Clearing Stuck Feelings

This process is one we use when there is that feeling of getting stuck in our emotions, when things feel overwhelming. By consciously clearing space, and keeping that space clear, we give ourselves a way to move through the emotions in a healthy manner.


Materials: 3 Pieces of Paper and Pens

1. Intention (to move energy, get clear, tend the self, etc.)
Write your intention. Doodle a bit to get the energy flowing.

2. Discover what is causing the most angst or discomfort through journaling with big looping words. Might need more pages! ‘Draw’ the feeling inside you. What is the shape of that feeling. By drawing it, intend to MOVE it or free it.

3. Clear: Request out loud, of yourself, to create a clearing in your consciousness, to be an open space you personally are in charge of tending. Write a letter ‘from’ that clarity to yourself. Draw an open shape representing this feeling and image. This open shape will a reference point you can return to in your mind.

Moving story is more potent when image is used, as well as process. Let’s be at cause for creating our own internal spaces and tending them.

The images above is not our image, but this is a good one that can be used if you want to take it further.

Download a PDF of the Clearing Stuck Feelings exercise to print and share.


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