act out. Over time, we are taken out by them, and our addictions, or we stuff them down. We may even promise a return one day, but that day rarely comes.

Courage is called for. This is that call. From my heart to yours, creativity is the act that will forge the pathway to the inner world that waits. Maybe you have heard the cries from there before…Maybe you even answered and now you guide others to listen…

If you do not have a creative space in your home for you, your children or your grandchildren, please make one.

As for pleasure, and even bliss, engaging in one’s own creative flow can be one of the most satisfying experiences in our lives. For me, creating is pure presence, embodied access, when I feel the very most me. Feeling good can be a rare experience for many of us. So when transformation and feeling good are linked, that’s a really good thing.

When we become too tame, we naturally fear the wild self. When the wild self is too far underground or behind lock and key, we may find ourselves very disconnected. The wild self seeks consciousness at every crossroads. This is one of those crossroads collectively and individually. Let’s continue to do the work of waking up.

By wild self I mean the person who is sovereign. Who thinks for themselves, has cognitive awareness, is able to access their inner world, knows largely what they think and feel. A person who can break free of systems and is willing to not follow popular thought when it doesn’t feel right for them. You define your wild self for yourself, that is pretty wild right there.


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The most important part of this whole Red Thread Letter is right here – to ask you the questions….

  1. Has your healing journey made YOU too tame and in what ways?
    What about others you know? Children? Lovers?
  2. Where did this story resonate or dissonate? And do you know why?
  3. Is there an ‘inner outlaw’ trying to get out?
  4. Is there a form of self expression calling to your wild self?
  5. Do you have some wisdom or story to offer on this topic?

If you want to comment on my Artist FB page, I do read all the comments on posts like this 🙂 Comment here

Thinking of you. Truly. Lovingly. Holding you, and all of us, in my prayers.

P.S. Looking back I can see that this inquiry was a huge part of my choice to call women’s community as Cosmic Cowgirls – women who incorporate both/and.

From our research in the Intentional Creativity Foundation with over 500 participants about their experience with creativity:

93% experience creativity as a mindfulness practice

89% include creativity as a part of their spiritual practice

89% felt a sense of connection with the Divine

86% felt that their creative practice positively impacted those closest to them

92% feel that creativity influences their compassion for themselves

83% experienced compassion for others they did not know through stories they heard

80% said they would suggest creative process to others who experience depression

87% consider themselves self expressed as compared to before they were creating

86% said they have experienced breakthroughs and aha’s during creating

90% said they have experienced a shift in their default thinking

89% bring insights into their life discovered in creating

85% said they experienced an expanded sense of self

79% noticed an ease of physical symptoms while creating

93% experience creating as a relief/break that benefits their overall well being

90% have experienced a shift in recurring emotional pain through creative process

90% said that creativity helped them maintain a healthy outlook

“To live, we must daily break the body and shed the blood of Creation. When we do this knowingly, lovingly, skillfully, reverently, it is a sacrament. When we do it ignorantly, greedily, clumsily, destructively, it is a desecration. In such desecration we condemn ourselves to spiritual and moral loneliness, and others to want.”

— Wendell Berry, The Art of the Commonplace: The Agrarian Essays

Please note : My email is changing soon to, so if you can add that to your address book. We will also begin to communicate more as MUSEA : Intentional Creativity in the coming months. More on that soon…

My Teacher…this painting is astonishing…

“Paint like you have all the time in the world”

~ Sue Hoya Sellars

‘Centaur Becoming’ painted by Sue Hoya Sellars
for my sister, Shannon Cinnamon McCloud

This painting, to me, is astonishing. Just take a moment to pause and look at it. The expression on the horse’s face, the hills, the mist, the hands, the extension of the hair… the untold story of my sister and her red roan…

Dear Ones,

April 20 was the 83rd birthday of my teacher and the mother of my heart, Sue Hoya Sellars. She has been gone from this dimension since 2014, yet remains in my cosmic soul dimension as a constant presence.

I want to share her with you a bit today because Intentional Creativity, my sacred work in the world, is alive because of her and what she taught me. Sue and my mother were best friends, and shared the same week for their birthday. In the last Red Thread Letter I shared about my mom, and in this one I am sharing about Sue. I wish to honor them the best I can, as I honor the origin of their arrival on earth.

When I think about the gifts she gave me, it is beyond imagining. The grief appears unmovable, a part of who I am now. I used to want it to go away, but now I know this is what love really feels like. To love someone so profoundly, and to experience the loss of them from this known life, is the bittersweet gift. I feel she lives on in another place in the great mystery. If I believe she came to find me….then I can believe that one day I will go to find her again. Somehow.

What’s more, is that one person could have such a profound impact in the life of another, to the degree that without her I KNOW that I would not have chosen this life path. I KNOW I would not be teaching painting the way I do. I KNOW I would not have created Intentional Creativity. BECAUSE the information she gave me informed all of these choices so powerfully, that they are forged from her energy and intelligence. As if her ways of knowing built the matrix upon which I stretched my own awareness like a canvas ready for the brush. Sue built the frame, the container. My mother Caron wove the canvas, the context. I bring my own content, yet fully informed by the two of them. I am so grateful.

To try to speak to it, feels futile. Like trying to describe the magnificence of a forest. Impossible. I bow in great thanks to the Creator of all, for Sue coming into my family in the years before I was born…and staying so close to us for so long.

I give thanks to her teacher, Lenore Thomas Straus, who gave Sue what she gave to me, that I give to all of the women I serve with Intentional Creativity.

Happy Birthday my great teacher, American Master Painter, Sue Hoya Sellars 1936-2014.


A few quotes from Sue that I love…

“We are all cooling sacks of stars”

“Paint like you have all the time in the world”

“Pay attention to what is happening at the end of your brush”

“We are standing in the cosmos”

“Who lives in here?”

~ Sue Hoya Sellars

An invitation to give thanks…And so one of my reasons for writing to you today is with an invitation. An invitation to reach out to someone who has taught you…someone who has guided you…shown you the path…and to thank them. Living or not…who comes to mind?

How about a letter, phone, text, speaking to the stars. There are so many more things I wish I had gotten to say to her. I feel I speak to her, apologizing for certain things over and over…and giving thanks for certain things as they arise…a continual dialogue that is part of the grief journey – an ongoing reconciliation. If your teacher, guide or mentor is living…why not give a shout out or do a social media post.

This weekend I got to deliver a message, on Jesus and the Women in His life at Woodside Village Church. It was wonderful to be serving with my friend Rev. Pastor Ama Zenya again. For many years we worked together at the First Congregational Church of Oakland. We also hung an art show there of my paintings of Mama Mary and Jesus and the Magdalene. I got to see new and old friends, and meet women who work with me online that I might never get to meet otherwise. #showingup

So dear one….if you read this far, thank you for your care, for your listening time, and your presence in my life. The red thread of connection continues to weave us.

With great heart,

p.s. My email is changing soon to, so if you can add that to your address book. We will also begin to communicate more as MUSEA : Intentional Creativity in the coming months. More on that soon – I just like to give myself a long lead time on important projects…

Tree of Transformation ~ The Evolution of my Body of Work through Intentional Creativity®

Tree of Transformation Painting and Story

Dear Ones,

I wanted to share this writing with you today in honor of my Mama’s birthday. She loves trees so it seems just right. It arose as a response to one of the Intentional Creativity Teachers asking me to share the ‘structure’ of our work. I tried to say it in normal words, but it just failed. I feel I could keep editing and refining this for hours…but here it is in draft form. A story told. A body of work.

Blessings on your day. Get a cuppa’ tea and enjoy. If you have been curious about our work this will shed some light…

Tree of Transformation

The Evolution of my Body of Work through Intentional Creativity®

By Shiloh Sophia

I dreamed a seed of hope…

The seed of hope growing within my 23 year old self was encoded with a prayer to end violence against women and girls. To change the face of the feminine image in popular culture in my lifetime. To gather community in an act of revolution that would last beyond my generation. To awaken the sleeping to rise into consciousness through a culture of creativity. Living these prayers is my sacred assignment, my devotion, and my ministry.

The original seed arose out of a context of creative content that came from the wild wisdom shared with me through my mother, Caron McCloud. She is the Poet Mother, my birth mother, and the most beautiful person I have ever encountered. She taught me context, content, curriculum, and container as my vocabulary. The Painter Mother, Sue Hoya Sellars, came into our lives before I was born, adding her unique cosmic framework and imagery to the context of my family. She is the mother of my heart. Sue also brought the gifts shared by her teacher, Lenore Thomas Straus. Their work, their love, their art and writing informed who I became, as did all the women in my family. (1970-1993)

I was created to create, so my own art making and writing grew as I grew. A glowing warmth nurtured the seed as I shared what I was learning. With time, the seed that arose from my desire was planted in good compost in good ground with great love. When the seed sprouted and broke ground we named her Color of Woman. I felt the power rising from the sprout. A potential was making itself known. I followed the call from the city to the mountain to dream freely. There I found language and image for what was growing. I studied the medicine from the two mothers as a form of healing for myself and others through painting and poetry, pottery and prophecy. (1993-1995)

The sprout grew towards the sky and the story roots hung out in rich soil keeping company with creatures often hidden from light and sight. The sprout reached up tall and focused, tender leaves mingled with the dew and the stars. A connection between heaven and earth lives in all trees. Through books, circles and classes I shared what I knew about the the emergent tree and the the information that was coming through. The women who gathered affirmed what they saw, felt, and created in the presence of the shared tree wisdom.

The little tree came to be tended by many gardeners. Especially my family, Eden McCloud, Shannon McCloud, Janet Seaforth and Bridget McBride. And the musician who sang the love for the me and the tree for 16 years. The women who gathered declared themselves Cosmic Cowgirls. Then along came the Muses who would stay with us from the beginning until now, Elizabeth Gibbons, Mary MacDonald and Jenafer Owen. There were many others who came and went, too many to name in this telling. Some stayed and played and told stories. We held fast to the red thread of connection between all us. We enjoyed such good company and lots of dancing! Spirit Warrior, Carmen Baraka chanted for us and we are certain the grandmothers heard our call. (1995-2004)

We came to know the soil through working it. We asked questions of the ground and spoke into it, and wove poetry between the sparkling particles. We called that ground Intentional Creativity and knew that the tree sprout we originally called Color of Woman grew in a good place. Awareness of “where” something grows creates context. This kind of soil is located all over the world; yet many do not know how to find it. This is part of our work, to let the others know about the context of the ground beneath their feet.The Cosmic Cowgirls are fond of saying we have our head in the stars and our feet on the earth. We began to tell the legend of the tree and the ground far and near. Many came to learn and discover their own ground. Claiming the language for what we experienced would become one of our primary creations. Developing paintings that told our story would be at the heart of our evolution. As time went on, those roots spread throughout the earth and the young sturdy tree became stronger and taller and lovelier. We were all so grateful to see the trunk so strong. (2005-2009)

With our attention the tree grew many branches. We began to understand that the tree held the information for the collective, not just a few of us. Self expression would become the way we understood and intuited the content that was arising. We curated conscious community and celebration!

The women who studied the tree and the ground became Intentional Creativity Teachers. The branches that move out from the center are the teachings and are tended by women once they graduate, and become the Intentional Creativity Guild. The branches together, with the leaves, are the canopy that create the keepers of the collective wisdom. We make shade and beauty and color and light for each other and our Beloveds. (2010-2012)

I remained a primary gardener, but tending the tree was a great work as the borders of the garden expanded. I entered into joyous union with another gardener who knew about permaculture and how to work the soil in new ways: Jonathan. He made it possible to share the harvest with many who could not come directly to the birthplace of the tree. We went quantum and the stars were happy with our leap into the cosmos. His sacred assignment is to “carry the medicine” on the Mothership.

To you, those of you who are graduates, the Intentional Creativity Guild, I say,

“You are a bright bird, coming from your own land with your own information. You joined us for an initiation. You came to preen your brightly colored feathers and develop your wingspan and flight pattern. You had to test your winged eye in good company with those who see between the worlds. You came to find your voice and chirp or cluck or sing along with the other birds. You came to bask in the shade and to sit in the light. Your wingspan grows strong and you know you can fly wherever you want. In time, you will fly off to your own tree and plant your own garden. Some of you come back to sit in the shade and share our company for a while. For others, this tree is home. We all know it is big enough for everyone to gather around. In community is a humble belonging. Some of us who are bright birds, also become gardeners.”

With our songs and our company we bloom. When there is abundance, we share those flowers and fruits. We cannot pick everything. The harvest, should the tree choose to give one, is the offering of our gifts to our Beloveds. The philanthropy of the Intentional Creativity Foundation is an offering of our own abundance and this offering is a gentle gathering over time. This offering is measured with focus on the health of the tree, and the ground from which it grows. Not designed for speed or production – but the long term vision. (2017)

When have become a healthy enough tree, we can name our own garden. The garden is yet another context besides the ground or the tree, the larger framework in which it is all happening. Each awareness expands the context in which we understand ourselves. Naming is bestowing a power of knowledge upon a being. We named the garden, MUSEA, meaning many muses and many museums. This is a quantum garden that supports this tree and many other trees. The wind sends her seeds airborne to other gardens, where other life rises. (2018)

Many have asked for a map to the garden and discovered the magical Red Thread Cafe just past the garden gate. As our tree and our garden has flourished it has become known further and further afield. Many people come to see what is growing here and to sit in the garden a while. As we bask in the beauty of our magnificent tree, we see red thread tied to her branches with messages which flutter in the wind. They float intentions, placed by many souls and circles. Souls we know, and by others we haven’t met. When tragedies or blessings happen, we reach out and pull on those threads. Some of us become Red Thread Guides and call the circles.

As she has matured, our tree called Color of Woman has become known as a Tree of Transformation where the creatives in the land come to learn. We love our tree with an incredible might! The trees which are grown from our one tree will be so many different kinds of trees! Each bird and every gardener chooses her own garden space, and tends her own trees. Yet, we still gather here at the original Tree of Transformation. (Now)

Our Lineage of Intentional Creativity ancestors shines on us from the sun and the cosmos. Their prayer for us to thrive as creative beings resonates in our bones and our homes. Finally we know truly that we are stardust as we splash our canvas with the awareness and memory that this knowing brings. Flowing around us are the rivers of life that nourish us. The loving water from forever ago has been moving toward us for such a long time.

When you feel the call, you will find us, leaning up against a great tree of transformation, grown from intention and love in action. You may also find us dancing a jig in the garden, under the broad branches when the moon is full and yellow gold. Or at the salon by the sea, speaking the philosophy of muses. You will find our sketchbooks are in our hands, taking note of the universe and our easels are sprinkled throughout the world with our images and stories.

The Tree is magic and is wherever we are, the tree and garden is. The one contains the many and the many contain the one. Seeds are like that. The Tree is everywhere we are. We love the company of the others who know the story of the Tree of Transformation. We have our own stories, and then we also have our together stories. The Tree of Transformation is a together story. You are welcome here, we are glad you found us, and that we found you along the red thread.Me? Oh, I am just one of the gardeners. Come sit awhile…I will make us some tea harvested from tiny flowers that grow at roots of the Tree of Transformation sweetened with honey from the bees in our abundant garden.

I share this story today as a record of where the philosophy, ethos and practice of Intentional Creativity came from. I share it on my mother’s 82nd birthday. This writing also reflects the organic nature of our emergent business structure. April 25, 2019

Happy Birthday Mama Cloud! Our community loves you SOOOOOOOOO MUCH and we are so very grateful that YOU were born!

My mama is so brilliant, so beautiful and so encouraging. Her love for me made it possible for me to grow as a woman and an artist. I am so grateful to be her daughter.

Christchurch, NZ, our response – open me please

Preach the Gospel at all times, when necessary, use words – St. Francis

Message from Co-Founder, Shiloh Sophia about Art, Christchurch and what you can do to support two artists on the ground…painting night and day on a mural of intention, healing and community. Plus a letter from Jonathan McCloud to the community.

Thank you for pausing with me to give awareness and honor to the 50 lives lost in Christchurch, NZ. I know you have so many things you are working on and focusing on and sending love and resources to. I know I do. So thank you for your time to check this out. In just a day of returning from New York I find myself in a community in crisis. Not every person, not in every way. But it is big, feels like a mountain of pain.

I wanted to let you know in advance, this letter has typos. It is not the polished request of a seasoned NGO – but the immediate response to a need. So forgive the typos and thank you to Annette, Kate, Sarah and Jonathan for responding asap to my call for action, now. 

There is a lot going on. We have community members with partners dying. Family members in health crisis with test after test and no results to back up what they are feeling. Local community without resources to make ends meet. Global community with children in the hospital. Many of us feeling sick and not sure why. Our waiter for lunch needing counsel on how to talk to his mother in law about the child coming into their life. What I learned that breaks my heart at UNCSW about women and girls. Then there is the whale that washed up with 100 lbs. of plastic inside that I can’t get out of my mind…and then…you face it everyday. 

My direct community are on the ground in New Zealand making art in the midst of the country’s first terrible senseless shooting. Something the US is quite familiar with unfortunately. They are making a grove of trees…you can read about it below. For a few years I have been making ‘marks’ in my paintings for the lost, and this week my community, teachers of my Intentional Creativity method are there, making marks for the lost lives on the Grove of Intention – painted murals designed to support and uplift the community.

Like I said, I know you have a lot you can focus on and because you are connected with me and Intentional Creativity, I am asking you to focus on this. Are these women going to survive this experience? Of course. And do I want to show them how important art is in the middle of crisis – and how much it matters to us, I sure do. Can I personally fork out the cash to cover what they need right now, yes I could, even after a financially taxing trip to NY for two weeks on a mission which we personally finance. I am trying new things with the mindfulness of our NGO status – I am asking you to work with me to make sure these artists on the ground not only feel our support energetically but through our resources. We want to cover their materials and food for the project. Do that here now to show your support. $5 or $10 or as much as you are called to. 

Your donation is tax deductible. That is why we created an NGO – to support the arts. This is that call to action. You can get a tax deduction and 100 percent goes directly to the artists. We are sending funds in advance and will reconcile post funding. We have already sent funds, will you join us here?

The project was funded by NZ – but the budget has run out and is taking way longer to complete due to weather, tragedy, and sadly, graffiti. Imagine during this crisis, to have your art in process, defaced. Sigh. So much to learn as humans huh?

Here are these wonderful women, whom I have known for over 5 years – and worked with over and over in serving our community. Rosie Mac, Kerry Lee, we love you.

Rosie MacCarthy and Kerry Lee

It is my first work day after two weeks in New York at UNCSW and I have all kinds of things to share with you but that has to wait, Kerry, Rosie and Christchuch come first today.

Please take the time to learn why the Grove of Intention matters to all of us and to a country in crisis. Art doesn’t save the world, but it does help save our minds and hearts when we don’t know where to turn.

~ Shiloh Sophia

Many trees of this nature of all different kinds are popping up around the world in our community – Witness Tree, San Diego, California, Shakti Rising, 2017
Shiloh Sophia and Kerry Lee at Wisdom 2.0 in February 2017

I am so sorry this happened during this horrific experience. My heart, time and resources go with you…

A message from the Intentional Creativity Foundation:

Intentional Creativity Teachers, Kerry Lee and Rosie Mac, are currently working on ‘The Grove of Intention’ project in Christchurch New Zealand, where the mass shooting took place just last week. 

As you can imagine, creating something like this at a time filled with so much sorrow and devastation is important healing work. Kerry and Rosie are doing all they can to bring public awareness to this project and are asking for any support we can give. 

We are including the press release here with more information. If inspired, there is a link for you to donate financial resources, which will support the completion of this project in time for the unveiling Saturday March 23, 2019: 12 – 3pm at 145 Westpac Lane in Christchurch. ALL ARE WELCOME and there will be interactive activities with the Grove of Intention trees. 

If you are able to share the press release with media contacts or on social media, here are the links:

Thank you in advance for your presence in our community. We are so grateful for any support you can give – prayers and good thoughts included. 

with gratitude,

The Intentional Creativity Foundation

On the left, Rosie in 2015 during the Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Teacher Training, visiting from NZ, photo by Brunehilde Yvrande.

On the right, Dr. Mary McCrystal, Kerry Lee and Shiloh in 2017, teaching during the Red Thread Guide.


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The Grove of Intention ~ A Healing Place for Contemplation, Connection & Community, Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch, New Zealand: The Grove of Intention, an experiential mural for healing, contemplation, connection, and community is being created in Christchurch Central. The 8’ x 75’ project is a collaboration between two women and two communities from the United States and New Zealand coming together to bring transformational beauty. 

The image design was inspired by Gustave Klimt’s style of the Tree of Life. Shiloh Sophia McCloud was sparked by the spiral design as the foundation for the Witness Tree at Wisdom 2.0 Conference in San Francisco, CA in which thousands participated. Kerry Lee was part of the project and documented it on her blog here. Starting with the first tree of this kind in our community created in 2010 at Self Love Day in which many created leaves with their intentions and wishes. So many trees all over the world! 

Artist Kerry Lee took the project to the next level with her 12’x16’ The Intention Tree mural at the First Street Artist’s Alley in Napa, California. Following these actions, this work became a part of Christchurch’s Enliven Places Programme because of Rosie Mac and her involvement with Intentional Creativity and her own community.

Originally designed as a way to spark conversation, the mural soon became a healing balm for the recent tragedy, the first mass shooting in New Zealand. The project was designed by two Intentional Creativity Teachers, Kerry Lee of California and Rosie McCarthy of Christchurch. The mural is an interactive work of art consisting of seven symbolic and metaphoric golden trees. 

Each tree has a theme and a related inquiry including:

The Wish Tree
What is one big wish you have for yourself

The Peace Tree
What is one wish you have for the world

The Wellbeing Tree
What nourishes your soul?

The Connection Tree 
Where in Christchurch is your favourite place to be in conversation?

The Witness Tree
How do you help improve the world?

The Wisdom Tree
What is something you know for sure?

The Gratitude Tree
What are you grateful for?

Unique Contemporary Symbolism at the base of each tree ties into the overall themes including simple whimsical houses symbolizing connection, triple spirals representing balance, triangles symbolizing change and circles representing humanity and our oneness and more. Native New Zealand birds grace the branches and the general public’s responses to each tree’s inquiry are painted on the branches for viewers to recognize our commonalities and encourage conversation. Given the tragedy, the artists are adding white thumbprints to The Connection Tree representing each person who lost their life.

The Artists were minutes from going to work on the mural, located in between the two shooting locations, when they received notice of the attack. They continued to paint the three week project on the days following the shootings.

Kerry Lee states: “An indescribable dark cloud of sadness and silence has come over this beautiful city. I have become very familiar with the sights and sounds of Westpac Lane where the mural is coming into form. Right now there are few people and few of the background sounds of humans going about life. And those who do come by seem to be extra present for others. As an American, where shootings are not unusual, however certainly not the norm it feels like New Zealand has had a major cultural shock. Much like 9/11 was in the US. And yet from this horrific experience I am also getting to witness the deep and broad love the Kiwis have for each other and for all.”

In support of community healing the unveiling of The Grove will take place on Saturday March 23, 2019 from noon until 3pm at 145 Westpac Lane in Christchurch. All are welcomed to participate.

“It is our hope that The Grove of Intention will provide a place where love and compassion for each other can continue long after the memorial flowers at the Botanical Garden are gone.” ~ IC Teacher and Artist Kerry Lee

“One of the primary features of Intentional Creativity” says Shiloh McCloud, Co-Founder, ”is that it gives us a capacity to respond to what is happening all around us, providing resiliency and enough hope to keep going. Instead of just thinking about what is happening, we are actually doing something about it to benefit others and manage our own experience. Thousands of us around the world are standing with Kerry Lee, Rosie Mac and the whole of New Zealand. We aren’t new to this kind of tragedy in the United States, and in response our creative community, in addition to activism on gun laws, began to add marks and dots and prints into our paintings to honor those whose lives were lost.”

Will you be a part of supporting the project? 

Due to rain, sun too hot to paint on mural, graffiti and schedule changes, the project and the creators could use a boost in resources. Contributions are appreciated and can be sent here.

The unveiling will be on Saturday, March 23, noon until 3pm. Learn more on Facebook and Instagram @ The Grove of Intention.

Kerry Lee, Artist and IC Teacher:

Rosie MacCarthy, Artist and IC Teacher:

Please direct all inquiries to

Key Sponsors

Christchurch City Council (CCC) Enliven Places Program
SPARK Foundation

Key Supporters

Allright? Campaign
Christchurch Central Business Associatio
Naylor Love
Life in Vacant Spaces
The Intentional Creativity Foundation

Rosie and Kerry have also been supported by a small village of people in Christchurch helping to complete the mural due to being hampered by the weather and, of course, the shootings last Friday when the city was in lockdown.

About the Intentional Creativity Foundation: The Intentional Creativity Foundation is a community dedicated to creativity, connection, conversation, collaboration and change. We come from different geographies and genealogies. We seek to discover what makes us the same in the most basic ways and how we can be a part of something larger than ourselves while not lose sight of our individual visions. The Foundation is a place where we choose to participate in defining and developing a culture of heart and creativity – and how that has the capacity to transform our stories. The Intentional Creativity Foundation, Inc. is a Federally (USA) and State (California) recognized 501(c)3 organization.

Message from Jonathan McCloud to the IC Guild – This is our internal call but thought we would share it with you too….

Recipe for Love and a Call to Action. Not now…. RIGHT NOW.

What is it then, that we really do? Teach a class, move some energy, perhaps?

Watch as the eyes of a woman, a veteran, an elder, a girl, maybe even a son… a human being wells with tears when they stand face to face with the story of truth that comes from within themselves as they move a stump of charcoal or pencil across a page.

This magic of a method that you all know and love and live, it’s our way. You said it. You professed it. It’s here to knock on your imagination of the day when it would arrive. Hello.

Our team is in need. Now. Rosie McCarthy braved the good fight and got a grant from her government to bring Kerry Lee to New Zealand to bring the message of Intentional Creativity and hope and peace and healing to a country tossed by the might of Earth and respectfully, softly healing with love and kindness towards one another.

There are stressors in life that catalyze, through fear, the best and/or the worst in us. Let us not focus on the event, nor the actor. Let us focus on what it is that we, The Intentional Creative Foundation and you, it’s heart and soul bring to this moment, this lifetime of every soul, voice and hand.

Be a part of this solution. For us, by us, and by our own hands. The same way it was when you stood before that canvas on the first day of LEGEND. This is you. This is Us. We are caring for our own and in the process, loving in forgiveness the entire being that makes this humankind.

Let’s give these ladies, daring in the face of this adversity, at the front face of where creativity can and will heal, the ‘green stone of love’ as they say. Mighty in our connectedness, you stood for this, stand for it now. This is the Guild.

Here is how you do it:

Every bit goes directly to them as an Earmarked Donation to the ICF. We will make sure that you get full acknowledgment from the ICF, Inc. for your tax deductible contribution for this identifiable member(s) benefit from YOUR own Guild.

Have I told you today, how much I love you?
Jonathan McCloud

Your Advocate in all things.


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Architecture of our Psyche in Abuse and Recovery

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any ~ Alice Walker

This Red Thread Letter shares my thoughts about this topic, drawn from 25 years of working with women and children in the domain of creativity. My intention in sharing it is to provide a context for ‘viewing’ recovery through the awareness of how abuse impacts psychic, spiritual, and physical structures.

I created these images to accompany this writing exploring these ideas.

Architecture of our Psyche in Abuse and Recovery

When we are hurt

our natural patterns are interrupted.

The shapes we make

with our mind, body and field

can become dented and fragmented.

We are not as we were before.

This is the same for any kind of transformation,

we are different than we were before.

How do we work with, the new shapes,

if we have very little knowledge of

how to work with them, and what is,

the shape of a being?

After trauma

the original shapes of wholeness,

are there in our energetic patterns.

We can choose to return to them with awareness,

yet knowing, that we will never be,

quite the same shape.

The shape that has been impacted,

creates a new shape of being,

that in time, we can work with, heal,

and be informed about and by.

Synthesis can happen when all or most

aspects of being are communicating.

When we are hurt, lines of communication

between systems are often interrupted.

Signals and messages from within

can become scrambled.

The internal narrator turns fierce.

Innocence is impacted and we can lose

ourselves somewhere along the way.

The self we may lose

is the part of us who knows how to

navigate our psyche.

Who has some co-creative capacity

with organizing consciousness.

The loss of that capacity

can be devastating, and feel like

a loss of soul.

This scattering of how we were once

knit together, now impacted by trauma

fractures and spreads throughout our entire being.

Mostly in ways we have little consciousness about,

or capacity to influence at the time.

Most of us do not know enough

about how trauma is going to impact us,

to take action before the

damage gets worse, as it is happening,

or right after, or even years later.

Imagine something like this…

A mosaic of stories, no longer whole,

shards that puncture our animating personae,

our potentials appear limited, wing clipped.

Arrows that seem to come from nowhere

enter and impact the architecture of our psyche.

Our physical symptoms amplify,

coding stories into impressionable cells.

Yet we know, we can bring alchemy

to catalyze the wound, but how.

We need know how.

Whether the trauma was physical to the body,

trauma makes it physical to the body and the field.

Imagine that we are a body within a soul,

and that our field is the interactive domain

connecting all of who we are,

a network of interconnected

lights, ideas, structures, stories, synapses

and so much more than we know.

Precious, gorgeous, unique structures

that house us, keeping us within the realm

of gravity for this earth experience.

What a journey?!

This fracturing populates our entire identity,

the space in which we have our being

is impacted on all levels, good, bad or otherwise,

‘impact’, force of any kind

changes how we are living in these structures.

Structures meaning both physical and energetic.

Recovery for many of us can be

challenging as we work on one part,

then the next, having to piece together

the seemingly separate pieces of healing.

We go to many different healers,

We go “Here for mind, here for body,

here for energy” then we have to weave

the braid ourselves, and often, we do.

Many healers do integrate the many layers,

and we are blessed if we find them,

when both they, and we are ready for such

an undertaking as the restoration of

the architecture of identity.

The time for new healing paradigms

are already present and we are living

within them now, made possible

by all the healers who have charted

the course to THIS MOMENT.

Let’s look further, in consideration

of the awareness of the architecture.

When the healing strands come,

upon what do they build, or land,

upon what armature are the changes

put in place, to return to and nurture?

So much to ‘hold’ in the mind

as we work to return to a wholeness

we feel was once there, if even

in infancy. How long ago was that

wholeness in place, and how long

before it can begin to make itself

whole again? Maybe now.

What if the rebuilding of

the being must begin with an

awareness of the design of human being?

And must this design be so complex,

or in a spiritual tradition with beliefs

and contracts and vows?

How do we even talk about it?

The design you are, is personal to you.

Though we share many traits that

we can extend to one another in hopes

of one story supporting another.

You are the one who re-members you

into wholeness. Which after being hurt,

is often elusive, perhaps, healed enough

can be enough. Seeking FULL healing,

may be a challenge for most of us,

and we wait and wait and wait

to live our fullness…what if we can be

healed enough? Is that a closer view?

You may not have an image of your

design pre-wounding, this idea may

seem abstract and perhaps even woo woo.

Simply the awareness that you have

a psychic architecture, a physical and energetic

shape that holds your identity, including,

personality, story, consciousness

may be a huge part of initiating

the next level of authoring your healing.

This awareness becomes an invitation

to restoration, to being in inquiry about

what this looks like for you.

The beautiful news here is that

YOU are the one who heals you.

You have already known this,

that there are things only you can do

This isn’t a concept.

Yet without the awareness of

what makes up a person,

it can be challenging to SEE IT.

To deepen this, in our community,

we paint it and draw it

and move our bodies with

the new awareness.

For now this is an invitation

to simply KNOW that your

architecture is there, has memory

of your whole being

and is waiting for your awareness.

Creativity is one of the powerful

ways to consciously and actively

engage with your psychic architecture.

Think of this as the space around you,

which holds you in place,

enclosing your sack of stars

with your skin suit.

When you create, you engage with,

as in, TURN ON the capacity

for co-creation with your

often hidden domains of being.

We are talking directly here,

about curating your own consciousness.

To do this you can’t just think about it,

or vibe into it, you MUST engage

with it, as in moving particles around

to begin to re-arrange how they have

been functioning.

It is time for gathering the shards

to repair the vessel, with our own hands.

By hands, I do mean, HANDS.

Bringing your hands into motion

to reshape how you are living within your being.

Action, physical action, is needed

for healing to begin to happen across all levels.

Imagine lights, that have been out or dim,

beginning to light up inside of your skin and around you

This is very real, biophotons are lighting you up.

Through the very act of reading this

and considering new possibilities,

even if you are stretching to grasp.

Reach . . . .

Recovery often follows conscious actions,

informed by a willingness to be in inquiry.

Furthered by asking, our very brain,

heart, and body to reach with us into a space

and place we haven’t been before.

Healing happens in the future, even just a few

moments into a space we have yet to visit,

let us go there together.

When we create

all the dust in all the locked

rooms of self, gets stirred.

Our giant broom

in the shape of a paintbrush

cleans out

the darkest corners,

bringing movement,

light and color.

Shiloh Sophia

“Who lives in here?”  ~ Sue Hoya Sellars


As a community we’ve been working with over 1400 women the past 4 weeks on a process to experience self expression and begin to heal hidden stories.


I am not a therapist, neither do I identify as a healer…

I am a poet, artist, and I hope, a guide along the path of healing. This is not a textbook teaching or a truth. This is my own experience and drawn from 25 years of working with women and children in the domain of creativity. My intention in sharing it is to provide a context for ‘viewing’ recovery through the awareness of how abuse impacts psychic, spiritual, and physical structures.

I hold the possibility that the infiniteness of soul, somehow, remains whole and holy through all of it, guiding us ever onward to reclaiming our identity as we move on through the slings and arrows of human existence at this time. That said, if we can make contact with that soul space our communication can be more direct, and perhaps the stewarding of our recovery less random.

I am aware that in many cases the scars are quite visible. I am speaking in this context, primarily of what happens when the ‘visible’ impacts are hidden. And how that which is seemingly hidden from view impacts us. Yet the wound remains as large and real for us as if it is an open wound. It can be difficult, when we, and others, cannot see it – really ‘see it.’ We often question our own experience of it. Perhaps you have had this experience? Did it really happen?

I am using poetic linguistic frames – concepts that help us speak about things that are often either too abstract or intellectual to grasp in common dialogue. The articulation of which allows us to look at certain aspects as separate in order to bring them back together.

By psyche I mean the entire whole and consciousness of the being.

By identity I mean the whole being, including the unique animating personality. Yes connected with ancestry, but more than that as well.

By architecture I mean the energetic and physical frames that hold the whole of us in place, in space.

By soul I mean, the being that is infinite, in the mystery, that is you beyond this space and place. Whatever that is, we don’t really know . . . but to explore soul we begin to think about what the soul is for us. I simplify here in an effort to create inquiry around things that are often difficult to talk about. Make suggestions if you choose, and forgive me my errors. I will correct them as we learn more, together.

At one point in my life, I was so hurt. I was in shock for a few years and witnessing the invisible wound that would not heal over. Through ‘watching’ it as the observer, as well as choosing to see the self I knew I was, the healing began. I painted the resolution. I made the marks, so many marks, tears and rips, acknowledging my damaged architecture while holding the awareness of who I held myself out to be.

I saw my mind as a tree of life, with some damaged branches that would bloom one day, if I tended my tree. As I worked through the creativity, more of how it worked from a science and brain perspective came through. Being able to ‘see’ it on the canvas allowed me to remove the arrows at first one by one and then all at once. Between writing and painting, I was able to become ‘current’ with my state of being – psychic, spiritual, and physical – and be present with where I was. It isn’t that the scars aren’t still there; instead, they have become colorful, then moved into the background. To be summoned by choice instead of continually triggered without warning. My resiliency toolbox is filled with Intentional Creativity and overflowing enough to share it with others. Amen to that.

Healing does take time, no matter how present we are. Yes, it was years for some parts, but others healed as soon as I was able to turn my attention towards them in a painting process. My story needed me to see it, not just conceptually but contextually as a part of the whole being that I am. The roots of this work are precisely what informed Color of Woman, our Intentional Creativity Teacher Training, a calling to share with others what I had discovered. In my recovery, there were moments I felt I wouldn’t have to kill myself; I would merely expire from the pain of beauty and innocence lost.

The ‘tree of my consciousness’ was informed by an image from my teacher, Sue Hoya Sellars, in which I ‘saw’ the tree as my mind and I had to heal each branch. First, I named the parts of me that hurt, then the wholeness image began to do the work without a need to articulate every offense. I just had to get myself started, and then the momentum took over. Informed by my mother’s study of the Tree of Life teachings, I ‘knew’ I could lean into the ‘tree of my consciousness’ for support, connected to the earth. I painted and painted.

“For She is a tree of life to those that embrace Her Proverbs.”

Healing through seeing and being. My work with art-making as a form of healing resides in both ‘seeing’ and experience of it through physical ‘being.’ In Intentional Creativity, the shifts happen in the psychic, spiritual, and physical architectures all at once, hence, the capacity for it to be so inclusive, and in some cases, quick too. When we are ready for the next layer of healing, whatever in us that is ready can move (energetically and more) through the act of creating. Creating engages the whole self, and so a focused intent on healing with the action of creativity offers a chance at a new level of awareness about how this all works.

When we are whole and mostly unhurt, our ‘architecture’ is intact and makes specific shapes in our field, body, blood, bone, personae, mind – all the parts that make us up that are visible and invisible. I say, mostly unhurt because many believe just being born can be traumatic.

When we are hurt, the patterns of beauty are interrupted. Our entire being it seems can be dimpled or fragmented or dented. It still knows the original shape of wholeness that connects with our personae, our identity. In Cosmic Cowgirls, the reason we begin with the Legendary Self is to forge the powerful connection with the one who tells the story through activating imagination and animating the one within. Legend emerged WHILE I was going through my recovery, and I might say, saved my life through creating a visionary likeness of myself that I held out – as an image of recovery – and an image of self-celebration. Something to reach towards – yes, with a hat with a rose, and a leopard boa and attitude in my eyelashes (painting: Born This Way).

Our lineage of Intentional Creativity has stories of supporting and mentoring, and of passing on the wisdom we have gained. I hope this has moved you, uplifting the experience of a supportive community, a visible and invisible, architecture of loving.

As we close this cycle for the Colorful Scars experience, I wish to thank each of you for your willingness to risk the work of recovery in a new way. I am so grateful, more than I can ever tell you, for all the stories you have recounted and the acknowledgment that it has, indeed, helped you along your way. Let us continue to gather together in red thread. Protecting those we can, by becoming protectors, and knowing, we too are surrounded by loving others who have done the work before us.

Holding love and support for those impacted by the fires.
For now we are safe. Thank you to those who reached out

Here is a link to an IC process for use during natural disaster recovery.

Colorful Scars ~ a free class for women to experience self expression and begin to heal hidden stories.

Colorful Scars Painting by Angela Hernandez

Born This Way: Legendary Self Painting by Shiloh Sophia

Become an Intentional Creativity Teacher

A futuristic healing model has emerged.

A council has been called.

You are invited.

Color of Woman 2019 : Intentional Creativity Teaching Training

The training is available all online

11 spaces are open as of today

Optional gatherings in California and Australia

This will be the 9th year of the Intentional Creativity Training®
with currently over 250 teachers around the world.

Intrigued? Keep reading.

“Circle of Friends” Escalante Caves, Utah

Are you called to gather others in circle?

Do you long to share your gifts in a sacred container?

Have you already been doing your work,
but know there is something more?

How would it feel to have an offering so powerful
that lives change before your eyes?
And have a great time doing it?!

Guiding Intentional Creativity circles and experiences not only impacts the lives of those you serve, but YOU are transforming WHILE you lead. In a lot of healing modalities, the practitioner has to give give give and then there is little left for them. Sound familiar? Maybe you have already been experiencing this – have you been wondering : How can I do my work, do what I care about, make a living and not empty myself?

You are not alone in your desire for changing the way we work. In our innovative model – YOU do your work at the same time. You don’t put your life on hold while you work. Or take on the pain of others to transmute it. You also don’t need to be an expert to gather others, or have all your stuff in a perfect pile. You just have to feel the call and have a few tools.

What if what our world needs is authentic, wild, self expressed women guides?

Is that you?

Many of the traditional and cultural models of healing aren’t working for many of us anymore – where we sacrifice our well being for the good of the whole, or the individual. Many of us feel we are in need of the future of transformational change work that includes our personal self expression. Our community believes we have found it! Intentional Creativity is actually a revolutionary change in how women work with others in the field of healing, consciousness and transformation.

Those of us who work with others know that true healing, and any real answers are within each person. And of course, their own relationship with Source. So let’s get on with the innovative hybrid technologies that give those we work with direct access! Access to the place the hidden self resides. So that the client/student/beloved can do their own work. Many modalities are emerging at this time – this is the one that works with image, color, language, consciousness, intuition and self expression.

There is a riddle here however, because image and language are one of the ways the hidden self makes herself known. If those tools are not provided, too much remains closed in the mind – and not lived out in our lives.

Intentional Creativity isn’t just painting, although that is what we focus on in the training because it is such a direct access to our own information. Intentional Creativity is movement, song, pottery, cuisine, sculpting, jewelry, welding – all of the creative arts can be approached with this framework.

|f you are feeling called, or a stirring in your soul, come spend an hour or so having tea with me in a unique video interview.

Is 2019 your year?

Your Invitation & Application

A new archetype of healer is emerging. We are the emergent design of the future when we say yes to our soul work. We are calling teachers, leaders, healers, therapists, practitioners, priestesses, poets, artists, musicians and change agents from around the world to the table. We are inviting you to a training in which YOUR FOCUS is activating the work of your soul – while you learn to share this gift with other. Both/And

Some of us have a hard time justifying doing something for ourselves. Others of us are tired of just taking more training to help, but don’t get helped ourselves. This training is both/and. Save you, and through that, save the world that matters to you (if that is your jam).

You are invited with open arms, to this council of wild women emerging.

You don’t need this training to be a teacher or call others into circle. You have your own content, so why do the training? Perhaps you are called because you personally long for something for you : a cycle of time dedicated to your own breakthroughs and self discovery. Maybe you have been pouring out your cup and you need a refill of beauty to nourish your own creative flow. How would it feel to actually create a series of paintings that represent, in image and language, your soul work in the world? Can you see yourself journeying in a group of women doing sacred, powerful transformational work?

The majority of our students say that COLOR of WOMAN was one of THE most powerful experiences of their lives – that is was what they had been looking for all of their lives – and have finally found it. And one of the best parts of all, is that once you graduate and become an Intentional Creativity Teacher, our community continues together – a Global Guild of creatives who work together across the world serving through self expression and tools for transformation.

I hope you will consider joining us for the adventure of a lifetime….




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Shiloh Sophia will be reading your comments and questions.


We are pleased to announce we have reopened Enrollment for Color of Woman 2019: Intentional Creativity Teacher Training.

If you were on the fence during our Priority Enrollment Cycle, and know that you are called to become an Intentional Creativity Teacher in 2019, we’d love to receive your application! This means you would be teaching in 2020.

We invite you to get a cup of tea and explore the Training. If you’re new to learning about Color of Woman, there is a full-color PDF invitation you can read.

There were 15, but now there are 11 spots available. When we are full, we are full.

And…if you choose to take only the Core Online Training – that is all you need to Certify and become an Intentional Creativity Teacher – we have women around the world join us via the gift of technology.

For any questions or inquiries about the Color of Woman Training, simply reply to this email and Color of Woman Guidance Counselor, Sarah Mardell, will get right back to you. You can always email her directly at

“If you are considering taking Color of Woman, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Shiloh teaches at a level that opens you to new places within yourself. Is it challenging? YES! Is it risky? YES! Is it totally transformative in a way that will rock your world and guide you to become a more authentic you? ABSOLUTELY! The Color of Woman School is a life-changing experience to bring you through your own material and story, to go out into the world with the healing only you can bring”

~ Color of Woman 2018 student, Ally Markotich

Invitation & Application

Painting in process: Color of Woman Muse Gathering 2018. Yes, I am painting with a red rose, because she asked…

Announcement: Intentional Creativity Foundation, a Charitable Non-Profit Organization

Intentional creativity is ancient and belongs to all beings.

Creating with intentional symbolism to communicate and tell story has happened all over the world by all peoples in every medium. From the Red Hand Cave paintings of Aboriginal peoples of Australia, to the Japanese Tea Ceremony, Egyptian glyph and myths, Russian icons coded with teachings, Shaman’s drums painted with personal medicine in Asia and Scandinavia, skin story tattoos of the Hawaiian Islands, Native American beadwork, baskets and garments, Hebrew temples and altars, marks on Mexican pottery, African symbols for death and rebirth in paintings. The references are truly everywhere, in both spiritual ritual contexts, as well as in food recipes, the design of gardens, books of poetry, and sacred architecture. All people make forms with specific intent. We get to be a part of the great unfolding of the story of earth through imagery and language with mindfulness.

Today, the legacy of art making with mindful intention, continues in conscious communities, including the Intentional Creativity movement, where tens of thousands of women creating alchemical images of the feminine and bringing their stories to the canvas for healing, transformation and liberation. This is a story worth telling, a legend to be a part of, and the weave of the future we together are creating. Women empowered to serve themselves, their families and communities.

What will future people say about who we are, when they see our creations in 1,000 years? What will they say we focused on, loved and cared for? What will they say we stood for or against? Who will our art show us to be, as a people? Artists have always told the story of humanity in matter based creations – what part of the story are you choosing to tell?

At the Intentional Creativity Foundation, our focus group has been working on the development, philosophy and access to the emergent discipline of creativity for the past twenty-five years. Yet our specific lineage of study goes back to the 1930ies during the Roosevelt administration’s call to artists during the New Deal. This work has been passed from hand to hand for over 80 years as each of us learns the power of putting intention to use, while being conscious of what we are creating, how it feels, and what we discover during and after the process.

By 2018 there will be close to 200 Intentional Creativity Guild Members who are graduates of our Intentional Creativity Training, around the world bringing this technology to the people they serve. We know that all beings are creative, and that the kind of creativity we are offering isn’t based in talent, but a desire to be awake to one’s self and one’s own path. From there, we can answer the call.

May we be of service to awakening consciousness through intentional creativity.

~ Shiloh Sophia
Co-Founder, Intentional Creativity Foundation

It is with a grateful heart that I officially announce that the Intentional Creativity Foundation, our not-for-profit is active, approved, online and ready to rock. Thank you Jonathan Lewis for believing in the vision and making it happen and being the Co-Founder of the foundation. Thank you to all Color of Woman staff and graduates for 8 years of training. Thank you to Cosmic Cowgirls for being the community we first explored this in with depth in circles. Thank you to those who made it possible through their teachings, Sue Sellars, Lenore Thomas Straus, Caron McCloud. Thank you to all of you along Red Thread.

Image by Sue Hoya Sellars

Quote on painting says –
“We must move into the future, creating it as we go.
We have been placed on the edge of history too long now.
We have always been here.”