VISION: Our vision is always unfolding, so our vision is to have the clarity to see what is needed and bring creative medicine to those needs. At the most basic level it is to make Intentional Creativity and self expression based education available to all beings.


Who We Are: The Intentional Creativity Foundation is a self declared tribe called the Intentional Creatives Guild. We are poets, artists, dancers, poets, dreamers, healers, sculptors, heart guided entrepreneurs, visionaries and change makers. We are a community dedicated to creativity, connection, conversation, collaboration and change. We come from different geographies and genealogies. We seek to discover what makes us the same in the most basic ways and how we can be a part of something larger than ourselves while not lose sight of our individual visions. The Foundation is a place where we choose to participate in defining and developing a culture of heart and creativity – and how that has the capacity to transform our stories.

What We Believe: The Foundation was created in the knowledge that healing is possible through creativity. We know that all beings are inherently creative. When we are given the tools to create a path of healing and self expression, the ability to transform our lives is in our hands because we have access to our own identity. We believe that inside of every single being resides an internal navigation system which is deeply connected with that person’s core identity and ability to self express. At the very heart of our work is teaching people how to access this guidance for themselves and use it in the authoring of lasting change in their lives.

IMG_0985 (1)

Shannon Cinnamon McCloud painting on behalf of her own healing journey with Lyme.

What We are Offering: The Foundation is a platform for transformation without borders. We are committed to forging connections between art, healing, women and the men who love them worldwide. Our delivery vehicle for this is our educational courses, published materials and Red Thread Nation blog and our global online Red Thread Cafe Community with a common vision to lift up the stories and images of our creative works and unfolding stories.

Our delivery platform is three-fold: 1. School: global online and in-person creativity education often in collaboration with Cosmic Cowgirls University and the Courses and Sessions offered by our Color of Woman Certified Teachers 2. Community: Thriving culture that is guided by love and creative self expression that gathers online through social forums, on the phone for circle calls, and through in person gatherings. 3. Our Red Thread Nation Blog: Articles and conversations that empower all people to cause and create a vital life, a life where you author your future and become who you were born to be. And we will have more now that our Intentional Creativity Foundation is underway!

Where We are Rooted: The Foundation is forged from a mutual desire to serve, empower and bless and is a collaboration of two sister communities founded by Shiloh Sophia McCloud and her husband, Jonathan Lewis. It is founded in honor of our mothers, Caron McCloud, Sue Hoya Sellars, Lenore Thomas Straus and Irma Jeanne Lewis. We consider ourselves a part of a creative lineage and we honor that work as it has been taught to us.

The Intentional Creativity Foundation is a collaborative project in connection with  Cosmic Cowgirls (founded in 2006) and The Color of Woman School, (founded in 1994), Shiloh Sophia Studios, in collaboration with Black Sun Forge all coming together in of creative intent.  Cosmic Cowgirls Ink LLC is a United States based member owned partnership that is dedicated to transformational education in the visionary arts and entrepreneurship. The Color of Woman School is an International teacher training in the Color of Woman Method created by Shiloh Sophia McCloud that teaches a style of intuitive painting that makes it possible for anyone to paint, and discover healing.

Who Should Join Us: All who feel called to creative connections can join this circle and conversation through subscribing and learning about what we are up to and then choosing to join us for our virtual and in person circles and courses. We are an open invitation to creatives who are called to a part of something larger, all women who desire to discover and express their unfolding identity, and women who want see what personal and collective revolution a tribe creatives can instigate.

Joining means you will be kept in the loop about our courses, our community and our work in the world via our articles. You will also be invited to join our online fb community via the email you receive.