Launching Cosmic Cowgirls Magazine – The Collective Dream of Our Tribe

The new, groundbreaking Cosmic Cowgirls Magazine (CCM) playfully and powerfully nurtures and affirms women’s authentic, creative voices.

Our editorial content and philosophy are grounded in inclusivity, building a safe, cozy virtual Cosmic Cowgirl Cafe where our readership family is free to contemplate, try-on and own liberating thinking and revolutionary living.
Cosmic Cowgirls Magazine alchemizes convention and births legends!

We work within the realm of story, our own, and those of the world, combined with myth and miracles and from there – we create our visions and dreams. As a tribe of women across the world – this is a sacred space where self expression is not only encouraged, but cultivated as a way of being. We believe that it is possible to live life in the context of legend – and that it is a choice. Part of our work is to be  space where making that choice is even possible. Through community, through creativity, through educational tools.

A Cosmic Cowgirl is a woman with her feet on the earth and her head in the stars. She is both grounded in reality, and continuously dreaming about what is possible, for herself, and for all people.

Thank you for joining in – get your cup of tea or pint of ale, pull up a chair and sit a spell with us as we weave our virtual red threads of connection.
The Cosmic Cowgirls Magazine Tribe

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