Resiliency Resources

These resources came together in response to how we can create resiliency in the face of tragedy and disaster.

There is a lot going on the world right now. Whether you are a sensitive or not, you can feel some part of it and it could be causing fear, concern, restlessness, betrayal, anger and the list goes on. We consider ourselves a global circle woven with red threads and want to acknowledge the happening that is happening.

Let’s create resilience through creativity – which is what called us into this circle in the first place. Creativity.

As this world unfolds, each of us has our part, our piece of the red thread, and so we want to be ‘fit’ enough to manage that. Self-care for the mind and heart involves language usage because we are currently experiencing what we are experiencing in the realm of story. So story can help us move it.

Below are some simple Intentional Creativity Processes you can do to become conscious about your co-creative capacity. (This is not intended as therapy.) You are welcome to share these resources. We have provide a PDF of each exercise you can print.

~ Shiloh Sophia and the Intentional Creatives Guild


Leaning into Tragedy – Learning Loving Resilience when Social Media is the Messenger

View on web page.

Download a PDF process to print and share.

Intentional Creativity
7 Step Process for use during natural disaster recovery:

Download a PDF of The Elements exercise to print and share.



Clearing Stuck Feelings


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Download a PDF of the Clearing Stuck Feelings exercise to print and share.



Please feel free to use and share these resources.