Personal Transformation

Jennifer Bowers
Yosemite National Park vicinity, CA


Teaching the Intentional Creativity Method has become my joy. I love to witness personal transformation as it occurs for each student, with each brush stroke and intentional step. The insights received,  allowing for a deepening of understanding and expression.

Danielle and her Muse

Danielle and her Muse

Several years ago, I found myself stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed – struggling to overcome deep grief from the loss of my sister while trying to maintain a business and family. From this struggle, I learned the importance of radical self-care.  By finding ways to become centered, I was able to give more fully to others and not end up depleted. Intentionally treating my body, spirit and mind with love, care and honor, I saw how dramatically I could change my life for the better. During this time, my self-care routine turned from an extreme sport to an essential part of living a healthy, happy, and productive life!

Seeing the positive shift self-care brought to my life, I dove enthusiastically into studying the healing arts including aromatherapy, holistic health and creative expression. My training brought me to many of the world’s greatest teachers in these areas, and I now share these life-changing gifts with women who want to explore their stories, and create space to live with more joy and greater ease.

Jennifer Bowers

As a Color of Woman Method Teacher and Intentional Creativity Coach, I innovatively blend the healing arts to empower people to feel healthy, happy, and beautiful. I’m grateful to be able to guide other women to increase access to their inner wisdom through communicating with their senses.


I offer individual sessions, group workshops, and retreats in California.
Come visit me here for more




Your Legendary Life

Kerry Lee
Benicia, California

Kerry Lee Glitter emblelishments

Your Legendary Life is an Intentional Creativity six-week series I created and held at a Northern California retirement community. With a group of sixty-something to ninety-something,  adventurous and fun senior citizens, we took stories of personal legend to the canvas.  The center has an active life enrichment program, though many of the participants had never painted before, (except for houses and fences!). Some had simply left their artistic selves in the past.

My inspiration for the workshop came from this quote:
The Grace in Aging comes from the perspective that with some outer vistas closing as we age, we would do well to recognize that inner vistas, peaceful and joyful and beautiful beyond imagining, can open. These inner vistas have always been within, available to us; we often didn’t have the time to explore them in any depth while we were immersed in the busy-ness of our lives to date. From “The Grace in Aging, Awaken as You Grow Older” by Kathleen Dowling Singh

Legendary Lives Workshop

Legendary Lives Workshop

The inquiry for the series was about what made each participants lives unique and their legends. They identified memories from their lives that they could release and embraced words of wisdom to pass along as part of their legacy.   At each gathering we joined together in a red thread circle, where I witnessed each person gain deeper connections. They enjoyed sharing about their lives, while learning more about one another and also themselves.  As the teacher, I especially enjoyed having my parents in the workshop, getting to paint with them,  to know their friends and have dinner afterwards every week.


I was thrilled to receive these student comments after the workshop-

A highlight included painting on canvas – never done that before (that I can remember!) and finding new discoveries in myself and what was what was already known.
The face looks like a face!
The experience turned our inner spirits loose!

I will be starting a second series with the retirement community in June, titled “The Alter Ego’s Mask”, with the participants Alter Ego represented as a masked face. An Alter Ego is said to be a second personality inside us, our most genuine self, and the one that is not defined by our particular cultural context.

Kerry Lee Profile

Kerry Lee’s workshops are primarily aimed at expansion for creativity and release creative blocks for all, changing beliefs that limit health, success and longevity and customized corporate team building. She offers Intentional Creativity Painting workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Join Kerry at her next workshop, The Honey Jar. Sweet. Wet. Wild,  held on May 23 & 24. For more information see the events page at or on Facebook at The Alchemical Artist, Kerry Lee and You.

Healing the Healer

Rachel Bavis
Aptos, California

Healing the Healer-Orange County, CA

Healing the Healer-Orange County, CA

Maestra Shiloh Sophia’s Intentional Creativity method works so beautifully to heal and rejuvenate.  I am amazed by the incredible impact the process has proven to create transformation, peace and renewal in the midst of emotionally taxing and stressful working environments. My passion and expertise as a Child Welfare Lawyer, Intentional Creativity Coach and Teacher is the foundation for development of my Healing the Healer Workshops.  The intent of these unique workshops is to help social workers, therapists and other healing professionals access their inner guide to renew, heal, and recover from Secondary Traumatic Stress. I feel passionately that these workshops should be an integral part of their training to maintain vibrant health, while doing their vital work of protecting children & youth from abuse and neglect and nurturing healthy families.

Rachel Bavis Healing the Healer Sonoma-Individual Collage

Healing the Healer-Sonoma, CA

Serving numerous counties throughout California, I offer Healing the Healer workshops privately and through the Public Child Welfare Training Academy and Bay Area Academy.  Contact Rachel at [email protected] for further information.


Rachel Bavis

Studying with Shiloh awakened the dormant artist in me and I became a certified Intentional Creativity coach and teacher. I believe we are all creative artists.  My art embraces the Divine Feminine, often with whimsical, symbolic animals who bring messages, protection, and playfulness.   Using acrylics, charcoal, colored pencils, and pen, I love playing with bold colors and have a strong, graphic style, influenced by those artists I love, like O’Keeffe, Klimt, Kahlo, and Shiloh Sophia.  I create with the intention to heal children and families, and–by bringing healing images into the world—the earth and all beings.  I have a Juris Doctor from Southwestern University School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications with a minor in Studio Art from Hunter College, City University of New York.

A Bridge to Healing

Kate Langlois-San Francisco, CA

kate langlois

Water Under the Bridge


In my pursuit for interconnection to the world I was surprised where I found it.  Painting. I wanted this connection because I longed to take a stand for human rights. What I discovered, was that to serve the world community with my art, I would first have to take a stand for myself,  by healing my own heart.

Finding interconnection to the world by cultivating love for myself was not something I thought could come from painting. Yet this heart connection from myself to canvas is exactly what has awakened within me. When I began painting images of those suffering in the world, I began to see the canvas take on the form of an energetic bridge between them and myself. As the paintings evolved and symbols emerged, I saw unexpected layers of the image-story, which seemed to be related to my own healing.

This intersection is what I’m exploring currently in my work as an artist and teacher using the Intentional Creativity Method. Out of my desire to take a stand for those suffering in the world, I paint images centered on love and this includes self-love. With self-love, we are sustainable, nourished and fulfilled. Reoccurring themes of hope, equality, safety and justice bloom right out of the under layers of the turmoil and layers of paint.

Letting the paintbrush dance with color and form, I move from fear of the unknown into wonder of the unknown. And in that unknown space healing happens organically that I am neither conscious of creating or making happen, it just happens due to the creative process.

Whatever life hands me, whether wonderful or difficult, I move through it with Intentional Creativity as my guide. I’m always fascinated with how malleable this method truly is. Each of us has who’ve gone through the training with Maestra Shiloh Sophia, imbibe the teachings and also create our own, in accordance to who we are as creatives. The capacity for intentional creativity to expand and adapt to a multitude of creative, transformative ventures is part of the magic and excitement for me. I never know what is going to happen which is part of why it is a tool that can reveal the hidden places.

As I find myself even decades after my own personal trauma of childhood sexual abuse, still navigating through the many layers of  healing. For a long time I thought emotional healing could be a linear journey like when you get a cold and you recover and move on.

Traumas appear to be more cyclical or maybe its that the resulting patterns come over us in waves at high or low tide based on what is happening in our lives. For years I wasn’t aware of resulting behaviors and patterns until I became awakened to them and intentionally chose to meet them head on.  Likely the scariest thing I’ve done! Although I still have moments of wanting to push them back into my subconscious, I’m reminded to take everything at my own pace and I am safe. By working slowly with my story on the canvas, I create a space for deep listening  and paint through countless transformations along the way revealing powerful messages.

Shooting Holes in old Stories

Shooting Holes in old Stories

Working with our story and image over time with this method, we become awakened.  We become our own witness to old stories, patterns and behaviors that no longer serve us. Taking these parts of ourselves to the canvas allows them to move beyond their unchanging state to a more dynamic and transformative nature . Recently, when I found myself in this space, it was the absolute discomfort of seeing myself so clearly, so transparent, combined with a fierce love for my own self that prompted me to explore change in this painting. Throughout my process,  I asked for new information to flow in from my subconscious to my conscious, staying in wonder about how this might show up for me.

Sometimes it is from deep wounds like this that we find what we are passionate about.  Just as in the midst of this journey of healing my inner child, came my desire to paint for children. I wanted to create images that hold space for children suffering in the world.  In this way I envision them whole, healed and safe. These images then became my buoy, keeping me afloat in the darkest of times and giving me momentum to move forward.

“When we are creating – our conscious mind is occupied so our subconscious can bring us material to work with that it won’t otherwise. Due to the nature of the ‘canvas’ as a physical place in which to move a thought, represented by a symbol or layer of paint, the subconscious brings up what can be safely dealt with and processed within a given creative session. The one doing the creating becomes their own healer and the author of their own story’s transformation. We are able to bring something into physical visual form that exists in our internal experience. Then healing happens at a quantum level, in the seen and unseen.”
~ Shiloh Sophia

This interconnection of painting for my own healing and healing for the world as explored with Intentional Creativity continues to spark transformation that has allowed me to move far beyond the confines of my old limited beliefs. Taking a stand for human rights, for the children, sparked a deep journey that continues to unfold. I invite you to be in wonder about your own interconnection to the world. If you dare to, begin to explore what this looks like in resonance with your own heart. If you feel the call to do so, I offer you to try a free Intentional Creativity session that I created here.  Allow the image and energy of the piece you create to reconnect you with your calm heart center. Even if you’re afraid to paint,  just get to the canvas and start with color. Simply by dipping paintbrush in paint and moving it around the canvas soothes us, shifting us from the chatter in our heads, the tension in our bodies and into a place of new discovery.

Kate Langlois

Kate Langlois makes her home in San Francisco, CA where she is an Artist and Color of Woman Teacher.  With Love at the heart of her paintings, her work reflects her passion to express stories with a social conscience and to shine a light on Human Rights with a focus on women and girls. Originally from Vermont, she has studied art in San Francisco and Healdsburg, CA for over 30 years.  She teaches painting using the Intentional Creativity Method as a path for helping women and girls discover healing and transformation by using their own image. Find out more about Kate’s art and workshops at


The Fearful Voice is replaced by the Voice of Deep Truth



Note from the Editor, Shiloh Sophia
Dear Red Thread Nation Readers,

It is always a delight when a Color of Woman Class completes and the leaders begin to emerge with their creations into the world. This article was taken from a personal note to me, by recent Color of Woman 2014 Graduate from South Africa, Carol Mahinda. I was so inspired by her insight, process and paintings that I asked her if I could share it with you.

The following article shows the depth of inquiry possible in the Intentional Creativity Movement. With great joy I give you, Carol

The Fearful Voice is replaced by the Voice of Deep Truth
A Journey of self discovery through committing Art

Carol Mahinda
Johannesburg, South Africa

Who is the one viewing the visual screen?
As the Talis-woman in my painting emerges and the Muse speaks – who is doing the viewing?

This was my inquiry, and for days I sat and pondered and tossed and turned in my mind, in my body and in my spirit. I knew there was a revelation here, and it was calling for me to dive deeper. I wanted to settle for the intellectual words that explained it, but part of me (my muse) could not let me.  There was a need to understand this beyond the place of my mind. I was on a journey of self discovery through the Color of Woman School. I knew I was going to learn how to paint. I also knew this was a vision quest. Never did I imagine this path would also bring me to a place of questioning the very foundation of my being-ness, and it did!

During this nine month quest, I discovered the power of creating form in order to shift story.  The art of working with both the right and left brain in order to live and create from a place of harmony was revealed to me. I also explored a new and powerful way of bringing ideas and passions into form by working with the alchemical consciousness!

It was almost unbelievable to come to realize that the Muse comes from within me and that she is me.

As I painted my Muse, I often felt like I was having an out of body experience! At first a voice emerged, filled with deep, deep wisdom and knowing. The kind that you don’t question. You just know because it resonates. I sat for hours amazed and in awe of her and her insights! She and I are one. I wondered where the heck she has been for decades!?  Who had drowned her voice and buried her? Initially, I struggled with her power and her overwhelming truths and after many a wrestling night, I embraced her and am totally in love with her!  She cannot be stiffled or intimidated. I am having more and more situations where someone looks at me with, What the f**k did you just say?!  I smile fearlessly AND without any feelings of bravado or regret,  just smiling as a gap filler between one conversation and another. I made space and observed her for two months and she was and still is consistent.  She’s a keeper, she’s here to stay. I love her so deeply.



Then, as I paused for a breather, we began our journey with the Talis-woman.  This was in every sense an out of body experience.  I journeyed far and wide, in the place of in-between worlds.  This is where I met her, a beautiful being to behold.  I thought to myself, she is nothing like me, I could not recognize her in my past at all, yet her strength and power were so familiar, and in that sense I knew her.  She is so full of earthly and celestial wisdom. Really there are no words to describe her yet as she is still emerging.  She brought gifts of revelations and clarity around the content of my soul work and continues to inform me daily. If I am anything like what she is presenting, then this is definitely a rebirth!

During this cycle, there was deep integration and release happening. I experienced moments of hyperventilation, excruciating panic attacks that felt like heart attacks!  They were deep excavations that were manifesting so powerfully on my physical body.  I even had body weight drop as she came through. The wisdom was that the weight was representing some stories from the past that I had let go! This was just phenomenal because I wasn’t even trying!!  I couldn’t imagine what else is to come!

The Voice and the Being were now in synch and truly aligned. The fearful voice seemed to be drowning in the distance.  I have deep compassion for it, but absolutely no desire to rescue it. I can still hear it if I listen deeply but it doesn’t feel threatening, nor value adding.  As a way to honor the journey that has brought me here, it feels like I have created a space, like a storeroom or a container for those past stories that the fearful voice represents.  I also noticed there was even room for that bubbly child like feeling of joy and wonder.  I have no past recollection of true joy.  Now, I am having episodes of bubbly euphoric moments where I just feel joyful, with really no obvious trigger it. Sometimes I am triggered into joy by a cup of coffee or a salad, or by a color I mix on my pallet – that has no name! It’s insane and I love it!  This too is becoming more frequent and lasting longer.

For the first time I feel confident knowing that I have stepped/tapped into another dimension and new spiral of deep truth and this time it feels so authentic.  In a sense I feel like I am welcoming challenges so that I can consciously apply my new-found self. Knowing that I can choose, through Intentional Creativity, to determine the outcome somewhat.  Knowing whatever happens is what is meant to happen once I have done my part.  I am seriously falling in love with me!!  There is even a suggestion of a name change or adaptation and I am saying YES! My Muse is going to be known by a different name – so energetically different.  So through this painting process I met my Muse AND I witnessed this new being, Talis-woman emerging.  My full body, senses and all were resonating, it felt orgasmic! Up to this point, I was cruising!

Legendary Self (Legend)

Legendary Self (Legend)

Who is it that is the witness and knower of these truths? 

With this new inquiry, a new spiral had began. On this journey, I’d discovered that an inquiry is an invitation to journey deeper.  So with the above inquiry, I knew there was more.  What came through was the emergence of a new presence.  A presence,  because it did not feel like a being nor a voice as such. It was just a presence of the one observing, witnessing, and documenting.

Following through on an inquiry, thought and intention opens a space for creating new form. This kind of attention is what causes the pattern of an electron to change as we gaze at it. I realized by paying attention to every choice I make with the conscious attention that comes with inquiry, I can then create what I really desire. I can witness my emotions, thoughts, desires and in the moment consciously choose how to create a new reality.  I can choose which thoughts to energize by giving them attention and which ones to simply notice and let pass by.

The key is in choosing to pause, observe and have a conversation around the thought.

I had understood the part about witnessing and the part about creating with intention, but I hadn’t quite grasped how the two combined together are able to bring about the change, or transformations, or new reality.  So, now I am the one seeing and the one causing and also the one being.

This is what makes one’s work sacred, because everything is created with such deliberate intention, such care and awareness. Everything has such personal meaning because it has been birthed from ones own inquiry and tea with the muse. This is how ones work and life become a sacred journey.  There is no separation between me and my work as we become one. There is only one life, one sacred journey.  If all my responsibilities are approached in this meaningful way, then everything aligns, is synchronized and is sacred.  I love it!

Black Madonna

Black Madonna

I really want to express my deep gratitude to Shiloh Sophia McCloud, my beloved teacher.  Shiloh is the founder of the Color of Woman School and has worked with and taught thousands of women around the globe.  She is also the founder of the Intentional Creativity Movement.  What she teaches is profound, unprecedented, a journey for every woman.  I now see, I really see, how much you have put into every offering you have given us, every word you speak, everything you do….I weep with this realization.  Thank you for sharing your very heart with the world.  I now have a road map and a shining example, a basket full of tools that really work.  Thank you.


Carol Mahinda

Carol Mahinda

Carol Mahinda is a Visionary Artist, Intentional Creativity Coach, Color of Woman Teacher, Writer, Teacher, Author, Speaker and Poet. Her Art Studio, Alchemical Rose, is both her altar and inspiration for women to find language for their deepest passions. Her desire is to see the end of suffering and oppression of women. Carol believes that it is time for the Woman to Arise and Shine in all her Glory and is happy to collaborate with others who believe the same.  When not at work, she is a doting mother to her three adorable children.

Having experienced the profound impact of  creativity, sisterhood and community, Carol now shares these gifts with others through her diverse projects and organizations. The mission of ARISE is activism through art and to inspiring others to speak up against the oppression of women. MOLO SISI or Sisterhood,  offers mentorship, while acting as a web of connection for women across Africa.  Inspired by the resilience of women who have overcome adversity, Carol will soon be launching an online channel, EVERY WOMAN HAS A STORY, to highlight these extraordinary lives turned into legends. She hopes to encourage other women to live legendary lives in spite of their story.   Inspired by her own daughter, ROCKING MY MOON is a program developed by Carol for girls as they come into womanhood. TABASAMU is her prison outreach program for women whose mission is to rebuild and restore the broken walls.  Carol will soon be releasing her first book, a healing journal and workbook, that will support these women in their transformation. She truly believes in healing and transformation through art and her hope is to share this behind the prison doors.