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You are invited to join the Intentional Creativity community for a series of free calls designed to support women right where they are on their path. We will create a container with Red Thread connecting us from across the miles. Bring your stories, your ideas, your challenges, your prayer requests, your love for yourself and others in need and let’s gather ourselves together.

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We will include poetry and creative process with each conversation, so bring your journal! These calls will not be recorded at this time to respect the privacy of the women.

We feel called at this time, to call you! Resiliency can be created when we together choose to stand side by side.

When women are in conversation, healing happens.

This project is made possible by the Intentional Creativity Foundation Inc.

A 501(c)3 Corporation as registered with the IRS and the State of California.

VISIONARY WOMAN: Global Gallery Show 2017

Congratulations to our Graduates & Teachers of Intentional Creativity

Photos taken from Graduation & Guild Gathering ~ January 2018  


Color of Woman 2017 Graduates

Alice Rhyslynn
Anne Barlow
Barbara Daughter

Caroline Miskenack
Cassielle Bull
Corinna Jaeger
Debra Hanes
Denise Jakob
Diane S. Merpaw
Dina VanDecker- Tibbs
Donna Bodnar Papenhausen
Beth Blakesley
Ellison James
Elmari Van Der Westhuizen
Erica Holmes Starks
Ginnette Walden
Ginny Parker
Gisela Pineiro
Holly Beall
Ilona Lantos
Irene Rimay Ahlberg
Jacky Fowler
Janis ColokathisVinuya
Jaryn Warren
Jennifer Thompson
Jennifer Hamlett Herrick
Jo Laurie
Jolynn Van Asten
Juniper M Mainelis
Karen Sue Maunder
Katherine Torrini
Kathleen Marie Kathy Smith
Katie Witteman
Leisl M. Bryant
Lori Dobberstein
Lori Skoumal Reeves
Luna Baron
Michaelanne Gephart
Nancy A. Bruns
Phyllis Anne Taylor
Rien Cassidy
Star RhiAnnon
Suzette Murray
Svetlana Pritzker
Tammra Harrison
Tanya Kristina Machnick
Teri McGrath
Terre Cerridwyn Busse
Wendy Hartley

Color of Woman Students from Past Years who completed their Certification in 2017

Bella Stolz
Caryn McLaine
Christine McDevitt
Cornelia Wendt
Danna Clare
Erika Nelson
Jenny Kiely
Karen Murphy
Kate Gold
Louis Reed
Paulina Clark
Sharron Cuthbertson
Tania Magennis
Tara Hookano

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Our 2018 Class is currently full.

Serving Those Who Serve – United Nations


CSW59: Recharging Our Work as Global Advocates

(UN Council of the Status of Women – 59th Session)

Addressing Secondary Traumatic Stress and Compassion Fatigue

Serving Those Who Serve

March 10, 6:15pm United Nations Church Center

The United Nations: Church Center for the United Nations – International Chapel 777 United Nations Plaza, New York New York

Host, moderator and sponsor Lys Anzia: Founder & Human Rights Journalist, 
 WNN – Women News Network

Many people who have worked in the field of international human rights and humanitarian efforts have witnessed first-hand, and second-hand, some of the most difficult global traumas experienced by women and children. Because of this advocates, journalists, NGO workers and activists can find themselves suffering from forms of Secondary Traumatic Stress and Fatigue (STS). Research shows STS burn-out can stop our ability to work. It can be transformed if the right steps are taken. This year at UNCSW59 in New York, 20 years following the ‘Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing 1995’, attendees from over 100 separate countries will reaffirm their commitment to equal rights & human dignity for all women and children who have suffered. As we reach beyond the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action it’s now time to “serve the server.” Join an international panel that will highlight how to reduce STS through interactive sharing, insight and resources.


Svetlana Bachevanova: Documentary photojournalist dedicated to global social justice, Publisher of FotoEvidence

Jessica Buchleitner: WNN Human Rights Journalist & Global women’s advocate, Author of The 50 Women Book Anthology Series

Cecilia Lipp: Attorney & Executive Director of International Action Network for Gender Equity and Law, Former Program Manager for Survivors International UCSF Trauma Recovery Center

Shiloh Sophia McCloud: Founder of the Intentional Creativity Movement, Author, Global Educator focusing on art as a path of healing from trauma to transformation for women & girls through the Red Thread.

David Stuart: Former Executive Director of Disarmament Action Network, FotoEvidence Managing Editor

Elahe Amani: Peace Mediator/Activist with Mediators Beyond Borders (MBB) Special Speaker on Iranian women in prisons at UN Human Rights Council Geneva, WNN – Women News Network reporter on Iran, and Chair for Global Circles at WIN – Women’s Intercultural Network.

Follow Shiloh’s Journey to the United Nations and participate in Peace!


Threads of Joy Amidst a Lap Full of Angst-Annette Wagner



Winds of Change by Annette Wagner, 2009

I woke up this morning with a heart full of angst. It feels like a storm blew through and dumped it in my lap like a black, muddy, puddle of glop.

What is the angst about?

Well it goes like this. A friend asked me to visit a dear friend of hers who’s been very ill. This man looks 20 years younger then he is, even being seriously ill. A very unique individual who has traveled the world for years and now he is bedridden and the ills are not healing. The question is why?

I’m a shamanic practitioner and usually I combine my intentional creativity teaching with my shamanic work. In this case, it was a bit more shamanic then creative and yet, it was both.

Here was a person angry at his loss of freedom, oozing crap out of his body and holding grief as a barrier to love, deep in his body. I listened and watched his body tell me what was going on. I offered him threads of joy to hold on to and felt when he grabbed on to the other end. It is deep work only just begun.

I walked away from this visit musing on how we humans in this culture of ours suffer so much from lack of love, from not knowing how to heal ourselves. Not having the tools necessary to unravel, re-weave, and grab back onto the threads of joy in our life. It is always incredibly painful for me to muse on this suffering we experience, and yet I must.

All day I could feel the questioning and the rolling over of stones. The asking of myself: Can I not do more? This opened the door to critic who, of course, decided it was a good time to point out my less than consistent methods of promoting the work I do in the world, and a myriad of other things. Painting instead of writing a newsletter? Who ever heard of such a thing!

That was when the black storm of angst began to blow in and I could feel my body round her shoulders and lean into the wind. Slipping in the mud and muck. Getting chilled to the bone. Angst storms suck.

Black Madonna of Paris

Black Madonna of Paris

When I woke up, I dredged myself out of bed and did my mom duties and got the kiddo off to school. Then I took myself and that lovely critic voice along with the load of mucky angst and went off for a walk in the local bay lands. On the drive there, I started unraveling the threads of the angst. This is what my work IS; to walk the patterns recognizing, unraveling, and re-weaving.

It all begins with the critic telling me all the places I am going wrong with my life, the choices leading to spending too much money, the paintings that don’t sell, the time spent on writing articles like this. The critic makes it sound like my choices and what I have built up in my life are all bullshit. That I’ve built a facade of fantasy and it’s time to give up on this and get a real job. About now I feel pretty damn worthless and the angst is much more than ankle deep.

I pull the threads apart as I drive by asking myself these questions. You may want to ask yourself too-

Am I happy right here, right now living and working as an artist?

Do I want to return to a high paying, high stress, no time for creativity job?

Whose life have I impacted positively today?

If I could choose to do anything I want, what would I do?

And so on. Add your own to the list.

Contrary to popular opinion, the bullshit is NOT about me building a fantasy wall around me because I made a life choice to live my life the way I do. It’s about the messages our culture dumps on me for choosing to live my life the way I do.

The messages telling me it is wrong to choose to paint love, create healing and write connection.

The messages saying making money, winning the game, and being famous are the only important things to live for.

And that, my friends, is bullshit.

So many of us get lost here in the darkness of angst, butting our heads up against the cultural facade trying to hem us in on all sides. What the hell do we do?

And, if you think this is simple to do in the face of angst, think again. It is the hardest thing you will ever do. Make no mistake. To continue to walk forward while life dumps rivers of angst on your head is not pleasurable – it is damn necessary.

It is how we change the culture around us. By making choices no one else is making. By not stopping what we are doing. By plowing our way through the bullshit with no looking back.

Today, make one choice that changes your life even if its a very tiny one.

One choice all your own connecting you to a thread of joy. Then sit back and see what happens. It might not be pretty – it might however be awesomely, gloriously freeing.

creatively yours,



Annette Wagner is a visionary artist and spirit guide who walks the patterns of connection with you to bring you into a closer connection to source. Her work is devoted to sharing the tools of Pattern Walking, Visioning, and Intentional Creativity to help you live the life your spirit is calling you to live!

Her paintings are portals into visionary realms asking the viewer to shift the way they connect to this world. She paints in the Contemporary Symbolism style and works extensively with symbol and color.

Annette is a certified instructor of the Color of Woman Method developed by Shiloh Sophia McCloud. She has a Masters degree in Women’s Spirituality with a certificate in Creative Expression from Sofia University. Her background includes over 25 years of hi-tech experience including 21 patents.

She invites you to visit her at:

For Immediate Release: The Creative Soul Deck

Creative Soul Deck

Creative Soul Deck

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – An Inspiring New Intentional Creativity Deck

A Collaboration of 18 Color of Woman Teachers

COSMIC COWGIRLS STUDIO, Healdsburg, California

We are delighted to announce the availability of the Creative Soul Deck, a collaboration of 18 artists and teachers based on the Color of Woman intentional creativity methods.

This deck of brilliant, colorful, and inspiring imagery is an opportunity to engage with your creative self through intention. Each card has a painting on one side with a question of inquiry or a affirmation of wisdom on the other side.

Letting your intuition guide you, choose cards and interact with them to receive messages from your Creative Soul.  As you use the deck we encourage you to paint, sketch, and write your responses and the messages you receive. We’ve included context and instructions on using the cards for you.

How did the Creative Soul Deck come into being?

The Creative Soul Deck was created by 18 women in the course of a 9 month intuitive painting journey to become Color of Woman teachers. As amazing paintings and poetry emerged over the course of our training, we kept joking back and forth about how the paintings could be a deck of cards – each one so different and so profound.

As our training drew to a close, we put our hearts together to come up with gifts for our teachers and the idea of deck of cards was raised again. Was it possible? We set intention, circled up in red thread and decided YES we were going to make it happen!

At our graduation, the sense of accomplishment and honor we had illuminated our hearts and souls. Our teachers were overwhelmed with joy and urged us to offer the deck to the world. We once again put our hearts together and asked. The answer we received was YES!

All of the women who contributed to this deck are now trained  Color of Woman instructors. Many of the women whose paintings are in this deck did not identify as artists at the beginning of our journey but as we learned to use the practices of intentional creativity and intuitive painting in which we look within for images and words and draw our in
spiration from our heart, an intense love for painting blossomed. The process of creating these images was not only a healing journey; the paintings 
became an icon of what was possible in our lives. They changed our self-image forever.

The artists who paintings are included in the deck are: Annette Wagner, Flora Aube, Mandisa Woods, Jodi Anthony, Wendy Hassel, Christine L. Saba, Katie Ketchum, Crystal Charlotte, Jessica Bowman, Suzanne Grace Michell, Havi Brysk Mandell, Marie Howell, Mary Schilder, Isabella Vickers, Heather Kobrin Moore and our teachers, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Sue Hoya Sellars, and Mary MacDonald.

This deck is a product that emerged from the first Color of Women cohort trained in the methods of intentional creativity developed by Shiloh Sophia McCloud. For more information on the Color of Woman training please visit the Color of Woman School.

The deck is 4×6 inches in size with rounded corners; 57 cards total. For information on purchasing decks, please visit the Creative Soul Deck.

Gifted with Visionarieness by Leslie Nolan




Who knew there was a noun for what we naturally have?

What I love knowing about this definition of the word ‘Visionarieness’ is that this is something that we all share in common… ‘Having been marked by foresight and imagination’. We of visionarieness share an enthusiasm, a pure idealism and power of vision.

Definition of Vi·sion·ar·y

1. Given to or characterized by fanciful, not presently workable, or unpractical ideas, views, or schemes: a visionary enthusiast. Of the nature of a vision: illusory, incapable of being realized or achieved: utopian, existing only in imagination.

2. Given to likely see or are concerned with seeing visions.

3. Belonging to or seen in a visions. Relating to, or characterized by visions or the power of vision. Having or marked by foresight and imagination <visionary leader> <a visionary invention>

4. Unreal; imaginary: disposed to reverie or imaginings: dreamy

5. Purely idealistic or speculative; impractical; unrealizable: a visionary scheme.

Synonym- impractical, impracticable, fancied, illusory, chimerical,  unrealistic.


— vi·sion·ar·i·ness noun Origin: 1640–50; vision + ary



We are the ones who have Vision
There is something disconcerting about parts of the definition of ‘visionary’. Especially when it is relates to, ‘impractical, fancied, illusory, chimerical, unrealistic.’ The definition bothers me. As a trained designer, I have been taught that everything that we see… including people and nature has been created by one who has VISION. The idea first thought of seen in our mind, then toiled over to be brought out into the world.

Starting with the Divine Creator and the process of creativity, a birth-rite, handed down to and through us as humans on our spiritual journey.

 Being schooled was the place for practicing the expression of turning our visions from the inside-out. While in school it seems that visualizing forming a mental image of an idea or picture is the on-going practice of teaching our hands to catch up with our head.

After honing this skill for years, many methods are raised to help in this process: Meditation; yoga; body movement/sports; dreaming; sketching and painting all help us to visualize. Manifesting the vision into our artworks, our lives, and the shape of our creative practice.

So the synonym implies that a visionary is ‘impractical,” saying we are ‘incapable of being realized’, is simply untrue.

Perhaps the definition should SHIFT:

New Definition of Vi·sion·ar·y

1.  A visionary enthusiast given to or characterized by fanciful, ideas, views, or schemes:. Of the nature of a vision: capable of being realized or achieved: utopian, existing first in imagination then manifesting out into reality

2. Given to able or likely to see or be concerned with seeing visions.

3. Belonging to or seen in a visions. Relating to, or characterized by visions or the power of vision. Having or marked by foresight and imagination <visionary leader> <a visionary invention>

4. Real; imaginary: disposed to reverie or imaginings: sacred and dreamy

5. Intentional Creator, pure, idealistic, practical; realizable: a visionary.
Manifestor, making vision into reality

Antonyms- impractical.

Leslie NolanWhen we vision, we enter our own inner world. Sometimes we are in new spaces, entering territory unknown to our conscious mind. It is a path leading to understanding, tapping into a place deep within, that opens up cosmologies and worlds that are both uninhibited and free, and where there is some uncharted territory.

I noticed in these definitions that the origin of the word ‘visions + ary’ was dated in 1640. Women Visionaries had ecstatic prophecy in Seventeenth-century England. More than two-thirds of the visionary women were Quakers. Feminist scholarship infused with their view of modern religion gave a fresh perspective to the visions. Fertile ideological and spirituality blossomed everywhere in the wreckage of long-established belief systems during this time of political turmoil.

Some visionaries are considered modern day prophets as the visionaries of Medjugorje, who have been seeing and prophesying the ‘secrets’ given by The Divine Mother. And likewise earlier visionary medieval woman of mystical theology: Hildegard von Bingen, Mechthild of Magdeburg and Julian of Norwich, Hadewijch of Antwerp, Teresa of Avila, Angela of Foligno, Marguerite Porete played a role in their historical, cultural and political context. The role of physicality and the senses in mysticism are entwined with the theological content of their writings and methodologies.

Earlier still throughout history and across cultures, shamans were the visionary wounded healers. First, they used their visionary ability to heal their own sickness and deal with their own near-death experiences. The individual’s energies were outwardly oriented and directed toward the community so that the trance and visionary journey served as a medium of communication between the supernatural or non-ordinary reality and the community. The shaman and the audience were integral parts of the visionary journey, and the ‘ecstasy’ ended if the connection was severed.

Similarly, as Color of Woman School graduates, we are interested in serving our community with our innate ‘Visionarieness’… offering our gifts out into the world.

The Third Eye as Visionary Center

The gateway to intuition and psychic sensitivity is the sixth Chakra is located in the center of your forehead. Learning to look at the world through your third eye and tuning into your psychic potential opens you to a deeper level of mystical, and intuitive wisdom. This literally expands your vision, helping you to see the many-layered meaning of everything in your world.

Hindus believe that this area, known as the ‘Agna’, is the very portal through which all experience is channeled.  Some forms of Tantric meditation focus on diverting the life force or kundalini energy that starts at the base of the spine and flows up through the body to the top of the head towards this area.  The third eye is believed to be such a powerful and potent area that it is traditionally adorned as part of religious celebrations with small dots of color, called Bindhis.  Red is often used, as this is the color of Shakti, or feminine power, and symbolizes love. Sometimes a yellow mark is added alongside as yellow is linked to mental activity.

This powerful chakra can switch from ordinary vision to being able to see the whole dance of creation in an instant. Cultivating these centers in, and outside of our body as a way to express ourselves and align with our highest vision, is a way to access something that is invisible and give it form. When we see through this chakra and are divinely inspired, it opens up a oneness with the cosmos, empowering our lives as creative person.

Our highest level of creativity is to align ourselves and express it.

Accessing something that is invisible and giving it form, connect with our energy centers, so that we can align everything to our highest vision.  Visionarieness helps us wake up and see the work and how we can take our wisdom to overcome any difficulties in life, outside of the cycles that trap us. Transcending the experience with our power to emanate and manifest universal thoughts through our vision, creating our realities through our thoughts and inner visions.

Insight occurs when you go into the unknown.

You can learn how to navigate it intuitively.  Flowing with the energy of this intuition, you begin to trust life more. Trusting that the people that you meet, and trusting that you can move into the direction of where you need to move into for growth.

A new paradigm

New experience of the future can be created where humankind will claim his own existence in harmony with nature and human kind. The access is possible, to experience something new, through the subtle power of our focused thought. It is necessary to desire it, to believe in it and to begin creating the visualization within ourselves.

This must be cared for and nourished with the deep sense of gratitude and joy of the dream as already fulfilled. Subtle powerful channels of communication that work in harmony with universal laws, we receive important messages are reaching us from within. This treasure is something personal that also reaches a universal level. It is a joy of something you have worked for your whole life, now is the time of our fulfillment. At this point of evolution on this planet, mentally physically and spiritual create our lives in the flow of creation. Those that are leading will be going into the new paradigm, the time of fulfillment and create something that is totally new.

Here are some things for you to consider regarding your own visionarieness

How can relating to myself as visionary enable my process?

How can I align and shift my vision to my true creative purpose?

How can your intentional creative practice inspire a shared vision of the heart?

About Leslie Nolan

Leslie Nolan is an artist by heart, designer by trade and teacher by design. As a entrepreneur and leader, Leslie’s has created “The Venus Transits Creativity Workshops for Woman.©” Teaching Intentional Creativity for individuals, groups and businesses devoted to guiding and shining a light for those traveling on the path of creativity, creating a life and business that is fully expressed. Leslie’s paintings are a visual diary; they articulate her emotions, concepts, and perceptions, using color as a source of vision and form as point of reference. Using complementary colors, creating vibrating intensities that evoke vitality. This color expression, reinforced by her graphics foundation, creates a potent marriage where color, symbol and design are vehicles for her wild internal visions. These visions contain imagery of a spiritual, allegorical nature, expressing a creative and controlling force of energy, either by means of a symbolic figure, The Divine Mother or a focal action, revealing truth on human existence.


Leslie lives with her husband Ken in Renee in Wall Township. A talented household, they plan to build a pole barn studio near the vegetable garden to continue to nurture creativity in themselves and their community. She serves as a Big Sister with Big Brother’s Big Sister’s of Monmouth and Middlesex counties since 2008. She is available for corporate and educational brain-storming, team-building, and private art coaching and workshops

For more information, about Leslie Nolan’s art or workshops-[email protected] or

1. Visionary Women: Ecstatic Prophecy in Seventeenth-century England by Phyllis Mack

2. Shamanism: A Cross-Cultural Study of Beliefs and Practices   By Gary Edson

3. Third Eye Chakra:   by Michele Knight