Color of Woman IC Method Rec.

Color of Woman : Intentional Creativity Teacher Training 


The Intentional Creativity Foundation works together with Cosmic Cowgirls and the Color of Woman School to bring you an incredible training based on over twenty years of research with this work. Learn more and receive announcements and updates here.

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The Color of Woman: Intentional Creativity Teacher Training educates and empowers women to lead their own circles, workshops, and communities inspired by their own Soul Work coupled with Intentional Creativity.

The training results in Certification to Teach Intentional Creativity. There are 3 primary delivery templates taught to which any teaching theme can be applied: Circles, Sessions and 13 Step Workshops.

The entire content of the training required for Certification is available through the Core Online Training and most of the time, there are in person components in places like California, Denmark, France, Australia and Italy.

At the heart of the Color of Woman Training an integration of your personal path with your life work path. When there is alignment, we call it SOUL WORK. Women who walk between two worlds are often seeking the FORM through which they can live a life where all aspects of themselves get to be included, celebrated and create abundance! Color of Woman is a Quest that is capable of integrating the many facets of powerfully unique and complex women. The portal of possibility opens!

Color of Woman : Intentional Creativity Teacher Training

Intentional Creativity Method and Intuitive Painting  

A Certification Program

On-Line and On-Location

With Visionary Artist and Teacher

Maestra Shiloh Sophia McCloud

This is a calling…

Do you feel your soul stirring even now…
Even if you aren’t sure why, you feel somehow connected. Feel the tug?

Here in the Red Thread Circle we believe that those who are destined to meet are connected by an invisible red thread since before birth.

We are gathering those who have a desire to light their creative spark and from that spark, light the soul fires of others.

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This is a Quest designed for the leader who knows she is destined to call her own circles and to lead others on transformational journeys. This is for visionaries, those who see between the worlds and know there is sacred work to be done. For those revolutionary souls who are a part of the turning of the great wheel. This is for healers who would like to show others how to discover their own internal feminine wisdom and live from that place within.

This is for those who have always wanted to pick up a paintbrush and express themselves in a big bold bright wild way. Most of us do but think we aren’t talented, this isn’t about talent with a paintbrush, but about being willing to self express the hidden stories and excavate the symbols from within.

This is for those who are called to lead the way.
To create the future, together.

Intentional Creativity Teachers are working worldwide to bring this sacred work into the lives of thousands.

Intentional Creativity works with children – bringing magic back to their creativity process.


Brunehilde Yvrande, Paris, The Alchemical Dancer

Empowering young girls through INtentional Creativity, Earth Circle Studios, QLD Australia, Jassy Watson

Jassy Watson, Australia, Earth Circle Studio


Katherine Witteman, Portland Oregon – teaches Intentional Creativity to women and girls, these are her daughters, raised in this creative philosophy, Julia and Katie.

Kerry Lee Corporate Team Building The Insight Process Dare to Access the Heart of the Hero

Kerry Lee, Corporate Team Building, Las Vegas, California

Kerry Lee Seniors Your Legendary Life

Kerry Lee, working with seniors, Your Legendary Life, California


Amber Bonnici, Creativity Unleashed Retreat, Hawaii


Lauren Weatherford, Cynthia Harrison, Shiloh Sophia and Carole Mahinda, Paris for the Color of Woman training visiting sacred sites, including the Black Madonna of Paris

Eileen Nash - Berkeley Home of the heart workshop

Eileen Nash, Home of the Heart Workshop, Berkeley


Annette Wagner, Paint Where You Are – Continuing the Legacy of Sue Hoya Sellars in Healdsburg, California at Cosmic Cowgirls Studio

Red Thread Iceland New Moon Ceremony 051815 kopi small

Grace Steenberg, Red Thread Ceremony – Iceland


Sumaiyah Yates, Baltimore, Maryland in her gallery Soulful Emergence teaches painting, shows women artists and hosts music, poetry and cultural events.

 Shiloh and MaryColor of Woman Teachers, Shiloh Sophia and Mary MacDonald have taught together in the Color of Woman and at Cosmic Cowgirls University for ever 8 years.
Healing the Healer-Orangewood Children and Family Center on 2-9-16-People&Muses Collage

Rachel Bavis is a Color of Woman Graduate and lawyer who works within the Child Welfare System bringing Intentional Creativity to social workers and those that they serve.

In Their Eyes-Women's Art Collaboration-7-27-15-photo by Ian Rowan

Healing the Healer-Sonoma County Human Services Department-on Feb 23 2016

Embracing Your Inner Muse-1-31-15-Collage

Embracing Your Inner Muse-1-31-15-Collage

Healing the Healer-Sonoma County Human Services Department-2-25-16