Lighting Up the Globe with an Intentional Creativity Experience

Looking for an Intentional Creativity Teacher in your area? Come check out our list of incredible teachers. We lead workshops and seminars, but also do private sessions as well as coaching “healing”, and so much more.. If you are looking to bring an innovative, groundbreaking, transformational approach to your business, company or life, consider Intentional Creativity.
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We are riding the edge of the future in revolutionary education which includes the whole body, whole brain and the whole beauty of human being. Combining visual knowledge through image and language and experiential process creates a profound impact often not experienced in mind based approaches that do not include the body. Creativity engages the whole person and gives them access to their own healing information and insights.
Serving thousands a month throughout the world for close to 25 years and going strong into the future of education.
If you work at a clinic, hospital, social service organization, prison or any kind of healing social change community, Intentional Creativity brings an added dimension yielding unparalleled results. If you are experiencing a life change, healing grief or ready for a rites of passage, an Intentional Creativity Teacher can design a custom experience to take you to the next place on the path.
Do the words, metacognitive drawing, visual learning, intuitive painting, visionary imagination, content diving, right brain left brain access light you up? This isn’t just for artists – this actually isn’t about art – but about creative process and how it give us access to creating change.
These are highly trained women, who have done their own work, prepared to guide you and your clients to have tea with the great mystery. Let’s innovate in how we bring change into the culture, and include the innate creative potential of all whom we are blessed to serve.

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